Break something

There are little things in life that remind me of my German origins over and over again. I hold the German virtue of punctuality very high. That makes me one of the few in Aruba. I can make an appointment with Anneke at a certain time. With her, I know for sure that she will be on time, most of the time she is even at the meeting point before the agreed time. So I stand in front of the Animal Shelter at eight o'clock in the morning and am once again the first.

One of the cats that live in front of the shelter

In addition to the cats that live in the shelter, there are also a few outside the door. A particularly beautiful lady is waiting with me for the key to the front door. Little by little the other helpers arrive, and at some point the lady with the key appears. So far so good. Then the cats can get their food and water in front of the door.


This is Elvis. He is five years old and has lived in the Animal Shelter his entire life. The beautiful tomcat is somewhat shy of people. That's probably why no one adopted him.

Wooden ceiling with water damage

I am continuing my renovation work on board. The wooden ceiling in the salon has to go down. It is no longer beautiful anyway. You can clearly see different places where it has suffered severe water damage. In addition, power cables that are routed under the ceiling must be replaced.

Break it - first part. It starts above the navigation corner.

Screw by screw, board by board. Gradually, the wooden ceiling moves into the cockpit. Little by little I find the construction sites for the coming weeks. I expected most of them.

Break it up - part two. Now all the boards are down.

Four years ago I messed around with the electrics in a few places. That fell on my feet after the water ingress. Instead of just reconnecting the existing cables, I would have better swapped them for tinned cables. Then I would have more than 7V voltage on the lamps on the port side. I'm doing it right this time.

The wooden ceiling is history

All you have to do is drive the boards to the dumpster, then another important step has been taken. My construction is going slowly but it is going on. I have some work to do on deck that I have to do before 9am in the morning - after that the sun is too hot. I can do the work below deck at any time of the day, I always work up a sweat.

Three new donkeys in the Donkey Sanctuary

Three new donkeys have arrived at the Donkey Sanctuary. They are very beautiful, not too fat and still a little shy of people. They like my carrots. When they are neutered, they can join the other donkeys in the large group.

Kerstin also arrived at the Donkey Sanctuary this week. This is important to me in that Kerstin is very nice, she was here once before last year. Because she's so kind, she put some things in my suitcase for me that I can't buy in Aruba. No, no cider, it would have been way too heavy. I now have a new phone.

Almost burst

The old phone has almost stripped its back and grown to double its thickness. I'm glad the battery didn't burn out while charging. So I'm sitting in the inhospitable salon and transferring the data from the old to the new device when it starts to rain heavily outside. Hurricane Elsa has moved on, we have wind again and the typical heavy rain events. It drips onto the coffee table. It's dripping where I would have last expected it to be.


I think the previous owner tried it before. Unfortunately, water comes through here and that already during a commercial Aruban heavy rain. A construction site that I did not expect. Of course, again in an extremely accessible place.

This is what it looks like from above. The water does not get into the boat through this hole, the leak is almost exactly below the tip of the green arrow. Inside the base for the fan.

One day later, my right elbow answers. It reminds me that the constant use of the computer mouse gave me a golfer's elbow years ago. Oh how fine, even lifting a full coffee cup causes me pain. Now I have to keep him calm too.

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