Cuddling hangover

On a trip with the rental car, we stop at a lookout point. We want to stretch our legs a bit and take pictures of the beautiful view. After a few moments, Jens discovers that the viewpoint is not uninhabited. A little cat with a collar looks curious.

Jens caresses the cat

The little guy is easy to hug. He starts his engine and grumbles unabashedly. He enjoys the fingers scratching his ears.

Jörg caresses the cat

Our fingers are slowly becoming lame. And we have not yet taken any photos of the beautiful landscape. For this, the cat wants his attention again and again. But he also hums so sweetly.

Jörg caresses the cat

The little guy probably lives nearby and always comes to the viewpoint when he wants to be petted. His can openers never caress him. He must have a can opener because he wears a collar and is not half starved.

And then I manage to detach myself from the cat for a few hundredths of a second and take a photo of the view.

View of the ocean

The palm trees are also worth a photo. We didn't stop because of the hangover, but the little hangover definitely stole the view from the beautiful view. A nice stop, I could have stayed two more hours. No, we didn't accidentally pack the cuddly creature.

Ocean view with palm trees

Marina and the garbage cats

Here in the marina there is a privileged cat and the others. The food bowl and the misery of the cats are somewhat close together.

The shoe store. The cat box at the bottom right of the picture

Marina is quite fat. Marina lives in the shoe store. Marina likes to be petted. Marina likes to eat. Marina is the best fed cat that lives in the Marina Puerto Calero. During the day it has its place on the sales counter of the shoe retailer and is caressed by the customers, even by people like us who do not want to buy shoes at all.

Marina eats

I haven't been to the shoe shop as often as I have here. As long as the shop is open, you can go inside and pet the cat. For the night she has a box in front of the shop.

Marina has finished eating

We have tried to find, feed and pet the cat a few times after the shop closes. But that almost always went wrong, because Marina probably has a few other points of contact where she is fed. Marina is doing pretty well.

At first we thought Marina since that only cat in Lanzarote with a correspondingly large work program. If you let all the islanders feed you, you will inevitably grow around your furry belly. However, one night I was at the garbage cans again at half past two to get rid of a full garbage bag that shouldn't stink on board. On the way there I noticed pointed ears.

Cat in the parking lot overlooking the restaurants

She didn't let herself be tempted. I couldn't even get within 20 paces of her. This cat defines what a shy cat is. I thought. She kept a lookout for the restaurants and lo and behold, just a few minutes later a restaurant employee came with two full garbage bags in hand. Inwardly I clapped my hand on the forehead - of course - leftovers.

No sooner was the person gone than I heard cat noises coming from the garbage cans. There wasn't just this one cat, there were three.

Three cats at the garbage cans

My first thought was to go back on board and get the cat food. The second was to leave it. I didn't want to feed the cats to the garbage cans. Then I got the cat food, after all, the cats are fed with garbage by the restaurant people every day.

However, these cats are so scared, shy and not at all used to people that they were chased away by the jar of cans with the cat food. I feel sorry for you.

Garbage cat

How well are they doing? Lagos Ferry Cats.

Lagos Ferry Cats

There is a cat house on the quay of Lagos. A community of semi-wild cats lives there, which are also regularly fed there. If you drive into the port of Lagos, you will inevitably pass this house and with a little luck you will see the cats sitting on the shore.

The cat house

We bought a pack of cat food a few days ago so that we can always delight a cat on the way. Cats love food and most are bribed. We then tried that out at the Lagos Ferry Cats.

At the cat house there is a kind of instruction manual. I think it's very good that there is a warning against abandoning small kittens. In any case, the big ones seem to feel very comfortable here.

operation manual

To make a long story short: We fed and petted the cats. They were really happy and rewarded us with purring, cuddling and cuddling.

Two out of many ...
... that can really live in a species-appropriate manner. This is much better than I know from animal shelters

Actually, we would have preferred to pack one of the cats and take it on board. While that would not be a good idea, it would cover our cat's needs. So we will probably go there again tomorrow, it is only five minutes from the marina.

After stroking, first straighten the fur

And we were able to fire the action camera with the right action. There is again a cat video in our blog. I could watch it more often ...

Lagos Ferry Cats

karma was right. Cats are cute and I bet this video is going to get a ton of clicks. Meow.

Portuguese sailboat traps

And once again we sat out in a beautiful place. We really liked Peniche. Once again it is important to get rid of the lines and continue sailing. The wind forecast promises a stable north wind of 12 to 15 knots for the whole of October 2. Perfect. The fact that we found a black cat in the evening that could be petted was a good omen.

Black cat with a pet

After a goodbye beer with David, we said goodbye early so that we could start early the next day. Of course the last part of the plan didn't work, we started the machine around noon, since David had been on the road for a long time. What kind of sleepers are we ...

No sooner were we out of the harbor than the right sailing wind was ready. We rolled out the genoa, we don't need the big with the tail wind and the route was definitely too short for the Parasailor. Hanging the wind vane and hanging out on the boat went together. We were pleased that the Portuguese coast was slowly being carried past Sissi.

Sailboat traps
At night they are difficult to see, the Portuguese sailboat traps. It's easy during the day. The fishermen do not leave these traps to catch sailboats, but the danger is great. I am always jittery that we overlook such a flag at night when driving a motor, run over it and then use the fishing gear to wind the rope around our propeller.

Sailboat trap

Such sailboat traps exist in all countries that we have traveled to so far. They seem to me particularly often in Portugal. You can still find them very far out when the water is already 100 meters deep.

We were able to avoid those in Peniche without any problems, and there is no danger to the propeller under sail. So we enjoyed the trip, sat around in the sun and shade and were looking forward to Lisbon. On the AIS we could see that there were two other German sailing boats parallel to us in a distance of three miles, plus a Dane on a parallel course. Regatta feeling did not appear, because the wind was weak and was only between 8 and 10 knots strong. That is just enough to leave our genoa still and to make slow progress with about 3 knots. That's okay, the main thing is to sail. We don't want to hear the engine humming.

Alarm! Man overboard !!!!!!!!!
I was working on the pictures of Peniche when our navigation computer suddenly went into alarm mode. Man overboard. A SART transmitter one of the other sailboats had fired. Crap. And in this calm weather. How can this happen?

Jens immediately started taking care of the wind vane. If we want to come to the rescue there, we have to drive the fastest way to the scene of the accident. The wind vane cannot help us here. I attached myself to the radio to contact the boat to which the transmitter belongs. After a short conversation with the “accident victim” we were able to relax again, because the crew was probably just bored, they tested their transmitters. Unfortunately, not with the test function, but by triggering a real alarm. Even the coast guard has not forgotten that. A few minutes later came a radio message from that boat, the name of which I do not want to write here, that it was only a test. Luckily, a person in the water is the worst thing that can happen to you on a sailboat.

David contacted us a few hours later. He would have seen on AIS that we were just overtaking him. David started two hours ahead of us. Great, I thought to myself, Sissi is a decent regatta yacht. However, the German boats and the Dane pulled away. We couldn't follow them.

We didn't really care. Due to the slow drive we were able to make up for an arrival in daylight anyway. We prefer arriving at night after before midnight, because after midnight you get the first night for free. We are always happy to take this discount with us, darkness looks exactly the same at 11 p.m. as at 1 a.m.

Main drive weakens, stutters and then stops
After the production and consumption of a lasagna that was absolutely vital for Jens, the wind stopped playing for a while. 10 knots became only 8 knots, then 6 knots and we were already considering driving the remaining 20 miles to Oeiras. Sissi kept moving in the swell and the genoa fluttered wildly in the breeze, the forestay trembled and the lines cracked. The feeling is appalling, there are no such blows at 9 Beaufort. Then the wind came again and we could continue sailing. I went to bed.

In any case, we wanted to be in the marina before 6 a.m., because the weather forecast later only promised calm. There was less wind all day than we were promised in the forecast, so the wind stopped blowing completely at 3 in the morning. What does it mean to blow, he stopped blowing.

So Uncle Benz was started, the genoa rolled up and the Watermaker tried again for the last driving hour. We want to have enough drinking water. On the AIS we were able to watch the two German sailing boats try to anchor in front of Cascais. We also had another contact with David, who we left behind and who told us that he was still four hours away from his destination Sesimbra. How lucky we were with the tour planning and the wind.

Almost crash
Now they were back, the sailboat traps. Since the engine was running, we had to look out well in the dark to see if we could drive over such a fishing flag. That went quite well, although more and more lights contaminate the darkness from the countryside. We could already see the lights of the bridge over the Tagus on the horizon.

Traffic lights in red and green are an imposition for every sailor looking for red or green beacons. Street lighting is forbidden, it distracts you from the fishing flags. And then, just before entering the harbor, I see a few tiny LED lights glowing in the dark, right in front of our bow. Another Portuguese specialty - unlit, tiny fishing boats that do their business right in front of the harbor entrance. We passed it a few meters away. The fishermen didn't seem to notice us at all.

Landing approach
Almost exactly at four o'clock in the morning we found a free berth directly opposite the entrance, moored Sissi and approved the obligatory feeder beer.

Marina Oeiras

After I slept in, I completed the registration formalities. We have to change the berth again, then we can stay here for a few days.

Finally: Lisbon!
Lisbon is not just a beautiful city that I know from a visit a few years ago by motorcycle. Lisbon also has a tram, so I will have my photo fun and Jens will have to comply. If necessary, I calm him down with lasagna. Lisbon is also an important stopover, the last major place in Europe and the last city on the mainland that we will visit. After that we want to continue to the Algarve for a few days and then to Madeira.

In the port I met the crew from the Lucky Star, who we met in Leixoes. We are almost half-way through the evening. And I met the crews of the two German sailing boats that we only saw on the AIS yesterday and spoke on the radio. I will still show you their AIS-SART, because I would not have thought that the range of the things is so great.

Today we probably don't go to Lisbon anymore. We still need stable internet because tonight our harmony is playing in Guimaraes. And we need a butcher, a vegetable shop and a supermarket. Our fresh supplies are somewhere near zero. Tomorrow we get up early (haha!) And take the S-Bahn into town. It runs every quarter of an hour and only needs a quarter of an hour. So I put up with it.

(I will write this post after the internet connection has been established. The port WLAN seems to be okay, HR1 is playing over the internet. So it is enough for the livestream of our concord.)

Goodbye Porto, off to Lisbon!

Finally the time has come. The wind forecast is stable and we will leave Porto tomorrow. We want to drive straight through to Lisbon because after the wind there is a calm hole that lasts several days. Somehow the wind either comes from the opposite direction or shines through absence. But tomorrow it will be good, we have good chances of wind to Lisbon.

Before that we take a walk through Palmeira, the district at the marina. We want to see if we can still find a cat.

Street cat in Palmeira

We can see a few shy street cats. They scurry away after a photo. We are too slow for one or the other cat. But we get a few cats in front of the lenses.

Curb cat in Palmeira

A single cat can be petted. She sits in front of a church entrance and enjoys the pats for a few minutes. Then it gets too much for her and she disappears into the church. Therefore we cannot take a clever picture of her, we were too busy caressing.

Wall cat in Palmeira

We are suspiciously observed by this cat on the wall, who is not very happy with it and who immediately went to a safe height when we arrived.

Since it is lucky to be able to pet a cat the day before departure, we now have everything we need for the crossing to Lisbon.


We shouldn't have looked at the statistics about using our blog. What did we think? So someone cuts off the dreadlocks in Vigo and the video of it goes viral? We have no idea of self-marketing in the harsh realms of the Internet.

In any case, in Inverness we met an expert for clicks on the Internet. Then we sailed around in different areas for months and now we have seen this expert again in Leixoes. Karma.

Karma from SY Fairytale visited us and allowed her staff (Lena and Martin) to grill with us. During her visit, we were allowed to take some pictures of her.

Karma on the couch

Karma is incredibly plush and soft. She’s so cute. And she allowed us to use this picture of her in our blog. Since the internet belongs to the cute kittens, we will soon have to invest in new servers.

Karma is also generous. While she gave us tips for better self-portrayal (more cat pictures) of our blog on the Internet, she allowed Martin to draw all of the magic potion out of the cider barrel for us. And she just wanted to drink a few sips of the onboard water. Even the generous range of cheeses from me selflessly turned them down.

Mast control

Karma has kindly agreed to check our mast support for stability.

Now that about 100% of the visitors made jokes about our mast support and called it a cat tree, we now had a visitor who didn't crack jokes, but instead examined the suitability of the so-called cat tree in an unbureaucratic manner. From now on, every visitor can call the mast support “scratching post”, now it is a scratching post.

Karma in the cockpit

What Karma didn't really understand was the enthusiasm of the can opener when she was doing gymnastics on the mast support. She then left the salon in the direction of the cockpit and initially stopped consulting. We thought at first.

Then we quickly realized what she wanted to show us. She suddenly asked for treats from her can opener Lena.

Karma sees that Lena does the right thing with the treats.

At first we admired her patience when Lena didn't do it right and Karma had to wait for her snack. She explained the correct handling with a few gestures of her plush tail. Then we saw the grace and beauty in the posture of the cat and we realized that this would be another 200,000 clicks on the cute cat. The cats rule the Internet.

The treat can now be handed down!

We hope to see this dear, plush, sweet, cute, soft, cuddly, fluffy, tiny, pretty, proud, graceful, graceful, four-legged fur wearer again in Portugal before we part ways in the Algarve at the latest. But we also hope that Karma has finally shed its winter fur. It is amazing where you suddenly find cat hair - even in rooms that the cat has never entered. Cats can do that!

Kitten video

Hopefully the web server won't break down. Otherwise we can no longer upload new cat pictures. Karma.

Thank you for the visit and for bringing Lena and Martin with you.

Day in, day out

Now we have been in Leixeos for so long that I had to ask the harbor master yesterday if we remember the day we arrived. At the moment there is no telling when we will get out of here. The wind is shining because of our absence and we don't want to burn too much diesel. Maybe we will be able to go down on Saturday, otherwise things will look better in the middle or the end of next week.

We did a lot. In addition to painting, we also did other work on the ship. Sissi always gives us new jobs. If we don't do it in a timely manner, we will have a huge backlog of work at some point. We don't want that.

We spent a week here waiting for a package of accessories from Germany. We spent an hour unpacking. After all, four of the jib shackles ordered were in the package. For that we forgot to order a NMEA connection cable, so we cannot put a new electronic toy into operation. The local glider accessories store of course does not have this cable in stock.

Otherwise, Porto is the first major city on our trip where I feel really comfortable again. This city doesn't flood me, in this city I get along with the many tourists. Why is that - I don't know. In any case, the city is worth seeing!

Cat in Leca de Palmeira

We definitely want to meet the cute, cuddly cat that we saw on our way to the supermarket yesterday.

We don't stress. We have time. We don't have to meet deadlines. That's great.

Cats !!!

The internet belongs to cats. Now also with moving pictures. I found a few darlings on the video camera - such as the afternoon fun of Milka and Lieschen (both are somehow related to Sissi).

Lieschen and the Mäuschen

Only the involuntary leading actress had little fun.

Sissi and Lieschen

The internet belongs to cats. At least part of the internet, the good part. I miss the cats. Until a few weeks ago, about nine cats lived with us on the property. The neighbor moved out with the cats and now I am no longer greeted by a fat cat who wants to be petted.

Sissi and Lieschen are watching in the garden

At the latest I would have been on board without the cats. I will now adhere to the old seaman's rule: a new cat in every port!

What is the cat doing on the website?

Sometimes a black cat appears on the home page. The cat is the namesake of the sailing yacht. Shortly after I moved into my current apartment, she was at the door and wanted to go inside. I gave her food and after a few weeks we were best friends. I later learned that it actually belongs to the neighbor two floors below. I didn't force Sissi to move in with me, it was her idea and we had a great time.

Sissi is chilling on the couch

After six years together, Sissi had to be put to sleep on February 24, 2018. She had cancer all over her body. She was the mother of four cats and her offspring are guaranteed to walk through Frankfurt Bonames.