pirates of the Caribbean

The translation of the post title back into English by Google is funny.

We were on our way to the promised land, according to Atlantis and landed in Aruba, which is roughly in the same part of the world. We came at the end of January and only wanted to lick our wounds for a few weeks and also seal the leaking windows. The curse of the Caribbean weighs on this boat.

Sissi looks astonished. What is happening here on board?

Episode 1: The Propeller. We are confident. The Chapo is also still in Aruba and Charly is helping us with the treatment of our propeller by clearing his diving equipment and carrying out the dismantling and the due assembly the following day. We are happy because we have come a little closer to our goal of getting through as quickly as possible.

The supply of coffee urgently needs to be replenished. After a long search, I was able to find a brand that more or less lives up to our requirements.

Episode 2: The Skylights. You don't want to and don't want to get tight. Some of the screws are worn out. The old sealing tape is crumbling away. After days of trying, we finally manage to get the hatches tight. We are happy, we have been able to cross a big fat item off our to-do list. We announce our imminent departure. Together with friends, something like the last evening together comes up. We are optimistic that we can do the remaining work in a short time.

Anneke broke the ice out of the freezer. Some donkeys like to lick the chunks of ice. As long as I'm in Aruba, a weekly visit to the donkeys is almost a must.

Episode 3: Oil Spill. After a week and a half of treatment, we see the color of our carpet again. The floor no longer sticks. We enjoy the beautiful sight again.

Episode 4: The pulley at the top of the mast. When we sailed from Cuba to Aruba, we had some problems getting our mainsail down again. These problems were then lost in our memories, because afterwards we could only get to the clearing port without a drive under sail and with the help of a tug (see also episode 1).

Somewhat frustration builds up. Time begins to stretch. In order to get around the removal of the mast after all, we wait for the rigger and his opinion. Of course the mast has to be down. We are waiting. Waiting for an appointment.

Our teddy bear from Tobermory Lifeboats looks at what we're doing together with the port and starboard donkeys. Sometimes that is very, very little.

Epsiode 5: Lift the mast and let the credit card bleed. For a mere 800 US$, a truck-mounted crane comes to the Marina Varadero and is available to us for just under four hours. During this time we exude an endless zeal for work, after three hours the mast is back on the deck and is provisionally moored. The repair of the pulleys took less than ten minutes. The rigger should do the final trimming of the mast for us.

We are happy, because without the mainsail it would have been impossible to continue. We announce our imminent departure.

Rib with cabbage and mashed potatoes. Frankfurt national dish. We still have a few cans of cabbage on board. The Kassler is easy to get to in Aruba. When the soul suffers, it can be appeased a little through the stomach.

Episode 6: Toothache. Is there the absolute best time of the week to get a toothache? Is there! It's Friday afternoon when the dental practices are all closed. This guarantees a happy weekend and top motivation to do any work that may arise. Cooking isn't fun either. Especially not eating. After the diagnosis comes the wait. Waiting for a treatment appointment. The two hour treatment. Waiting for improvement. Another treatment. And waiting for improvement. This episode is still ongoing. I actually wanted to go to the practice again the day before yesterday, but the dentist made a bridging day.

A great joke. The day before yesterday was Friday and Thursday was a national holiday.

These tourists pose with the fish they have caught. Life can be sweet in the Caribbean. The weather is always nice, there are people everywhere who are spending a happy holiday.

Episode 7: The Foot. On the way back from a visit to Budget Marine, I do a pretty good job of walking. Today, two weeks after the incident, I can walk again without pain. But it's not completely over yet. I already twisted this foot on my way back from Cuba. In any case, every day of waiting before the possible departure is now gold for the foot. If I spare it for as long as possible, it will be better as soon as possible. I spare him pretty well.

The curse of the Caribbean, indolence, it is gaining more and more power over me. Or about us. Why should we prepare our departure? We no longer announce departure dates. How should we know when to continue? I can still feel my foot, but I have decided that it will not hinder our departure.

Inertia. With cats it is quite natural. In humans, the greater the number of frustrating experiences that have to be dealt with, the greater it is. At least for the people who live on board the Sissi.

Episode 8: The Fountain. Our engine is soaking wet. A trickle is running out of the engine compartment. What the fuck? Where does it come from. A first examination with the eyes and the flashlight does not shed any light on the darkness. I wipe everything dry and give it a day. The next day it is wet again. It's fresh water. Where did that come from? It is not from the cooling water circuit, all lines are dry and there is no dripping anywhere at the connection points. We find a T-piece that has a pin-sized hole in the side from which a lively fountain gushes. This episode has only been running for three hours now.

Jens wants to go to the hardware store to get a spare part or repair material. The hardware store closes at 2 p.m. on Sunday, which is roughly the time at which I write these words.

The curse of the Caribbean keeps us in the Caribbean Netherlands. I feel a little like the Flying Dutchman - just the other way around. My boat is not allowed to sail.

A minced meat sauce with fresh leek vegetables is just being born. There will be pasta with it. A simple dish, but it's always delicious. Pasta makes you happy. Especially with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. After all, the saying goes “love goes through the stomach”.

Every thing has its reason. Every action has its consequences. Failure to do so can also have an impact. We are still in Aruba due to a chain of unfortunate circumstances, delayed activities, indolence and a lot of bad luck. I like it a lot right now. Episode 9 also started recently. If episodes three to five hadn't happened, the ninth wouldn't have happened either.

Last night I had a really great, lovely woman on board and cooked dinner for her. Our second date. Then we were on the beach. Not anywhere, we drove to the California Lighthouse. It was stopped by the police, because we were not allowed to sit on a stone together because of the corona rules. I don't write any more, but Jens has already asked me whether my relationship would have any impact on our departure.

I am no longer making any statements about a possible departure. I'm not making a fool of myself. But it's fun to sit on the beach like two teenagers.

Yesterday our Eintracht won 5-2 against Union Berlin. The lady who was on board yesterday supports Bayern Munich.

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