Offline was not available for the last two days. Hopefully that's over now.

My web host made an update and the server had to be switched off. Unfortunately, it did not start automatically after the maintenance work was completed. After a manual restart everything works again. Until the next maintenance.

In the years to come I will often have no internet and will not be able to check whether the server is running or not. So if it should be offline again, I ask you not to despair - as soon as I find the Internet again, I will restart it.

The Postman Always Rings Twice

I still live in Frankfurt am Main. I love this city. When I need something, I just sit on the subway, drive to the appropriate store and buy it there. Then I have the desired item in my hands after an hour at the latest.

Unfortunately, the Main is not particularly navigable for larger sailing boats. Therefore the number of shops with sailing accessories is very limited (I know exactly one shop). So I have to order a good part of the marine equipment on the internet.

At first the ordering process annoys me. There are several dozen stores on the internet for your sailing needs - which ones are reputable? Reliable? You have to research that, you have to enter a bunch of data in forms and wonder whether the data is really safe there.

Then you order and pay, until then it always works fine. In the best case, an email from DHL, UPS or whoever arrives the next day that the goods are on their way. Then the drama begins with the courier:

Yesterday, for example, there was one again Ninja on the way for DHL. I should have heard the doorbell because I was home all the time. How did the note get into my mailbox?

Or could I not hear the doorbell ringing when I did yesterday have showered?

The card says that I can pick up the package from 7 a.m. at the branch. During my first walk to the branch today, I learned that the parcels only find their way to this branch around noon.

When shopping in a store, I have the goods in my hand after an hour at the latest. If an item is out of stock, it will be ordered and await my next visit. In such a case it is two hours that I have to invest.

When I think about the words “two hours” I remember yesterday when I spent two hours shredding shipping boxes and stuffing them into the waste paper bin. When ordering online, there is a lot of packaging.

Advice in a specialist shop is also unbeatable. We have fished sailing many times but never pulled anything out. That should change in the future. I have the parting present from my former work colleagues (was a bunch of “universal vouchers”, also called money) in the Angel Bear and probably got some suitable fishing equipment. With so little experience in fishing, I wouldn't have known what to order.

Lastly, I think about the price. Things are usually cheaper on the Internet. I don't want to save up on the 10% through 20% because I appreciate going to the store to do some shopping. I am happy to pay the money for the service.

Youtube can be really educational


I've never had a thing like this. No charter boat has a spinnaker on board, which is subject to a surcharge (at least in Croatia). We always saved the money and we couldn't handle this light cloth anyway.

The situation arose several times last summer that we ran out of wind to sail or the little wind came directly from behind.

Jens did some research on the Internet and found instructions on how to use the spinnaker. It didn't take long and the sail was beautiful. The speed doubled from an unspeakable 2.5 kn to 5 kn. Dreamlike.

Locks in Inverness

I just played with the blog again and feel compelled to post a small contribution. For this I also picked out a picture from last summer, the locks in Inverness together with the associated swing bridge in the foreground.

Lock stairs in Inverness

If everything goes according to plan, I can come in here again at the end of next month. I'm glad.