Iguana soup

It's like real life. So I hardly get to write posts for the blog at the moment. So much is happening outside. At least we have wind again. The lull lasted barely two days.

Fillet steak

I want to start with a fillet steak that is five centimeters thick on my plate. Delicious. Before that, I was incredibly disappointed in a restaurant. The actually very good meat was probably five centimeters thick at the beginning of the preparation. Then the cook cut it open like a butterfly cutlet and then fried it. A horror. Then I prefer to roast it myself.

Rare sight - three buses are ready to leave at the same time.

In the meantime I have completely decrypted the Aruba bus network. Now I'm just missing a current timetable. In any case, the timetable published on the Internet does not correspond to the one actually driven. The posting schedule at the central bus station is at best the truth of a speech by Mr. Trump. Some lines are listed, but are discontinued. There is no information about a line. The number 5 bus goes to the hinterland villages several times a day. There are not even stop signs there, you just stop the bus with a wink.

The bus drivers employed by the state company Arubus like to stay in the break room at the central bus station. Occasionally, one of the drivers runs to one of the vehicles parked with the engine running (and the air conditioning system running) and drives his passengers to their destination. Then it goes back to the lounge with determination. I sent an email to the bus operator yesterday asking for a current timetable.

Five buses have a break.

4.50 florins are required for travel in one of these buses - regardless of the route traveled. In addition to the large state buses, there is also a complete second bus network in Aruba. The small private buses. They drive on the same routes and keep a sign everywhere. The start stop differs only in Oranjestad.

Waiting minibuses

A trip with the minibuses costs only 3 florins. However, there is a special service for 6 florins - the bus leaves its route and goes right to the front door. It is very practical. If you want, you can arrange a pickup with the driver. Then the bus arrives at the agreed location at a certain time and collects the passenger. Practically.

The small buses run every few minutes, much more often than the state competition. A downside is the quality of the transport offered. This applies to the drivers of both bus systems. It is no problem for the drivers to read and write WhatsApp while driving. In the case of private buses, there is also a strongly fluctuating hardware quality. You can get everything from the brand-new vehicle with the smell of a new car, air conditioning, comfortable seats and intact suspension to rolling rubbish that would never roll off the TÜV yard.

All drivers also have in common that they are extremely friendly. When I think of Frankfurt or even Berlin…

In the minibus

Now I have made most of the island accessible by public transport. It's a good feeling. I could even get an Arubus smartcard. This lowers the fare for the bus ride to a little more than 3 florins, about 1.50 euros.


With the minibuses there is thus the possibility to Donkey Sanctuary get. So far I have always been able to drive in the car with the Chapos, but it is good to know that you can do it without a car.

The donkey shown above is male, by the way. After posting some photos, I was asked about the gender of the donkeys. I would like to put it this way: The males can be distinguished very well from the females. In any case, at the feeding trough they are all pretty rabid with each other.

Pure relaxation.

As long as the feeding is not running, the cats can also relax. Incidentally, I still can't manage to assign all five cats their names. Only at Sweety do I know about 100%. The cats only get their food shortly before everything is locked. This is to avoid accidentally trapping a cat.

Relaxation on the counter in the souvenir shop

Maybe the bad tongues were really right and I only go to the donkeys because of the cats. The donkeys simply cannot purr, the ears are not so pointed and their fur is not that soft.

In any case, the donkey cats are not only trained on whiskas. If you are hungry in between, you can get your goodies in the great outdoors.

Sweety with his snack

Going to the donkeys twice a week is a nice thing. It does not have to be more often, you get quite a sweat there with your unfamiliar physical work. It gives me a nice change. When I tell an Aruban about it, he's always really happy. They already like their donkeys very much.

View over the grounds of the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

What the cat tastes is certainly delicious for humans. Iguanas are not only eaten in neighboring countries, there are also iguanas-based specialties in Aruba.

A few days ago, Shelley asked me if I would like a plate of iguana soup. Since I always like to add new animals to the menu, I expressed my interest. Then last night Shelley brought the soup to my boat.

Iguana soup

It was delicious. A vegetable soup with meat inlay. The meat tastes something like frog legs or chicken. Perhaps the iguanas should not be made into soup, but fried with garlic and parsley. However, the soup was very tasty and had a pleasant hotness. Thanks!

Motor boat with mast

Yesterday my outlook changed for the first time in a long time. At first glance, it looks like crazy Ami has put a mast on the back of the engine at the very back.

If you take a closer look, you will discover the British sailing yacht Aequus, which has been in the port of Oranjestad since yesterday. She sailed from St. Lucia to Aruba in five days and now has a hurricane-proof place. Before that, she was stuck in St. Lucia for three months. Occasionally there are changes even here.

Secret bus line 007

Or: use of the public transport network in Porto. You could put it differently. If you know public transport as well as we do in Porto, you've spent too long in the city.

Porto has the Metro, many bus routes and three tourist tram lines. With the Metro there is a zone tariff system. Depending on how many zones you drive, the price is corresponding. The metro tickets are loaded onto a magnetic card, which you have to buy at the machine for the first time for 60 cents. With the metro tickets you can also change to the buses. You can also load day cards on the magnetic card.

The bus driver only has tickets for € 2. With this you can drive as far as the bus is driving. Most bus routes even go very far, the price is usually reasonable.

Line plans, network plans, tariff plans and timetables are posted for all metro and bus routes. For all? No! We were able to discover a second, secret bus network in Porto!

Bus stop with secret buses

On the picture you can see the bus stop at the marina: “APDL” The one stop sign shows the official line 507 together with the timetable. Then there is a second stop sign with lines 105 and 106, as well as two night lines. There are no departure plans for the 100 lines, and I have not seen any line maps or network maps or timetables posted anywhere in Porto.

If we take line 507 from the marina to the hardware store, it costs € 2 per person each way. There is internet on the bus and air conditioning. If we take line 105 from the marina to the hardware store, it only costs € 1.35 per person, because the secret tariff applies to the secret buses, which is also available on the metro. And of course the metro tickets also apply to the secret buses.

The only disadvantage: you have to guess a bit the route of the secret bus routes. Sometimes, however, you end up in a corner that you would not have expected.