Cats and donkeys

You shall rest on the seventh day. Something like that is written somewhere. We can rest perfectly, so we stop work and go to the bus stop. There we bribe a bus driver from the San Nicolas bus line on Sunday to drive us to the Donkey Sanctuary - this is usually served by the Santa Cruz bus line, which does not run on Sunday.


I am happy to see Nella and Anneke again. With a little cat food in the luggage, the cats are happy that we are back. Jens rattles with the Tupperware jar and suddenly we are the center of attention. No, not us, the Tupperware jar. In return, Shrimp even gives up her beauty sleep.


Sweety is still being kidnapped by me. It won't be his favorite discipline, but he can enjoy it when I pound his stomach. After two or three minutes it will be enough for him, I have to drop him off.

Swa and Socks do not come down from their raised viewing position. As always, this is due to Sweety and not to the quality of our treats.

Swa and Socks

Oh yes, and there are donkeys too. We have a bag of carrots with us, which of course has the same effect on donkeys as cat food does on cats. And the donkeys recognize me. I want to give Kamino a carrot. At first he backs away because he suspects that the orange treat is medicinal. I guess I've put him on the back once too often. After a moment's hesitation, he took it, the other donkeys followed quickly.

Diva and Gipsy recognize me and ask for their carrots. Of course they will be served by me. Little by little, all old friends get their carrots. They would probably recognize me in a year too. The donkeys are very, very clever.

Begging donkeys

With that I come to the end of what will probably be the last contribution on the subject of donkeys - unless a donkey runs on our boat. There were enough donkey blogs in the past year.

Last visit to the donkeys

Enough. Out. The End. That's how it is when you plan to leave the island. I can't just say hello, I want to say goodbye. For example I would like to say goodbye to Peter, Paul, Oliver, Lulu and the donkeys, the crew on Saturday morning. So we decide that December 5th is the best day to go back to the donkeys. In the absence of a car, we take the bus.

Bus 119

It's Saturday, so we have to wait a long time for a bus on the Santa Cruz Line to arrive at the stop. I am particularly pleased that it is bus 119. I went to see the donkeys with Soraida at least a dozen times. We always had good conversations and the trips were entertaining. I also learned a lot from her about the roads in Aruba, such as how to casually avoid the traffic jams that often occur in different places. She drives us to the Donkey Sanctuary with the usual calm. I take a stupid goodbye selfie.

Stupid selfie with Soraida in the parking lot of the Donkey Sanctuary

We hurry to get to the visitor center. Rain sets in, the first raindrops can already be seen on the selfie. At the last second we reach the protective roof, then the rain really turns up. Lucky. The donkeys put on the usual show, with which they beg for food from the visitors.

Grinning donkey

Jens needs breakfast first. He smeared himself a salami and took it with him. The intense smell immediately arouses the interest of Shrimp and Sunchi. The two cats go crazy. Jens does not find pleasure easy.

Sunchi and shrimp looking for the salami

I also cut the carrots into small pieces. I didn't expect Sweety to take care of the carrots instead of the salami bun. He even nibbles on it. These cats seem to have copied their behavior from donkeys. On the one hand the unbelievable urge for food, on the other hand the weakness for carrots.

Sweety with carrots

So we come to the highlight of the day, the carrots have to be fed. I visit my friends Diva, Gipsy, Kamino, Queenie, Tiger and Woods, Amadeus, Sonic and the others who are in the stables or inside the fence. When I started feeding the donkeys, Diva was a little cheeky, but otherwise a very friendly donkey. She has turned more and more into a petulant teenager in the past few months and kicks aggressively at the other donkeys. So I'll break up, everyone had their carrot and Diva doesn't get the rest.

Delicious carrots

We feed the rest of the carrots just like every other visitor does. We enjoy the donkey's envy for food. Sometimes I have fun and give the carrot to a donkey from the second row. Then those in the first row get really angry.

We are so cute Give us the carrot

The donkey-typical cuteness competition is running at full speed, after all, the aim is to get the carrots. With the feed pellets, they don't go too crazy. A bucket of carrots is quick to feed. I say goodbye to the people, then Lukas drives us to Oranjestad in the donkey cart. Without the donkeys, I would have gone nuts in the long months.

Even sweeter?

It wasn't just a meaningful job, the job always gave me the opportunity to get in touch with people. Of course, you get to know each other better if you work a shift together week after week. But contact with the visitors was also good. Great conversations developed almost 100% of the times I was asked about my story in Aruba. Whether it was with an American sailor who has a small boat on a lake or with a Dutch nurse who has signed a three-year contract with Aruba and starts sightseeing. Thank you.

Bundle of energy

I've gone there a couple of times as a visitor since Tiger came to Donkey Sanctuary. The donkey is just too cute. I can also let tigers in a larger enclosure if I observe a few boundary conditions. The entrance gate to the enclosure is unfortunately so high that tiger could roll through underneath. That's why you always have to keep them from going too close to the gate. Otherwise she can romp with the other donkeys, has a lot more exercise than in her small stable and obviously a lot of fun. Your mother's not having an easy time of it. I've cut a little video together. It's unbelievable how much energy there is in the little donkey.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to Jens coming to Aruba in a week. There is still a lot of work to be done before we can continue sailing. I still have to clean up Sissi. So much work.

I start on Monday. Most certainly. No, I'll be with the donkeys on Monday. I swapped Monday for Tuesday. So I start on Tuesday. For sure. Most certainly. I don't go to Donkey Sanctuary for fun either.

The usual circus when there are carrots.

Last year we painted the deck on Lanzarote. Immediately after the painting work was finished, there was a heavy rain shower. A large part of the expensive deck paint ended up in the Atlantic. Now it doesn't look nice anymore, the new color has already been bought and is waiting for Jens. We also have rainy season. Sometimes it rains from one second to the next.

Soaked donkey

The donkeys work great as wind indicators when it rains heavily. The bum is always turned in the direction from which the wind is coming. A kind of applause to the weather god.

The winner of the local wet t-shirt contest is of course Kamino.

Wet t-shirt contest

At the moment I really fear most that the weather will thwart my plans with the paint. Actually two weeks should be enough for the work, on the other hand it now rains almost every day.

Full in the face

It was a week and a half ago Fire Ball came as a new addition to the Donkey Sanctuary. He should stay in his stall until he gets used to the other donkeys. As the only real man among the donkeys, it wouldn't be easy for him. The other male donkeys are all castrated, but the female donkeys are not. Some lady is always hot, that inspires a real man. After three days in the Donkey Sanctuary, Fire Ball broke out of his stall and was definitely having fun with the ladies. So it can be expected that one or the other baby donkey will be added in 2022. When the young donkeys do not have to be euthanized because they have serious diseases due to the poor gene pool. Or because the babies are not born alive.

Fireball on October 12th, the day he arrived. The face is completely uninjured.

The fact that the donkey gene pool in Aruba is not particularly good is due to decades of inbreeding. After the car came to the island, the Arubans released the donkeys. At that time there were around 1400 donkeys on the small island. Most were shot or killed in car accidents. So it turned out that in the 1980s there were only 20 donkeys left. Around 180 donkeys are now living on the island again, so the gene pool is correspondingly poor. New donkeys should come from Bonaire or Curacao, Covid-19 has put an end to this endeavor for the time being, Desiree told me.

Fire Ball has changed a lot from the outside since day one. My main suspect is Kamino. After just one night you could see the marks on Fire Ball's face, a hoof print adorned the area between his eyes. Unfortunately, I didn't document that, but instead his face as it looked on October 20th.

Hoof marks after a week in the Donkey Sanctuary

Peter told me that Fire Ball was standing in front of the gate to his stall the next morning and wanted to be let in. He was hungry and the other donkeys did not let him feed.

Donkeys are pretty smart. That's why Fire Ball can't kick Kamino. Kamino would never push his neck through the bars of Fire Ball's stall. Fire Ball on the other hand still can't seem to get enough of the kicks. He pushes his head diligently between the bars. That's why he's a victim for Kamino.

On October 22nd there were even more scratches.

In just two days there were more scratches. I think when the donkey returns to its “owners” they will hardly recognize it.

Tiger and Woods on the day of arrival

On the day of arrival, Tiger and Woods are exhausted. After the stress of trapping, the transport to the Donkey Sanctuary and all the new impressions, this is easy to understand. On the first day she always protected her baby from us. But that changed quickly, Woods was able to build trust. Getting to the baby and treating the wound is no problem at all.

Tiger after a week. With wound care.

The next photo shows that mother and baby can really relax. It is taken from the same perspective as the first picture. On it, mother and child carefully observe what is going on on the other side of their bars. Now I can step to the grating and the Tiger even remains completely relaxed on the floor. It cannot be taken for granted.

Tiger relaxes.

On Tuesday, Desiree worries that Woods won't eat. That's why I'm grateful for the task of making mom happy with a few carrots. I should also give her some apples.

Spectators while I feed Woods carrots.

Woods likes to take the carrots and apples. There are riots in the old people's home next door. How can this person give so many carrots to a single donkey without us getting any of them?

I do notice, however, that Woods is very reluctant to chew the carrots. She can't bite through the big carrots when I'm holding them in my hand. All donkeys that I know can do that. Every donkey tries to put as much of the carrot into its mouth as possible with its lips before cracking the carrot. Woods behaves differently. She tries to bite off just a small piece of the edge and then chews it very slowly.

We try everything. We give everything. Why don't you give us anything?

The cuteness contest next door is picking up speed. It's noisy. It's restless. Of course, I won't let the neighbors go completely empty-handed, but some of them are not allowed to eat carrots because they cannot chew. I very much regret it, I remain tough on these donkeys.

The vet receives a message to look at Woods' teeth. In any case, the job was a lot of fun.

Please, please, please, please, please give us a carrot too

Again and again I get questions from Germany about the situation here with Covid-19. In view of the numbers from Germany, it is downright heavenly here. In the last seven days, the value has fluctuated around 20 new infections a day. The high was 21 and the lowest was 12. Since the curfew came into effect at night, the numbers have continued to decline. Yesterday the government announced that the curfew had been lifted. Instead, some zones on the beaches are closed at night.

The second wave hit Aruba quite a bit, at times there were almost 200 new infections a day. In my opinion, the contact restrictions caused by the curfew and its consistent enforcement brought about the breakthrough.

Before that, there was an attempt at curfew, there were contact restrictions in everyday life and the size of celebrations was limited. According to my observation, these measures alone have not brought about any improvement. Back then the numbers were still increasing. As far as I could read it in various media, most people got infected at private parties.

A table full of relaxed cats

I try to do it like the two cats so that I can get through the situation as relaxed as possible. The lower risk of infection does not neglect my relaxation. I got a good supply of FFP2 masks on board. Who knows if we can get those on the other islands when we're back on the road.

So far, however, Jamaica has not yet reopened the island to the entry of small boats. Regrettable.


Last Friday was fridge day. Muck out, defrost, clean. Unfortunately, Sissi's refrigerator has no drain below, so that over time more and more water collects in the bilge of the refrigerator. This needs to be disposed of every few weeks, while the cooling unit is allowed to defrost at the same time. It turns into a block of ice within a few days and the refrigerator no longer works properly. The work is done in just three hours. As a reward, I take a bus to the donkeys, before I put a few cans of beer in the cooler.

We are so cute.

When a person walks towards the donkey with food in hand, the dance behind the fence begins immediately. The donkeys push each other back and forth with their bodies, trying to look as cute as possible in the face. They have learned that over the years. I find it very funny when I see a big, fat donkey standing there, making me pretty eyes and saying “feed me, I have nothing to eat”.

Cuteness contest

All I can say is that it really works. The visitors see how the donkeys turn their heads and play with the position of their ears. Usually they call out “oh how cute” and then reward the long ears with the beloved pellets.


Another level in the cuteness contest is the grin. Yes, the donkeys are actually grinning. You copied it from us. Some donkeys always grin when a camera is held in front of their face. This is a successful ploy for begging for more food.

cause and effect

In the evening I want to take a beer out of the fridge. The can is clamped on a sharp edge of the cooling unit. Really unhappy. The can bursts, the beer pours into the bilge of the refrigerator, which smells like a brewery the next day. I'll clean the fridge again. Great.

Baby animals are naturally cute. Tiger is no exception. I very much hope that the baby's presence will also translate into face value. In any case, the visitors stay a long time in front of the stable.

Tiger is the attraction. For humans and donkeys.

I cannot escape the magic either. Again and again I have to go to this stable to make friends with the mother and then with the baby. The wound looks much better now, and the mother has found a certain trust in us. She lets us look at her baby without protecting it from us. That's great. The carrots that I keep bringing her back are certainly not harmful.

We feed Woods, Woods feed tigers.

What else has happened in this soap opera? Fire Ball is returned to its owners after the castration and is also given a companion. Then he will be much better off in his new old home than on his own. On the one hand it is a nice train from Desiree, on the other hand it saves 400 US$ a year on the feed costs.

Skinny donkey

After the morning feeding, I noticed a donkey on Sunday that didn't seem to be interested in the food. That's always a bad sign. Nella and I try to read the donkey's chip, but it doesn't feel like it. So let's try to catch him. But the donkey has no desire. Instead, he stands in front of the enclosure where the old donkeys live all the time. Visually it fits perfectly into the group. Anneke only succeeds in reading the chip in the afternoon. It becomes clear that the lady is missing in the enclosure. Shortly before the second feeding, Anneke manages to run into the enclosure with the donkey. The donkey is a lady by the way, her name is Orchid.

Tomorrow is donkey day again. Today is cleaning day again. The island is very dusty again, the dust settles all over the boat.

A baby donkey !!!

The day after Fire Ball arrives, I come to my usual Tuesday afternoon shift. I'm early because I want to record some more videos of Fire Ball. I find out that Desiree is already on the way to collect an injured donkey. Meanwhile I take care of Fire Ball, who probably still has one or two outstanding accounts with Kamino. On the one hand, the two are so similar as if they were brothers. Diva is hot, Kamino can't satisfy her, and Fire Ball can't reach her. Exciting.

Over the phone we found out that it was not the injured donkey but a donkey mom with her baby who were on board. Since the donkeys in the Donkey Sanctuary are all neutered, there are only babies there if they come from San Nicolas from the donkey population living there “free”. We are waiting eagerly.

Voices at the entrance put an end to the wait. Anneke, Jutta and I open the gate to the inner stable, Desiree guides the team to their destination. It will be exciting. What can we expect inside?

The donkeys are now on target.

While Anneke, Jutta and Desiree open the trailer, I film what is happening with the camera. Vicky and Finn went along with the two donkeys.

The first look at the two newcomers

It's not like gazing is reserved for humans. Whether it's an accident on the motorway or a fire in the neighbor's house, curious eyes will always find each other. When a new donkey arrives with the red trailer, there is also a curious, gawking pack. The only difference is that donkeys don't have smartphones. Otherwise they would be filming.

Gawking pack in front of the gate

Vicky motivates her mother with great feeling to leave the trailer. The mother pushes her little daughter in front of her. Everything happens without haste. The mother wants to protect her baby and is at the same time a good deal of fear.

Vicky with the ladies

While the adult donkeys try to show the visitors as sweet a face as possible while they are being fed, the approximately two-month-old baby donkey has not yet learned that. She is naturally cute, like little kittens or cute dog pups.

My name is tiger

I have yet to find out more about the circumstances in which the two were captured. I'm guessing a reference to a golf course. The donkey from the fire station is called Fire Ball. Kamino was found on the street, Kamino means street in Spanish. The names are chosen based on the circumstances of the find. With the names Tiger and Woods for the two donkeys, I can't think of anything else.

Tiger and Woods and the gaping pack

We have cleared an escape-proof stable for small donkeys and after a short motivation with a carrot, Tiger and Woods run into their temporary home.

Tiger and Woods at their destination

It will probably take two weeks to get to know the other donkeys. That's how it was explained to me for Fire Ball, it won't be any different with Woods. Little tiger has an injury that needs treatment. But we can't get close to her, the mother understandably doesn't trust us yet. We can still have as many carrots there.

Injury to tiger that needs cleaning

In the late afternoon I was able to record a little video of Tiger being suckled by her mother. Is that how you write it? Together with the other video snippets of the arrival, I also cut it together in moving images.

After the excitement of arrival, there is another excitement. A few Arubans have come to get upset. The Fire Ball and opponent from Kamino collected yesterday is a donkey from private property. The owners want him back. Desiree has no problem with that at all. You will get it back in about four weeks. In two weeks he will be neutered, after which there is no longer any risk that his owners will use him for breeding purposes.


Today is probably the last day on which I have my donkey cart available. That's why I go to the boat accessories shop and find out about the antifouling that is available. This is the color used to paint boats from below so that there is no growth. Jens and I still have to do this next month, because the last coat of paint was two years ago. It no longer looks nice from below. I don't have to buy the paint right away, it's always in stock. I can wait and see whether a simple painting over or a complete renewal including primer will be necessary.

My time in Aruba is coming to an end. With it the time in the Donkey Sanctuary. Last weekend I was on a vacation replacement for the last time.

Morning hour

The morning hour has its own magic. Before the morning feeding it is very quiet. Only the peacocks make their strange noises. I'm a little early and I'm waiting for Paul to start feeding. Paul wants to support me in the morning because so far he has only been on duty in the afternoon. Feeding in the morning differs in nuances from that in the afternoon. In addition to hay, there are pellets that are so popular with donkeys.

The clock is ticking. The closer the magical time of 9 a.m., the more restless the donkeys get. Why doesn't this person finally start feeding?

Water house

I notice that some donkeys are standing around the water house without motivation. The Frankfurt probably associates every drink with the term except water, but here it is to be taken literally. The drinking fountain is completely dry, as if the donkeys had licked it. They probably have too. I open the tap and although the donkeys do not like the splashing water at all, the first ones start drinking.

Bottom up!

Paul is on time and we are starting the preparations. As always, the process is accompanied by sounds from the three- to four-legged protagonists. In addition to the normal bleating, there is a growl, as one might imagine with hungry dogs. We put protein cubes in buckets and soak them in water. This is the food for the toothless, old or lean donkeys that live together in the old people's home. Then there are the pellets in the morning. The moment I open the barrel with the pellets, the donkeys are most uneasy, their noise is loudest. I love to let the pellets trickle into the buckets in front of their eyes. Then the now rioting spectators get their own pellets. In a matter of seconds, calm returns, only briefly interrupted by growling noises and the dull thud of hooves into the stomach of the eating neighbor. Then we get the hay.

Afternoon rest

Only a few visitors come in the morning. The island is not busy at all. The Donkey Sanctuary has noticed that too, of course. Paul and I talk. The visitors can be sure of the undivided attention of the always hungry long-ears. I am always a little sad when the visitors leave without having fed the donkeys first. With that they missed the best.

Ninja and the farrier

Ninja gets a visit from the farrier. So I separated him from his group the night before. The blacksmith has to work on all four hooves. Ninja doesn't like that at all. He even kicks in my direction when I put the halter on him, but just brushes against me. I'm not that stupid to be right behind the donkey. Then I give him another piece of carrot, which makes the donkeys incredibly jealous outside. Donkeys are about as curious as the neighbors in a row of houses. They would certainly not want to swap with ninja, but they would never refuse the carrot.


I will miss all of that when Jens and I steer Sissi in the direction of our next destination or monitor the wind vane during this activity. The donkeys, the cats, the people and this incredibly relaxing place. Without all of this, I would have probably only survived the past few months with roof damage. With the help of donkeys, I was able to maintain my sanity. In the souvenir shop you can buy tiles with the words “My therapist eats hay” on them. My therapist eats hay.

I now know the story of the donkey in Aruba inside out. Not all visitors want to hear it. If I'm allowed to tell them in full, I can usually sell higher-priced souvenirs afterwards, such as the Delft tiles.

I can probably tell this story in 20 years. The attention span, which differs greatly between Americans and Europeans, is fascinating. For the Americans, I break the story down into smaller, more digestible bites. They always take a few minutes before I can continue. A Frenchman was visiting recently, I was horrified how rusty my French is now. But it worked, with French and German for the visitor from Strasbourg.

Specialists when it comes to relaxation and always petted

It will be a while before the smell of donkey disappears from the boat. A visitor recently told me that I smelled like donkeys. I don't think that's bad at all. I can no longer smell donkeys. To me, they smell neutral. Wait and see what Jens will say about it.

When I look at the number of posts I've written in the past few days, I can tell that I'm no longer busy. With a little luck, Desiree will think for a few more weeks that the Chinese will want to help her. Then maybe I can keep the car. Then I have to go to the Donkey Sanctuary every day and adjust software, firmware or any position of tiny potentiometers. Wonderfully hopeless.

My name is Fire Ball

Actually, I just wanted to stop by the Donkey Sanctuary because Desiree has a problem with her computer and a laser engraving machine from China. I will soon also have a few words about this machine.

We have been trying to put this device into operation for a few weeks. In vain. It is a hardware defect, but the manufacturer thinks it is the software. The machine has three stepper motors. One of them is defective, two work perfectly. If I exchange one of the working motors for the defective motor, the defect moves with it.

My guess is that Desiree is chatting with a Chinese customer consolation WhatsApp account. From there I get completely hopeless instructions every day, which I carry out, but which remain ineffective. But on the subject. We have a new donkey.

Fire Ball. Arrives at Donkey Sanctuary on October 12, 2020

Desiree received a call yesterday morning that a donkey was near a busy road. With the help of the fire brigade and the police, it was possible to catch the donkey. Suggestions for the name were therefore Sheriff and Fire Ball, a survey of three volunteers who happened to be present then revealed Fire Ball as the name. Such an opportunity is of course great.

Until the new donkey is neutered, it has to stay alone in its small stable. Therefore the contact with the other donkeys is not neglected. They're pretty curious to see who got there. A long procession of donkeys passes the stable.

You sniff yourself.

The new situation is still pretty uncomfortable for Fire Ball. After a life in freedom he is suddenly housed in a tiny stable. Even if he has a huge amount of hay available, he only nibbles a few stalks. Like it's a crime to be a donkey. It was only for his protection. He will be better off when he can romp around the whole area with the other donkeys.

After all, there are enough neighbors to get to know. And everyone pokes their noses in to sniff the newcomer.

It seems, however, that Fire Ball has already met an old friend. Perhaps the two of them used to have one or two arguments. Maybe they're siblings. The last newcomer before Fire Ball was Kamino in August 2019. At that time, the stay on the street wasn't so easy.

Anneke told me that Fireball ran to Kamino as soon as they dumped him. The two also have a lot to tell each other.

In general, it is very noisy this morning in the Donkey Sanctuary. Any donkey proud of its identity as a donkey participates in this conversation.


The last post about tiles is in Portugal written. There are many tiled house facades, often small works of art. Inside the visitor center in the Donkey Sanctuary, a wall is covered in tiles.

Tiles. Donated for the benefit of the donkey.

There are tiles out Delft in the Netherlands. In the past few years they have been sold to visitors for US$ 60 each. However, the manufacturer took so much time for the last delivery that the donors got angry. Desiree was also annoyed - twice. The second time on delivery, as it turns out that 60 tiles are missing to complete the pattern. Or rather, the manufacturer did not follow the pattern. In any case, we are now trying desperately to bring these 60 tiles to the visitors.

In the meantime I can do that quite well. In many cases, if I have a visitor on the hook, I can sell a tile. The problem is that there aren't enough visitors. Then yesterday I had an idea:

Something is still missing here ...

Dear reader, if you want a tile, that's no problem. The 60 US$ correspond to about 50 €. I'm happy to convey that, there are still 30 tiles left. Production cannot start until all tiles have been sold.

It's OK…

... when you wake up in the morning with wet feet and have to quickly close the hatch over the bed. It's dark outside and heavy rain is falling over Oranjestad. All of this is developing more and more into a thunderstorm show, lightning flashes across the harbor, the clap of thunder rattles without a noticeable delay and is still reflected by the cruise ships. My gaze falls on a data carrier that I recently released from its protective cover. Usually the hard drive is wrapped in aluminum foil in a cupboard. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to buy new aluminum foil. That's why it's on the coffee table. To be on the safe side, put it in the oven. There she is also in a Faraday cage. A few minutes later I put on my oilskins, walk to my donkey cart and drive to my shift at the Donkey Sanctuary.

Sunchi at the cash register

There I take care of the feeding and care of Sonic. Then comes a message from Desiree that she is not expecting visitors today due to the weather and that I should close again. After I have locked the last lock, the first visitors come. I'll sell them some more food. Cash only, the credit card machine is locked away. No problem, I even get a donation of 20 US$.

These donkeys are begging. and jostle extremely….

The next day brings better weather again. I also have a few carrots in my luggage again. I enjoy showing the donkeys a carrot every now and then, watching their scramble, and then at some point feed the carrot to a skinny donkey. The droughts are never the ones that precede the carrot. The big donkeys are always the ones who can make the best begging faces. Some even grin.

The clever animals have learned how to motivate visitors to hold the carrots or pellets right in front of their noses. They can look "cute" while moving their ears and turning their heads.

... because carrots are her favorite dish.

On my Monday off, I especially work up a sweat. I finally find the water pump and can replace it. I curse over the narrowness of the engine room. I swear at the location of the watermaker, which makes it impossible to go to work with two hands.

After an hour, the old pump and electronics are removed. At the same time I change the color of the power cable from blue / yellow-green to red / black. Sometimes I wonder what the previous owner ridden. He probably ran out of red and black wires. Provisionally wired, the pump starts working after three more hours of fiddling. Still with flying wiring, but surprisingly quiet.

New water pump. Wired still on the fly. Super quiet.

I am very excited about the pump I purchased in Martinique. Fortunately. Here in Aruba, the same pumping capacity costs twice as much. With the door to the engine room closed, you can hardly hear the pump in the saloon. It's so quiet that I don't even notice the dripping tap on the sink. With the old pump, you couldn't miss the start-up noise, and the vibrations were felt throughout the boat.

I still have a few buns left for dinner. But they are pretty soft. In Aruba, bread rolls are actually soft when they are sold. This is certainly due to the high humidity. So I turn on the oven to bake the rolls crispy. To do this, I hold it briefly under the tap, then put it in the preheated oven.

It's okay if you find the pointer of the thermometer just below 100 ° C when checking the oven temperature. Fortunately, I use the flashlight to read the thermometer. I notice the hard drive. I take it out of the oven, the plastic of the case has not yet started to stew.

Hard disk. Medium rare.

Four terabytes fit into this small housing, the data carrier is full to 75%. It's really okay if you find out the next day that you got away with the horror. The hard drive, which has now cooled down to room temperature, has not forgotten its contents and works as slowly as before. Today I am going to buy aluminum foil.

When it comes to Covid-19, things are always going in the right direction. The curfew, which was tightened a few weeks ago, is being relaxed again. Instead of 10 p.m., it applies again from midnight to 5 a.m. The number of new infections is declining, in the last few days it was below 20. Likewise the total number of sick people, which is again below 500. I hope the easing does not come too soon.

Accident escape

I found this note on the windshield wiper of my donkey cart. A white Mitsubishi Lancer with the number 29xx8 (which I partially blackened). touched the pickup at the bottom left and drove away. At first I can't find any damage.

The white tracks are from the accident

Desiree has decided not to pursue the matter any further. It's not worth the effort. I agree, and the next time I pull out of a parking space, I hit a concrete pillar that is hidden below the line of sight over the tailgate. There was no damage to the concrete pillar. The new scratch on the car is not noticeable among the other scratches. In any case, I can't find it. It's OK.