Atlantic under a full moon

Around noon we started in Oeiras, enjoyed a somewhat cheesy sunset and the classic “remains of yesterday” and drove towards Sines.

But I have to write a few words about the classic. Jens is known to be incurably addicted to Lasagna. I can sometimes use a little variety on my plate. That's why I think about how I can serve other dishes in the form of a lasagna. Doesn't help much though.

Lasagne Portuguese - made in Portugal

I packed a cauliflower potato gratin between lasagna pasta plates. It was very delicious. Afterwards Jens said that it would be like paste in the stomach. He struck like he was eating a real lasagna.

So much for the remains of yesterday. We drove out of the harbor in weak winds, were able to set sail after half an hour and turned towards our destination two hours later. If the wind adheres to the forecast, we will arrive in Sines tomorrow shortly after sunrise. Unfortunately there is no tram there.

Atlantic at night in the full moon

Not much happens at first during my watch. The wind increases a little bit, we are getting faster. This is roughly as it was predicted. Our plan still fits the weather. Let's see how many engine hours are added in the end. The wind vane keeps us on course, on our track you can see how the Cabo Espichel turned the wind and thus changed our course line. Unfortunately, it is changing back and is becoming less favorable.

At some point I see a freighter on the AIS that has been targeting us for a while. Somehow the captain wants to go exactly where we are going. But it fits. Ultimately, the freighter passes 250 meters in front of us. No problem.

The freighter

Overall, a pleasant, quiet crossing, even though we are driving a course high on the wind. This is the type of course that is usually exhausting. But the wave is still limited. We slide through the dark water.

I am amazed how far out there the internet still works. That is a few miles from Sissi to the next radio mast. That impresses me - that's why I blog live from the crossing. Our position is currently 38 ° 16'N 9 ° 07'W. It's midnight.

It is now a good 12 hours later. I notice that last night I forgot to put the screenshot of the navigation computer in this post. As beautiful as the sailing is at night, sometimes I'm a little inattentive at the time.

Midnight on the way to Sines

I think the picture shows very nicely how the wind on the cape is redirected and how this influences our course. In pre-wind vane times, we always adjusted the autopilot in these situations or plucked the sails. Now we don't do anything anymore - a real gain in comfort.

We finally connected the first line to the dock at 9:57 a.m. The GNR was there at 10:13 am and filled out forms. Then I was at the harbor master from 10:28 a.m. to 10:57 a.m., the same data was written in other forms. Then I took a look at the showers - a real temple. The best showers since Belfast. And for only € 16.31 a night. If the place is still beautiful now, I could become weak. But the wind forecast for tomorrow is pretty good. Let's see how the stay here develops.

View from the stern of the Sissi to Sines

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  1. Moin you two,

    is always nice to read the blog posts! Hope you still have some “Frankfurt apple specialty” on board. Is there actually the possibility of sending you a small parcel on the way, quasi “well timed”?

    Many greetings,


    1. The stocks of liquid apple specialties are unfortunately getting smaller, but that with the parcel is feasible. We would be very happy ...

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