Insider tip marina: Overnight stay for Sissi and crew only 16.31 €. The best showers since Belfast. Showering at the perfect temperature, with a rich jet of water in a clean, spacious cabin.

As usual, a section of the map. I think I will always take the screenshots from the navigation computer in the future. This is the easiest and best reflects the way. Why didn't I think of it before?

Our way to Sines

After a rather tired morning (for me) and late sleep (for Jens), it was clear to us that we still had to go into town. Our stocks need to be supplemented again. We also want to get to know the place where we spend the night at least briefly.

View from the stern of the place

The harbor master explained the way to the supermarket. This goes first along the beach, then up to the Castelo and then straight on for another 500 meters. The Castelo can be seen in the top right of the picture, and you can also see an elevator that makes the way from the village to the beach easier.

At the beach

On the beach we watch a sailor anchoring in the harbor as he pulls his dinghy away from the water. Apparently he is planning a longer stay ashore, because the tide will not rise so quickly.

Top view of the beach and marina

The ramp up is pretty steep. For this, she rewards us for the effort with a great view of the beach, marina, industrial harbor and the anchoring pots outside in the roadstead. We land at the Castelo and are amazed that the doors are wide open and we can just walk around to see them.


The fort was built in the 15th Century. During this time, some such forts were built on the Portuguese coast, and the coast finally wanted to be defended. Some now contain museums (like in Peniche) or nothing at all (like here).

Castelo from the inside

Inside there are a few trees and a meadow that urgently needs maintenance. But the gardeners are already at work, as you can see from the garden hose.

On our way to the supermarket we unfortunately cannot avoid the monument to the city's most famous son, Vasco da Gama. Or we somehow missed it.

Alley in Sines

We like the old town. Small houses and narrow streets. This is how you imagine an old fishing village on the Portuguese Atlantic coast.

Another alley in Sines

Since we apparently can no longer properly handle printed city maps on paper, the 500 meter walk to the Spar is a little longer. But that only disturbs us marginally, because at some point we will be standing in front of the shop door. The store is much larger inside than it looks from the outside.


Inside, the supermarket is as winding as the old town of Sines. You can get lost in the hallways. But we find everything we need for our care and make our way back to Sissi.

On the way back we don't quite get along with the city map. We land somewhere on a demolition site and suddenly see a black and white cat.

The cat is immediately called

Although we call him in German, he immediately comes to us and can be thoroughly stroked.

Katerchen enjoys being petted

We take turns stroking him for ten minutes. The cat enjoys and can even be hugged by me. At some point it gets too much for him, he tells us in a friendly manner without too much use of the claws. After that, however, he looks very satisfied.

Crossed out. Now it’s good.

The cat is only partially black, but very cuddly. We trust the cataclysm and look forward to the good sailing day that awaits us.

UPDATE (Day 2 in Sines)
We fell asleep, missed the wind and filled the boat with rain. Now we dry our clothes, shoes and the floor in the salon.

Shoes and floors dry in sines

We also take a closer look at the place. After all, it is the birthplace of Vasco da Gama and we haven't really paid much attention to the great sailor. His ghost is probably holding us to the jetty.

When we walked through the Castello yesterday, we practically walked past the statue and therefore didn't see it. Today we saw, appreciated and photographed them.


His birthplace is said to be in Castelo. We plan to visit the small museum in the castle for the following day.

Vasco da Gama looks at Sissi (seen between the woman with a braid and the man with a cap)

In any case, a monument to the city's greatest son was built in a beautiful place in Sines. It looks out over the Atlantic and onto its own beach. In summer you can hardly move in front of tourists (say the locals), now it is very pleasantly empty.

Praia Vasco da Gama

We know exactly where the fishing boats are parked. From our cockpit we keep seeing seagull clouds over this area of the port. Vasco da Gama also has a good view of it.

Fishing boats - here without seagull clouds

Now we have paid enough attention to the great sailor. We hope Sines will release us soon. The wind forecast looks good for Wednesday. A few words about the elevator that is supposed to make the way to the beach easier: it does not work. The alternative is 78 levels.


UPDATE (Day 3 in Sines)

It didn't rain at night. However, there is no wind. So we stay another day in Sines. We use it to look at the part of the place we haven't been to before.

Palm trees and brick wall

In front of the entrance to the fishing port there is a long row of palm trees and a fortress-like wall. The palm trees want to be photographed, the wall to be climbed. So we do it in that order.

Jens in palm trees

The weather means well with us. The sun is shining and it is about 20 ° C. Comfortable weather and nice photo light. We climb the wall without sweating too much.

Take pictures on the wall

The climb was worth it. Once we have a view of the harbor that we haven't had before, then there are the most beautiful old town streets of Sines.

Alley with church at the end

The whole old place quasi pushes to the edge of the harbor. The more you move away from the port, the more modern and unimaginative the architecture becomes. At some point we end up at the suburban row houses. We prefer to go back from there.

Church, unfortunately closed

You can almost always take photos so that you have a view of the harbor. Then you are in the old town.

Old town with a view of the industrial port

In the tranquil marina it is easy to forget that there is also a large industrial port in Sines - as with practically every marina that we have visited in Portugal. Only Peniche was the exception, there is only a large fishing port in Peniche.

Not a cat

We are still looking for a black cat, a good omen for the next day's departure. We could not find a black cat, but a gray tabby with a large mouth.


She mumbles at us and the engine hums at full power. We can both stroke this beautiful cat for a few minutes and crumple her ears. She enjoys that very much.

Pure enjoyment

So it is clear that we will get good wind. Our mission is accomplished. We take our backpacks and go to the supermarket. Before saving, I can still see this street scene with puppies, which I absolutely have to take photos of.

Not a cat

For the way back to Sissi, we choose a path that we have not yet taken. We walk along a beautiful alley and at the end the shop window of a barber shop roars at us. It comes to my mind that I am now part of the target group. I have to go to the hairdresser again.

Alley with hairdresser at the end
Sunset kitsch