Dear people. I write this post on our day of departure (June 19) and with a little wistfulness. On the one hand, we slept mercilessly. We wanted to leave at 10 a.m., meanwhile it is shortly before 12 p.m. Also a nice time, but slowly the tide is running out. We will probably only get to Den Oever today, because from around 3 p.m. we will have countercurrent in the Waddenzee.

The weather does not motivate people to go down

Jens is still in the shower, so I'll try a few words to Stavoren. Sissi had her port here for two years. I chose it back then without having been to Stavoren before. Criteria were the petrol station in the village, the supermarket, the train station and the possibility of going out to the IJsselmeer without locks. It all happened in the Marina Stavoren Buitenhaven. The port met all expectations. In my opinion, the operating company could pay a little more attention to the little things - sometimes water hoses drip for weeks or the lamp on the dock is always dark. Overall, it was good.

But cozy is different. Jens and I have been living on the Sissi for two weeks now, it is in its place and all neighboring boats are empty. Most owners can only come out on weekends. It is like a holiday home area in the absolute off-season. The port in the town itself is more comfortable, but I wouldn't have wanted a berth there (-> lock).

Inland port in the canal

There are also many holiday home residents here, mostly on large motor boats. These often stay in place for weeks.

In addition to Cafe Max, Stavoren also has two other decent shops - Posthoorn and Koebrug. And the fish stall at the train station. There is the best kibbeling you can get in or around Stavoren. Recommendable.

The supermarket is accessible by water and by land.

The supermarket is located in the middle of a new development area. It also opened in winter, which was very useful. On some visits to the winter camp, Stavoren was so lonely that none of the restaurants were open for days. Without the sailing tourists, Stavoren would be completely dead, so it's only seasonally dead.

In return, I was able to make many contacts with the locals. This is particularly easy in winter because the few people meet in the only open pub - mostly the Cafe Max, sometimes the Posthoorn. You have always been very warm and friendly.

Bascule bridge (opened)

And then there are the bascule bridges over the Johann Friso Canal. Often, very often, I waited on one of the two sides and watched the boats entering and leaving the lock chamber. Once I missed a train because the bridge opened in front of my nose and then stayed open for a while - the cargo ship only fit into the lock chamber when the bridge is open.

Very often we went with Sissi through the lock into town, mostly to the gas station. In any case, these bascule bridges are a central place in Stavoren. I will miss the place, but I am happy to finally get out of here.

Jens is back from the shower, the rain is getting less and the time is progressing more and more. We cannot count on a lot of wind, so we are planning to get out of the IJsselmeer first. That's a lot for the first day.

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  1. Well then ship ahoy or what they say, all the best to you two, hopefully not as many storms. In any case, you will definitely have a great adventure ahead of you, have fun and, above all, come back healthy. Many greetings from Christa, colleague 218 from your mother

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