St. Peter Port

St. Peter Port is not only the capital of the island of Guernsey, but also has the only marina on the island that visitors can enter. All others are only for locals unless a special agreement has been made.

Our way to Guernsey

The trip to Guernsey had two completely different parts. First the way from Milford Haven south. The wind was swaying here for the first few hours and we could sail straight south. Then he turned more and more, we followed him and then had to cross back when we came on the route of the big cargo ships in the middle of the night. We also didn't want to go back to Ireland. Finally we started the diesel, because the little wind continued to come towards us and a wind shifter we expected did not happen. So much for the first part. The second part was completely different. We had a perfect half wind between wind force five and wind force seven.

Fastnet Race

We drove with Sissi through the middle of the Fastnet Race regatta field. The regatta boats also had a perfect wind and circled Sissi at up to 30 knots.

We also had a fine half wind at night, so that after a good 48 hours and about 250 miles we reached the island of Guernsey.

When entering the harbor, it was almost exactly 12 noon and suddenly a cannon shot crashed over the water. We still didn't know that there was a changing of the guard at Cornet Castle every noon at noon and the cannon shot was the daily highlight.

We just came into the harbor at high tide, we shouldn't have arrived much later. Otherwise we could have spent the following hours at the waiting pontoon, like the sailors in the picture below.

Waiting pontoon in front of the port

When it is that far and there is enough water above the edge in front of the harbor basin, the harbor master comes out with his motorboat and directs boat to boat to his berth.

High water

The berths are not enough for all boats, so we soon got two neighbors. The harbor master also distributes the berths in the second and third rows.

Low water

This is what the port looks like when the tide is low. Inside the harbor basin there is a difference of about four meters between high and low tide, outside there is even more. Only a concrete barrier, the so-called sill, prevents the port from running empty when the water is low. One of the main reasons for our detour via Guernsey was that our sister Christine and her son Benedikt were on vacation here.

family meeting

So there was a small family reunion in the canal. We enjoyed some meals together and visited each other.

Walk on the beach

Christine and Benedikt were in a holiday apartment on the northern and most sparsely populated corner of the island. There we could take a nice walk along the beach and feel comfortable.

Grove at the north end of the island

There are few corners on Guernsey where you can enjoy unspoiled nature. The whole island is almost like a British village with small houses, gardens in front and walls around it. Only at a few corners can you find smaller forests or other natural corners. Everything else is a cultural landscape.

Top view of Grand Roque

That's why it didn't become my island. I like the islands better, where nature is wider and more untouched. However, the few beautiful corners are a complete pleasure.

Crusaders - the plague

The enjoyment stops when a crusader is again on the island. The fat pots do not come into the harbor at all, so they drop anchor in front of the island and the passengers are driven ashore on the lifeboats. Then suddenly several thousand people, all with a label on their clothes, flood the island, clog the streets and stand in the way. I have seen such crusaders in several places, they always seemed like the plague.

Shuttle to the crusader

Drinks are not included on all cruise ships. So I had to wait in the local Coop behind a line of beer-carrying crusaders until I could pay for my goulash. Neither at the self-service checkout nor at the normal checkout did these people manage it. That's why they all have a label so that the finder can bring them back.

St. Peter Port

The place St. Peter Port is otherwise quite nice and if you like to go on a city break, you will feel very comfortable on Guernsey.