Aruba is now in a learning process. The number of Covid-19 cases is higher than it was ever during the first wave. In June the island had no cases. On July 10th there were four cases again, the first fresh tourists from the USA were able to enter.

At some point in the past few weeks, according to my information, a bartender has returned from vacation in the Netherlands. It was tested on arrival and was negative. So he went back to work. Unfortunately, he was positive anyway. A large part of the infections are said to be due to this bar.

On August 3rd we were still with 12 cases, the first five cases were known in which the people here on Aruba were infected. On August 4, the number rose to 17 and the government announced the first tightening. On August 5, 39 new cases were reported. On August 6, another 92 cases were added. Today then 133. The total number is 279 active cases. Unfortunately this is just exploding a bit here.

Bus driver with mask and window

The most far-reaching requirement is to wear a mask on public transport. I have no problem with that in and of itself. However, some bus drivers no longer stop at all if the passenger is waiting at the bus stop without a mask. That's annoying me, after all, nothing can happen outside. Then there is the matter of that garlic... You are pretty much at the mercy of your own breath of death.

For a few days now I've been anxiously waiting for a package from home. Jens brought it to the post office in the Netherlands almost two weeks ago.

Note the spelling of the “S” in FAST. That’s the program.

In the late morning I received a bunch of messages on Whatsapp, all of which came from an unknown number in Aruba.

"My name is luis from UPS"
"Can i hafe your name?"
"Are you the owner of Yacht Sissi?"

"My name is Jörg and I am the owner of Sissi."

"Hi sir"
"My name is Luis from UPD"
"Are you in Aruba?"

"Yes I am. I hope you have a parcel for me."

"Correct i have a transit shipment for you, but we connot delivered, customer must to picked up at Cargo Building due that the shipment is in transit."
"Our location is ..."
"You will not pay duties"
"But our handling is"
“48.86 USD”

The package is already behind Sissi on the jetty

I ask Charly to drive me to the airport. The UPS branch is located there. Later on I get a guilty conscience. I'm in the office with a face mask on and I'm allowed to wait ten minutes for Luis to finish a phone call with his girlfriend. There always has to be that much time.

But then he immediately goes to work for me. First he collects the fees. I'm paying with cash in the hope that I might speed up the process a little. The opposite is the case - Luis won't find 1.14 USD. A colleague in the back room can change. I'm allowed to sign a few papers, other pieces of paper are stamped loudly. Then Luis explains to me that these papers now have to go to customs.

He disappears for almost a quarter of an hour, then more pieces of paper have been added to the pile of paper. Then Luis explains to me that he is going to get the package. It'll be back in just 20 minutes. I now have to drive the papers and the package to customs in Oranjestad. Or. Charly has to drive me there, we've already been on our way for about an hour to pick up the package.

Äppler on board

The port in Oranjestad is largely deserted. Nevertheless, Charly cannot find a parking space, parking is not provided there. Since I don't know where the customs are, I leave the package in the car. It drives to the gas station with Charly. A cruise ship is lying at the pier, but only part of the crew is on board. I ask the porter where customs are. He points to the neighboring building. There is a kind of cage there that I go into and knock on a tiny window.

The window opens a crack and I am asked about my request. Now I should have presented the package. However, the customs officer is satisfied with the papers and says that he believes me, I would bring the package on board. Clear! Of course!

The most expensive cider of my life

Never in my life have I had a cider that costs six euros per glass. Every sip one euro. And it tastes really, really good. Thank you!

Change of plan. Departure.

A few days ago, the honorary consul sent me the news that a special flight from Aruba to Amsterdam is scheduled. It is a flight from the Netherlands to Amsterdam, which also takes nationals of other EU member states. Jens and I discussed this extensively. As a result, we changed our plans somewhat.

Always looking at the sea is stupid.

In a few weeks there will be the opportunity to start towards Europe. The typical time window opens at the end of April. Our route includes Jamaica (closed), Cuba (closed), Bermuda (closed), the Azores (closed), Portugal (closed), Spain (closed), France (closed and sailing prohibited) and England (still open). No one knows today whether England will be open in two months. The time window closes sometime in late June with the start of the hurricane season, which usually lasts until the end of November.

The direct route non-stop to Germany is of course not blocked for us. We have a sailboat with unlimited range, we have provisions on board for months and we do not have to refuel. It is a mere 5500 nautical miles (10175 kilometers), which we can sail in about 55 days. There are also 14 days of self-quarantine before departure so that we can ensure that we don't already have the disease on board. So don't leave the boat for two months. Somehow we don't feel like it.

Jens flies back to Frankfurt, I stay on board and in Aruba. This is the decision. After the hurricane season Jens comes back and we drive the route I described above. At some point the countries will open their borders again. At some point we can move around the ocean as freely as we love it.

The departure is scheduled for April 3 at 4:30 p.m. On April 3, Jutta also has a birthday. We are invited to the Chapo. We explain to Jutta that if she wants to celebrate with us, she has to celebrate her birthday. For the evening of April 2nd, I'll get the ingredients for a fine farewell lasagna. We wear them to the Chapo. Then we celebrate the last evening. Then we celebrate Jutta's birthday. Then the beer is all over.

Sandals have had their day.

On the morning of the day of departure, the sandals that Jens had been wearing through Europe and now all over the world for at least a decade are buried with a slight hangover. At least for me there is no sentimentality. I didn't want to touch them anymore.

Today is the day of departure

We are getting sentimental. Jens has packed his things and is just under the weight limit. A last photo with Sissi. One last chat with the chapos. We are standing on the main street and waiting for Lel, an Aruban we met a few weeks ago. He had offered to drive us when we had a problem. The problem is obvious. We have to go to the airport, but there are no buses or taxis. Lel drives and offers me that he brings me back again. Thank you!

Spooky lonely - Oranjestad Airport

Nothing is going on at the airport. We are there much too early. Of course, all grill and snack stalls, coffee shops and mini markets are closed. The airport is closed. The whole country is closed. We were so stupid that we didn't think about it. Fortunately, we took enough water with us.

Wait for the terminal to open

The terminal opens two and a half hours before the scheduled departure time. At this point we had already heard from security people that the flight would be delayed an hour due to technical problems. Jens organizes a pizza at the delivery service through this security guard.

Only one flight will depart today

The terminal opens and it is easy to keep a safe distance from other people. There is only one flight today.

At the counter, Jens learns that he is not on the passenger list. He comes outside again. I send a message to the consul. She promises that she will take care of it immediately. A quarter of an hour later an employee of the airport appears with us. Jens was on the passenger list. He could check in now.

In line in front

Jens comes back with his luggage. He is on the passenger list, but currently only Dutch can be handled. The man who handles the two German passengers has not yet arrived. So waiting is the order of the day again. I'm hungry - Jens forgot to ask me if I want a pizza too - but I don't want to go back to Sissi before Jens checks in. I finally have the short line to the consul.

Stupid selfie in front of the airport

An employee of the airport comes to us again. Jens can now check in. The third attempt is successful. Well. I call Lel to pick me up. Then I say goodbye to Jens. Short. I hate train station farewells. Lel takes me back to Sissi.

I spend the afternoon on the phone with friends and family. Donald Trump sends warships to Venezuela. We can look over to Venezuela from Aruba. Military aircraft can be seen in the sky. I have another chat with the Chapos.

Jens Flieger's delay is getting bigger and bigger. He still hasn't started in Paramaribo. At some point Jens learns that the flight was postponed to the following day. After a long wait, a bus arrives and takes most of the disabled passengers to a hotel that has been reopened for this flight. Jens comes back to Sissi.

We celebrate the last evening in Aruba in a small group, only Jens and me. We hear on the radio that Germany is considering closing the border with Holland. That would be stupid for Jens, because he still has to come from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. The ICE certainly does not cross the closed border.

Jens gets regular updates on April 4th. A spare part for the plane was flown to Suriname. The plane is being repaired. There is a departure time. The departure time will be postponed. The flight is finally canceled and postponed to April 5. A replacement plane is coming. We celebrate again on the Chapo. We can now go to the Chapo, the quarantine period is over.

On the morning of April 5th, the previous evening was in my bones. The large number of “last evenings” drag on. I don't feel like the last evening anymore. On flightradar24 we watch the flight replacement machine on the way to Paramaribo. Everything looks good. The machine lands. Jens gets the message that his flight will be delayed. Delay is better than postponed.

Jens gets on the bus

The arrival of the buses at the marina is also delayed, not all passengers were found in the hotel. The hotel is said to have been very good. Hear. Then come, I'll say goodbye to Jens for a moment and that's it. For the next months.

The flight takes an exciting route to Aruba. As much distance from Venezuela as possible. Mr. Trump is having fun in Venezuela.

Just before arrival.

Meanwhile, Jens is in the terminal and is waiting for departure. We exchange messages. I am sad and happy at the same time. I am happy for Jens that he can spend the next few months in Frankfurt. I am curious to see how I will fare now. I am saddened by the direction the sailing trip took through no fault of our own.


While we are still exchanging messages, everything suddenly happens very quickly. The plane hovers over the harbor, I can see it from Sissi. I exchange two more short messages with Jens, then he has to switch off his phone. Again, it takes ages before I can watch the start of the plane on the Internet. We'll see you again in late autumn.

On the way home

Cider in Aruba!

Today is a happy day. The Chapo came to Oranjestad yesterday and it was a happy day. Today is another happy day! And today the end of a long story happened.

The story begins in Frankfurt. Almost half a year ago, Stefan, a former work colleague, asked me if he could support us with a delivery from home. I was very happy about this and asked him to send a pallet of cider. At that point we were in Portugal and tried all kinds of drinks made from apples. None of them was comparable to a real, delicious apple wine.

Charly hands the cider to me

When we had a secure shipping address again, because we were waiting for our new sail, Stefan has the package with our Favorite parcel service sent on the way. Meanwhile in Stade the sail maker sat down on his sewing machine and sewed a fresh genoa for us. The genoa was packed and sent to our marina. At some point we could hold them in our hands. In the meantime, DHL only had to bring a pallet of cider to Lanzarote.

We were then ready to leave Lanzarote. Unfortunately, the cider was not there yet, according to tracking, it made itself comfortable in various beautiful warehouses in Spain during this time. Thankfully, Jutta and Charly of the Chapo have agreed to pick up the cider for us if it ever arrives at the marina and to sail across the Atlantic.

Twenty-four new friends!

Charly was able to pick up the bottle at the marina office the following day. As Mr. Murphy wanted it to be, the Appler arrived in Marina Rubicon the day after we left. The Appeler disappeared into the depths of the Chapo anchor box.

While we were having fun in the Caribbean, the Chapo was still in the Canaries. We had already written off the appler internally, because we drove from Barbados to St. Lucia, the Chapos from Las Palmas to Mindelo. They were thousands of miles behind us. Jens and I spent the carnival in Martinique. Our cider survived the Carnival in Mindelo. It may also be better to carry out transoceanic cider transports with the help of Bavaria or Franconia, as the cider will then survive the long crossing more easily.

The Chapo left Mindelo, we eventually Martinique. We strolled towards Bonaire, the island with the great corals under water. Our cider was in good hands.

Now cider is on board again!

Then the plague came. It became increasingly clear that the Chapo could not follow its original plan to let its hitchhikers out in Barbados and then meet with us in Jamaica. That was the subject of our appointment. We would very likely have missed our planned trip to Jamaica.

Borders have been closed and sailors had and still have big problems with it. Where to enter if the boat is to be in a port outside the hurricane zone. Which country still accepts sailing boats. I sensed the favor of the hour (say bad tongues) and with the help of Ms. Rodrigues (Honorary Consul) we were able to get the Chapo to enter the otherwise closed border. Of course, only apple cider was in the foreground of our help. It wasn't at all because we had developed a friendship within the last three quarters of a year.

No quarantine for the appler. Welcome on board!

Thank you Stefan for sending the cider on the long journey. Thank you Jutta and Charly for not drinking it on your odyssey. Thank you Ms. Rodriguez for allowing the Appeler to enter. Two cans are now in the fridge. We'll drink to all of you afterwards!

Ribs with cabbage

Yesterday evening we had ribs with cabbage to eat. We last had that when we visited our parents on the occasion of their golden wedding in November. A can of sauerkraut has been stored in our Schapps for a while, we found beautiful ribs at the butcher in Oranjestad. That was the end of dinner.

Ribs with cabbage

The world around us is turning hollow because of the corona crisis. Most countries have closed their borders. We currently don't dare to leave Aruba because there is a great risk that we will not be allowed into the next country. What to do?

Jens: I haven't been doing very well lately. Something was causing me psychological problems, but I couldn't really interpret what it was. When we drove from Martinique to Bonaire, I sat brooding in the cockpit during my watch. As much as scales from my eyes. It's loneliness on this long journey. We met a lot of nice people along the way and made new friends. However, these friendships are usually short-lived, because either we go on or the others. In the end we are among ourselves. I miss being around other people and seeing my friends. I had to digest this knowledge myself and sat there for a while with tears in my eyes. After Jörg got up I told him what was so difficult on my soul. He had complete understanding for this and I felt a big stone falling from my heart that day. Despite everything, I'm glad that I went on this trip. Our experiences and adventure were worth it.

I talked it all over for a few more days. I always hoped to be able to change Jens' mind again, but I could also see how great his relief is that we will go back.

We decided to cross the Atlantic from west to east at the right time, around the beginning of May, to make a stopover in the Azores and then to spend the summer in Scotland. Here in the Caribbean we wanted to visit Jamaica and Cuba at least, maybe even take a short trip to Haiti. We planned to arrive in Frankfurt in September.

Then came Corona, the closure of the Panama Canal for pleasure boats, border closures at most of the country's borders and therefore closures of most of the islands for us. The impossibility of traveling further west makes the whole story a lot easier for me. It doesn't feel better for me if I can read new messages about the possibility or impossibility of passage through the canal every few days. That changes every day.

We are now waiting for Aruba until we can better assess the situation. Since we have already bought supplies for the Pacific, we could also drive non-stop across the Atlantic if necessary. But that would be unpleasant, because you don't see anything of the world.

Every day there is news, new developments and therefore new plans for us. We will use the remaining time of our trip to see as much as possible.

At home in Frankfurt there are ribs with cabbage again.

Frankfurt am Main

The Homesickness was great, so was the thirst. Also, my parents' wedding anniversary was surprisingly 50 years old. I was finally able to celebrate my 49th birthday this year. We thought about it back and forth. Shall we get on this plane? Shall we make so much noise and dirt? We decided on the noise, the dirt and the visit to Frankfurt. One week had to be enough.

The plane was on time and landed gently on the southern runway, the runway on which you get the least noise in Frankfurt. Landings on the southern runway tend to make Offenbach noisy, but that's not a bad thing.

After we had picked up our luggage, we made our way to the S-Bahn. The left due to construction work in the long-distance station, that's a decent walk. Then the automatic announcement greeted us, the S-Bahn was announced 10 minutes late. That was enough for us to get fresh beer and fresh apples from the local Rewe. Delicious. We immediately felt at home again. When the S-Bahn is late and the Appelers are fresh, you're in Frankfurt.

Less than an hour later after using another S-Bahn, which also followed their schedule, we reached our parents' house around 11 p.m. I wanted to ring the doorbell, but the garden gate was locked. So I picked up the phone and called. My mother asked if everything was fine with us. I replied that there was an emergency and that she absolutely had to open the front door for us - otherwise we would freeze to death. For us it was a bit cold in Germany. Did we surprise our father at the international match Germany against whom? The result became subordinate.

Two hours later we finally went to bed, the joy was huge on all sides.

Autumn mood on the banks of the Main

Ballermann am Main
What does a German do when he goes on vacation? He makes you crazy. It's no different with Jens and me. We ended up in Frankfurt largely unannounced, so we were able to surprise friends and just show up in a variety of places in the city.

I just wanted to have a quick sniff at the former work colleagues and go to lunch together. The plan only worked partially. The visit and lunch worked without any problems, but the short visit did nothing. After four hours I was halfway through, then it became too much for me. I would like to greet the other half of the colleagues that I could not visit from the blog, I just couldn't do it anymore.

Stupid selfie with some former teammates

I told you that I will put the picture on the blog. At the time, I had no idea that I looked so stupid.

The Rhein-Main regulars' table at the Whiskey forum. From the amount of alcohol that went more towards Ballermann. Since the city buses did not drive due to the strike, I won a nice walk from the Konstablerwachemarkt to Sachsenhausen and was able to take a nice picture of the nightly skyline.

Frankfurt skyline at night

A completely surprising way to experience Frankfurt anew is to visit as a short-term tourist. In one week I took what I had to take with me. And also the whiskey tasting. From this point I would like to thank Thomas for inviting me and keeping my mouth shut. And to Gregor, who poured one glenturret into the glass after another. And to everyone else with whom I had great conversations. If you don't see each other for a long time, some topics come together.

Stupid selfie with Thomas at the whiskey round table

Forest stadium
Another event that got a little more exhausting was the visit to our Eintracht soccer game in the Waldstadion. Practically that week was a home game against a lower-class club from Lower Saxony. It was not easy to get the tickets because the forest stadium is well filled with almost every opponent.

At 0-0, the world was still in order

Maybe it was because we left the scarf on board. We may have focused too little on the game. We may have made too little noise, sung too little, and skipped too little. It may not have been our fault that we conceded two goals. Well. Even if the result was suboptimal, we were in a good mood.

Stupid selfie with flea in the forest stadium

The visit was worthwhile here too, after the game we were able to chat a lot. The next game will be better - guaranteed!

And then there was the family visit. I changed the chronology of my stay in Frankfurt a little because the best is known to come to an end. In addition to our parents Annemie and Manfred there is also the dog Siena and the cats Luna and Maja.


Siena is of the Labrador type and is already 12 years old. That's why she needs her sleep. Otherwise, she always likes to cuddle with one of the cats.


Maja is shy like a deer. You cannot catch or pet this cat. That's a shame because she looks so cute with her big eyes. Whatever she has learned from people in her previous life has shaped this cat so much that she will always remain so shy.


Luna is cheeky! In this photo she asks me to deliver fresh cat food immediately. I particularly liked the fact that she spent a few nights in bed with me. Finally sleeping with a cat again and listening to her purr.

To celebrate
We celebrated with lots of relatives. I'm not the type of person who likes to attend family celebrations. This time it was different, this time we finally wanted to take part in the celebration. It was nice to listen to the hours of chatter while having fun.


Our sister Christine was a little bit eaten. She put so much effort into baking a sissie cake and put us in the cockpit. She had the words "Golden wedding - not without us" printed on a picture. Of course, she couldn't know how true those words would be.

The sissi cake is well received

I don't want to write much more about the family celebration, after all it was a family celebration. Already the publication of the photo of our mother with the sissie cake will cause me a little trouble.

Culinary highlights
Ribs with cabbage. There is almost nothing left to say about it, except that we quickly drank the cider from our parents. They just didn't order enough. Why actually, we're coming to visit. So there was wine made from grapes, which also tasted delicious.

Ribs with cabbage

I won't start taking pictures of my meals. But I make an exception for this delicious meal.

At the Preungesheimer Markt I only had time for a single glass of beer, then I had to go to the family celebration. But I got a delicious keg to take away, which I myself dragged to Lanzarote.

Beer from the Dorfbräuhaus

After only a week, the point came that always comes on a vacation trip. After a week it was time to say goodbye.

We tried to make this farewell as short and painless as possible. It is not short and it is not painless.

With many hugs, good wishes and tears, we separated from our parents and their zoo, ran to the S-Bahn and were given another 10 minutes extra time by the Deutsche Bahn, 10 minutes S-Bahn delay and 10 minutes of waiting together with our father and Siena. It is only a temporary farewell, we will come back and come to our parents' house. Next time we will let you know beforehand.

Airplane to Lanzarote

Frankfurt says goodbye to us with cloudy November weather. The cloud cover over Europe was always completely closed during our flight. The first holes were only south of Spain and the sun was shining on the approach to Lanzarote.

Landing approach, Sissi can be seen in the picture.

We had to smile a little when the flight captain wished all passengers a nice holiday. Our vacation was over.

Finally, Luna again with her third favorite activity (after sleeping and eating). Luna google. She likes to do it, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But always with momentum.

Golden wedding

Today is our parents' 50th wedding anniversary. That's why we hypocrites flew from Lanzarote to Frankfurt. So that we don't get there like two tousled sailors, we were at the hairdresser a few days ago.

Jens is sitting on the chair

Why hypocrites? Because on the one hand we want to sail around the world with as little emissions as possible, we don't want to produce dirt like the crusaders and flight tourists and on the other hand we fly from Lanzarote to Frankfurt and back for a week.

Nowadays the term “flying shame” is known, Greta is sailing back across the Atlantic under weather conditions in which we prefer to tie up Sissi in the harbor.

For years I protested against the expansion of Frankfurt Airport and refused to board one of these aircraft, and if I did I wanted to use another airport. One where the residents do not suffer as much from the noise or even want the noise because they prefer the workplaces to the quiet.

Stupid selfie with barber shop in the background

Frankfurt Hahn would have been an alternative, the airport can also be reached directly from Lanzarote. However, we fly directly to Frankfurt am Main because it is the most convenient for us. If dirty, then really dirty.

I don't feel bad about it. I am writing these lines down and I know that I will have been in Frankfurt for a few days to publish this article. I am looking forward.

Today I am very excited to see how our parents look out of the laundry when we stand in front of the door and ring the bell on Tuesday evening. Very few people know that we are on the way, none of our relatives is one of them. The surprise has to be perfect. I also have to shave, then it looks good.

Jens packs up his warm clothes….

We heard the weather forecast from Frankfurt, the internet here in the marina is very good. The radio stream from the Hessischer Rundfunk is stable and reveals that we can expect temperatures just above freezing. Definitely one digit. We have only known this from the inside of our refrigerator for months. So we are desperately looking for our warm clothes. But where are they actually? We left most of them in Frankfurt. Why should we take them on a sailing trip on the barefoot route.

... I also collect what somehow promises warmth in the cold of Germany.

In addition, we want to go to the Waldstadion on Saturday, so the clothes have to fit into the ambience. And they have to be warm.

Should I pack the thick wool socks? I was always amazed at the Scots who suddenly run around in a T-shirt and shorts at more than 16 ° C. And I was amazed at the Portuguese who suddenly unpack their winter jacket and scarf at 20 ° C. How will we do? We are not as tough as the Scots (more). Will we shiver and freeze? I am afraid so.

Lanzarote airport

And so we are now waiting for the departure. In just under five hours we will be back where we left five months ago.

The flight is as comfortable as flights can be. No turmoil, on time and the staff was totally friendly.

Still, it's not fun. It is warm, stuffy and the air is extremely dry. It is loud and cramped. Better five days at sea than five hours in the air.


The Frankfurt S-Bahn welcomes and with the usual delay. It's nice to be home again.

Thirst and homesickness

Warning! Post contains homesickness. Or what Friedrich Stoltze wrote at that time:

It's a city on the wide world
Who like me as Frankfort,
And it wants to be in my kopp enei:
How can nor e Mensch from Frankfort be!

It is said that thirst is worse than homesickness. This is especially true in good weather in front of a beer garden. I now claim that the saying is wrong. A delicious drink can be found anywhere, but our Frankfurt is only available on the Main.

Frankfurt Romans during the Luminale on October 12, 2017 (Photo: Manfred Jonas)

I'm not really thirsty yet. We still have cider on board and can have a sip of Frankfurt at any time. But we have never been to Frankfurt for so long. I see that.

Our communication runs perfectly. We usually have good internet on board and can call home. We do that regularly. Occasionally we even use Skype so that we can see our parents again and not just talk to them.

We have met so many people in the past few months that could never be the case at home. Most sailors are very open people. When we have talked to new acquaintances in the cockpit for two hours, the acquaintance has almost almost become a friendship. It usually takes me months to reach this level at home. Maybe it's because most of the sailors we meet have a similar goal. Occasionally I get the impression that the Atlantic is getting cramped because so many boats want to go to the Caribbean. Perhaps it is also because most sailors have either taken a professional break or are already retired. Without the daily pressure to go to work, it is quite relaxed. Or it is the certainty that you only get on each other's mind for a few days. At some point the wind direction is correct again, the web community dissolves and everyone drives to their next destination. So you are forced to move quickly to a very personal level, otherwise important topics remain unspoken. I really appreciate this aspect of long-distance sailing.

I miss meeting places, friends and habits from Frankfurt. A friendship of many years cannot be replaced by a bridge acquaintance. Instead of going to the Waldstadion home games, we have to make do with the radio broadcast and cheer for the goals alone. As beautiful as it is on the way, we cannot sit anywhere on the banks of the Main. This aspect of long-distance sailing was clear to me beforehand, but I had no idea how intensely it would drill into me.

I don't always feel homesick. When the sails are up and Sissi hisses through the water, nothing is as far away as homesickness. It feels best when we are so far out there that we can only communicate with the satellite phone, without a cell phone network and without the blaring out of the radio. Then I'm deep in the now. Then the universe is limited to the few square meters of sailboat. Then the task is to arrive safely at the next goal. In front of the bow is the prospect of so much new, for which I like to let go of the familiar. In the night I like to switch off the ship's lights for a few minutes and enjoy the freedom to sail into the darkness under an undisturbed starry sky.

But if we are stuck, my thoughts often float home in the cockpit in the evening. It may even be the case that the ability to pick up the phone at any time increases homesickness. I would love to see our Eintracht live again or empty a meal in an apple wine bar. However, this train has left. At the beginning of June.

Frankfurt central station, platform 20, ICE to Amsterdam

In a few years I will go back to the banks of the Main and the forest station. Before that, I will go to the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and the South Pacific, see Australia and much more. This is going to be exciting!

This post appears during our crossing to Lanzarote. It is only about 25,000 nautical miles to Frankfurt.

Finally - the apartment is empty ...

In the past few days it was pretty quiet here on the blog, but hell was going on in my apartment. It all started with the bulky waste day and ended five days later with an empty apartment.

Empty apartment

I couldn't have done it alone. That's why I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents who pulled the wallpaper from the walls in the rooms.

After completing the work, we find that there are no glasses left in the apartment to drink a sip of wine from. But the bottle is also made of glass and it was fun.

Well deserved wine

This was the only way to hand over the apartment to the next tenant last Thursday and secure the return of the deposit.

Bottom up!

Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!

Yesterday my bulky waste ran out of the apartment onto the street alone. Thanks to Antje, Kerstin, Marius, Gregor, Wom, Volker, Barbara, Irene, Manfred, Christoph, Jens, Marco and David. You only got a few beers and helped me so much. THANK YOU!!!!!