Tightrope acrobatics in the harbor

Today we had the pleasure of watching a rare change. Charly wanted to put his WiFi antenna back in the mast tip where it belongs. That is why the mast ladder was installed first. We noticed it over the morning coffee and at first thought the show was over. After coffee, I walk over to Chapo and see Charly starting to climb. Ute and Jutta secure the bottom of the mast. Not much is happening in the harbor at the moment, which is why the neighbor from the motorboat is watching with interest.

Charly climbs up.

Charly was born in Bavaria and the Bavarians have high mountains, are used to climbing and working in a rope team. You notice that immediately. Bavaria is also not afraid of heights. I'm not on the mast, that's why I have Jens. He climbs in climbing halls and is almost as qualified as a Bavarian.

In a calm, relaxed and clear voice, Charly gives clear instructions to the security team, while on the way up he carries out the final steps to assemble the mast ladder. Holding straps are placed around the mast at regular intervals so that the ladder cannot slide away.

Tether straps

Jutta and Ute carry out the instructions from above quickly but without haste. Communication in the team is well established. Charly quickly gets to the top of the mast and brings the WLAN antenna into place within a few minutes. He works carefully because it would be exhausting to climb again in the heat. The time in and of itself is perfectly chosen, because it has been cloudy all morning, the sun is not roasting as usual.

At the summit cross. The longing of every mountain climber.

The assembly is completed after a few minutes. While I am still talking to Jutta and we are talking about the advantages of the new mast ladder, Charly gives the friendly instruction from above to slowly rappel him down again. I couldn't have mounted the antenna on the cockpit roof that quickly, let alone at such a high altitude. Chapeau.

Forget a little something.

After returning to Sissi, when I look at the photos, I notice that everything went really well. Charly goes upstairs, Charly goes downstairs, the antenna sits in its place and leads away. Only the mast ladder can no longer be taken down. Despite all care and prudence, the top strap remained on the mast.

I am very happy, I have the opportunity to attend a second high wire show. Charly doesn't want to have all the climbing fun for herself. That's why Jutta is allowed to go upstairs and Charly backs up with Ute.

Secure Charly and Ute

It only takes a few minutes, then Jutta reaches the top of the mast. She removes the last tether, then it goes down again.

It is nice when everyday life is not always the only thing.

Jutta on the way up.

It's all the same to the little green iguana. On my second way back to Sissi, he looks at me with his reptile eyes and begs for a photo. The sun has once again prevailed against the clouds.

Green iguana

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