High-rise construction in Oranjestad

The places of the big hummers were redistributed yesterday. The Freewinds has returned to its former berth. For this, the Carnival Pride is moored at the crusader terminal. Aruba may have had higher cruise ship mooring fees than in the pre-Corona period. There is probably a big discount.

High-rise building in front of my nose

For me personally, that changes everything. So far I have been able to sit in my cockpit and watch the sun sink into the sea. This is no longer possible, now it falls into the water behind the Carnival Pride. If you look closely you can see the black soot flags from the chimneys. Luckily I lie in windward wind, the dirt blows out onto the sea.

A few days ago I got one Article on Spiegel-Online jumped in the eye. As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, Twitter and other companies want to remove terms such as “master”, “slave”, “blacklist”, “whitelist” and more from their development departments because they are racist. That made me think. After all, I've used these terms myself for decades.

I then fought these thoughts down and went back to my luxury life in the hotel resort. The shower on the flamingo island is still the best shower and so the flamingos get visitors from time to time. It is always strange when there are only a few dozen people on the island, which is suitable for several hundred visitors.


A few days after the article in the mirror, Caren Miosga used the words “undeclared work” and “dark figure” in the daily topics. A quote from Bertolt Brecht "you can't see them in the dark". Somehow it clicked in my head again. Undeclared work, undeclared driver, black money, black painting, black eyes, unreported income, shadow economy, black cash, blackening, black market, black Peter.

Due to a question in a quiz that I play on my phone against a few friends in Germany, I am in the black Popelmann encountered. At that time Martin Luther himself advised parents to scare their children with the black pop man if they are not well behaved. As if a few multi-headed aliens didn't. The assignment of light and dark in the Bible is pretty clearly regulated.

I love salsify, black coffee, black beer, black chocolate and the delicious meat of the Spanish black pigs. Not everything has a negative connotation and it was only here in the Caribbean that I largely weaned myself off the beloved black T-shirts.

Street art from Oranjestad

There are also some graffiti in Oranjestad. This copy happened to be in front of the camera. They do exist, but they are scattered all over the city. Not as focused as in San Nicolas.

I've been working on this post for several days now. The cruise ships have disappeared and nothing more disturbs the enjoyment of the sunset. Aruba again has no income from cruise operations. I am drawing a few consequences and will pay more attention to my choice of words in the future. But I would not want to call a clandestine carrier a black driver. That is too bulky for me. Maybe a fraud.

As of today, 13 active Covid-19 cases are known on the island. I'm allowed to make a table in the Donkey Sanctuary. I've already brought the jigsaw. I almost stumbled across shrimp in a completely relaxed pose.

Only cats can relax

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  1. A few more thoughts. We all grew up with certain terms that we never thought about, and they are often used with completely different meanings from the original concept. When you call someone full posts, don't you think of a fence? We told 100 East Frisian jokes that nobody thought was bad. I recently spoke to a member of the Jewish community about anti-Semitism in everyday language. With the question of whether terms that are used with a change in meaning, for example in youth language, are to be classified as anti-Semitic.
    The answer was a resounding “yes” because it was about a general brutality in the language that became so habitual that the inhibition threshold for actual violence sank. That's just remembering about your latest post. I wasn't even aware that there are so many black terms.

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