Finally - the apartment is empty ...

In the past few days it was pretty quiet here on the blog, but hell was going on in my apartment. It all started with the bulky waste day and ended five days later with an empty apartment.

Empty apartment

I couldn't have done it alone. That's why I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents who pulled the wallpaper from the walls in the rooms.

After completing the work, we find that there are no glasses left in the apartment to drink a sip of wine from. But the bottle is also made of glass and it was fun.

Well deserved wine

This was the only way to hand over the apartment to the next tenant last Thursday and secure the return of the deposit.

Bottom up!

Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!

Yesterday my bulky waste ran out of the apartment onto the street alone. Thanks to Antje, Kerstin, Marius, Gregor, Wom, Volker, Barbara, Irene, Manfred, Christoph, Jens, Marco and David. You only got a few beers and helped me so much. THANK YOU!!!!!


The good sissi is now on extasy. Or amphetamine. Or something like that. Awesome.

I read about the Parasailor in many books about the world. The sail was praised in the sky in most cases. And that's when I stumbled across the manufacturer's booth at Boot this year. Somehow I didn't really have an overview of the expenses and so I ordered a sail.

Briefing in the Parasailor

The delivery took place yesterday. A representative of the manufacturer brought the sail and a few blocks, the wind was pleasantly weak. About 8 to 12 knots of wind from the east. You can just get away from Stavoren.

After a few minutes we were on the IJsselmeer, the engine was silent after a short time. A look at the log generated disbelief: 6 knots with only 10 knots of wind from aft. Wow. The old lady Sissi moved as fast as if she had swallowed Extasy. I think we will have a lot of fun with this sail. Even runs on a half wind course.

The sail is up

Now the others should come. We drive everybody away. A maxi on XTC. A sperm whale on amphetamine.

In the water

Sissi has been in the hall since November. We worked to make them fit for our plan. Most recently, it was the corroded forestay that messed up getting the ship into the water. But since today Sissi has been swimming again and is at her traditional place in Buitenhaven.

We wanted to film the crane, still take pictures of the best scenes. We cheerfully walked from our hostel to the boat hall this morning. A surprise was waiting for us - Sissi was already in the water.

Sissi after the crane

It took a few minutes until the mast was finally up. The new forestay seemed a little too long at first. We turned the shrouds back and forth, tensioned them and let them go again. We had a tough job with two workers from SkipsMaritiem in Stavoren. In addition, gusts of wind and rain blew through the harbor.

Jens and two workers from SkipMaritiem stand the mast

When the work was done, the engine or the alternator startled me. One of the new devices is a booster for battery charging so that we can get more amp hours into the batteries from the motor hour. The device didn't bother at all. Not one of the many LEDs wanted to light up. A short call to the manufacturer's hotline in England brought me a phone number in Germany. After a few minutes I got a top tip where the problem could be. We tried that and were happy. The battery is now charged much faster.

There was nothing standing in the way of a trip to Buitenhaven, so Jens and I set off. Sissi moved well through the water, only the new log shows far too little. Another construction site open, when so many construction sites are waiting to be completed. When it arrived in Buitenhaven, it rained as a reward.

Drink atmospheric beer

Somehow the situation with the first investors beer of the year was a bit dreary. But that didn't last long. in the Cafe Max we ate a delicious dinner and afterwards it was pure sunshine.

evening atmosphere

As I write these lines, I enjoy the slight movement of the ship in the harbor. Tomorrow is another hard day when Sissi gets new batteries. This is going to be a drudgery ...

Cats !!!

The internet belongs to cats. Now also with moving pictures. I found a few darlings on the video camera - such as the afternoon fun of Milka and Lieschen (both are somehow related to Sissi).

Lieschen and the Mäuschen

Only the involuntary leading actress had little fun.

It has to be fun too - the video camera was still in the corner

Sorting out is currently part of my daily work. Actually, I thought I didn't have that many things. But a lot has accumulated over the years. Part of it will come on the ship, part will be stored and part disposed of. But what belongs in which pile?

I can't just fill boxes with things and sort things. It works for me for a few hours, then the pleasure suddenly stops. Today I found my video camera when I was packing a pile of DVDs. Of course the battery was discharged but the memory card still works.

So the task of the evening was to create a video from the camera to YouTube. It has been possible!

The Jacobite Express runs over the Glenfinnan Viaduct in 2014.

In 2012 I was in Scotland by motorcycle, in 2014 we chartered a ship. Before that, we took a tour by car, which is how this video was made. It's uncut, shaky, and every smartphone makes better videos these days.

It was fun anyway.


The world is unhealthy. Today I went to the doctor for a travel doctor consultation. There are diseases everywhere that can ruin your sailing fun. Terrible names and terrible effects.

Here I have to say that I failed a little in the planning. A few weeks earlier would have been better.

Still - somehow we will manage it. We are not leaving Europe immediately and elsewhere they can poke us with the syringes.

Demolition celebrations

It was a particular pleasure for me to invite you to the demolition party in my apartment. With the crane appointment, the other appointments merge. If nothing goes wrong now, we can go ahead with our plan and start in May. A great feeling.

Sissi and Lieschen

The internet belongs to cats. At least part of the internet, the good part. I miss the cats. Until a few weeks ago, about nine cats lived with us on the property. The neighbor moved out with the cats and now I am no longer greeted by a fat cat who wants to be petted.

Sissi and Lieschen are watching in the garden

At the latest I would have been on board without the cats. I will now adhere to the old seaman's rule: a new cat in every port!