New equipment

A radio and a battery monitor were acquired in 2017. The radio is an Icom IC-M423G with DSC and integrated GPS receiver. The radio had to be replaced relatively quickly because the previously installed radio had no DSC and the operating license expired when the ship was sold.

Radio and battery monitor

I also installed a battery monitor. In preparation for the long trip, I read a lot and learned that it is important to get a decent energy balance, ie not to consume more electricity than can be generated with on-board equipment. With the help of the battery monitor, I was able to determine the power consumption of all consumers on board. On the trip to Scotland, we needed 15 A per hour on normal sea days, of which 7-9 A alone for the autopilot (depending on the swell) and 5 A for the refrigerator.

To save electricity, (almost) the entire lighting has been converted to LED. I did not convert the engine light because there is enough power available when the engine is running. The navigation lighting therefore only needs 0.8 A.

If you switch on all (!) Lamps in all rooms below deck, the total consumption for light is only 6.5 A.

Red LED lighting for the night

I installed red LED lights for nighttime trips. On the one hand this is more comfortable than white lighting, on the other hand the red light does not spoil the night vision if you want to take a look at the nautical chart in the dark.

In the salon, the red light looks very nice in my opinion.