Arklow is only 10 miles south of Wicklow. We knew beforehand that there is a real marina in Arklow - with showers and such. That's why we liked to burn a few liters of diesel, because after the hot ride to Wicklow and the following hot summer day, we both wanted to have a shower.

Our way to Arklow

We left late, got help from the tide stream and were in Arklow after only two hours of driving. We were advised to call the harbor master beforehand, which we did. He then assigned us a berth on the phone.

At first I was amazed. I was at the helm and led the river up to Arklow, but there was nowhere to see the entrance to the marina. Only a few mast tips between houses indicated that there must be an entrance somewhere. And soon a narrow passage opened in the quay wall with a tiny sign that the marina was here.

Entrance to Marina Arklow photographed from the opposite bank of the river.

Not only is the entrance narrow, it is the whole marina. We have already headed for some tight marinas, this one gives the word “tight” a new meaning. There was barely enough space to turn Sissi and drive to the dock assigned to us.

Sissi in the Arklow Marina

During our turning maneuver we were watched with interest by a couple on a motor boat. Later they said to me that the maneuver looked very good. I was sweating, but that was due to the burning sunshine. At 25 ° C it was very warm by Irish standards. They said on the radio that dogs can overheat in this weather and that they shouldn't be so exerted.

The marina does not offer much space for maneuvers

After the refreshing shower we were ready to fully enjoy our feeder beer. The harbor master also got on the boat, but just wanted to know if we wanted to leave the next day. Since we did not want this, the formalities also had until the following day.

The next day I was at the harbor master's office. The marina is reasonably priced at € 25, electricity and showers are included in the price. The harbor master wanted to know where we were going from Arklow, then he printed out the wind forecast for Arklow and Milford Haven for the coming days. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it wasn't necessary because the internet worked fine for us on board. Instead, I was able to send him greetings from two Hamburgers we met in Dublin and who told us about the totally friendly harbor master in Arklow. Right! He’s totally friendly.

Marinapontoon in the river

There is another jetty in the river for everyone whose boats cannot enter the narrow marina or whose skippers are too scared to enter. It also belongs to the marina, is just as expensive as the jetty in the harbor and therefore has a long way to the shower. There are only showers in the harbor building. There is another jetty in the fishing port on the opposite side of the river - from there the way to the showers is so far that people will probably need a taxi if the harbor master doesn't drive them. The Hamburgers were in the fishing port and got the taxi service from the harbor master in his private car.

If you then walk over the bridge and do not have to take a shower, you will find a pretty busy place with a thoroughfare in Arklow. There are some pubs and many family businesses. Few of the larger chains that we know from Germany have ventured to Arklow.

Main Street in Arklow

We were able to find two butchers, each trading under “Family Butcher”. We found delicious ladders in the display of one of the two butchers. They had to go with them, were marinated right away and came in the fridge.

Arklow Hauptbahnhof - er - the only train station

On our walk the next day, we “happened to” pass the station when one of the five weekday trains left for Dublin. The platform was well filled and the loading of the wheelchair, which can be seen on the platform behind the train employee, did not delay the departure. I know that differently from Deutsche Bahn. It often takes several minutes to mount the wheelchair ramp and load the wheelchair.

Then we walked along the river and photographed the local fauna on their bird islands. The river becomes really flat behind the bridge and is no longer navigable even for dinghies - ducks and geese are in the water.

Birds in the river

The long walk made us thirsty, so we went to the nearby pub with a beer garden and a view of the bird island. We were full of expectations, after all, Eintracht was supposed to play their first European League qualifier in Tallinn in the evening.

Christi's Bulmers Garden - Bulmers is a cider, a distant relative of Äppler

Before enjoying the Eintracht game, there were grilled ladders and a fresh appler. Jens saved a television from getting drunk. We could hardly believe it when we saw him drifting into the harbor entrance. In addition to the television, there are also soccer balls in the harbor basin, full garbage bags, plastic bags in all colors and shapes, as well as plastic and glass bottles and long branches of trees that stand on the river above the marina. Somehow the marina is situated in such a way that it attracts flotsam of all kinds. Unfortunately, you don't see this everywhere in this form, otherwise people would probably pay more attention to what they dispose of how or where. I find it terrible. With us only biological things go overboard. What grows in nature can go back there. The rest is collected and disposed of properly.

The Sanyo tube TV is pulled out of the water

Nevertheless, we were able to enjoy our ladder, then the Eintracht game. The enjoyment was completed by the away win. The new team of our Eintracht controlled almost the whole game and we were happy about the 1-2 away win.

Host country flag with Eintracht scarf - that's how it should be!

I can't say yet where we'll see the second leg, but I'm sure we'll see the second leg. Arklow is worth a visit, but we finally want to leave tomorrow. At the moment there is a lot of wind from the wrong direction, but that should change tomorrow afternoon. We don't want another ride like from Dublin to Wicklow. After all, the bow cabin is cleared up again.