Biscay - Day 1

Au revoir la France. Day 1 of our crossing over the Biscay. We have 354 miles ahead of us, then we reach Spain. At around 10 a.m. we start the engine and leave Camaret-sur-Mer. First of all, nothing changes because the wind shines through absence. However, we trust the weather forecast and motor first through the many fishing boats and past the rocks off the coast.

The sea is calm. A long and soft swell lets Sissi go up and down a few meters. You only notice this when you are sitting in the cockpit and looking at the sea, you cannot feel it down in the salon.

Yesterday evening we met another German family who would also like to drive over the Biscay. You sail with the Roede Orm, an 11 meter yacht from Kiel. We sat together until almost midnight and discussed the weather forecast, beautiful bays in Spain and the further route to the Canary Islands. They want to stay in Camaret for a few more days and set off on Sunday.

The Parasailor is clear to set, we only need a little wind. The weakens and comes with only 4 kn from the predicted north direction. If the wind adheres to the forecast this time, we will be able to switch off the engine around 3 p.m.

At around 5 p.m. we can finally open the Parasailor and switch off the engine. Now we have enough wind. Calm returns to the ship, we enjoy the silence. Sissi gently rocks us in the waves. We are all in top shape and enjoy dinner.

At midnight the chart plotter shows a distance of only 290 miles to Spain. The direct course is on. The stars sparkle in the sky and a few dolphins jump out of the water next to Sissi. The nights at sea are great. The first day went well.

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