Market shopping and culinary delights

And once again we did it. I was with the authorities, we officially leave Cape Verde on December 31, 2019. We got most of the fresh food at the Mercado Municipal.

Mercado Municipal

The range of goods is large when you go to the market in the morning. The sooner the better. We were at our market early at 10 a.m. The shelves were still full, everything looked fresh and delicious.

Market stall

We carried kilos of fruit and vegetables to the sissi. The goods from the market are fresh and will keep for a while. They come from here and have not been driven around by miles with cooling trucks. The fact that we pay a tourist surcharge does not make the market purchase any worse. The surcharge arrives at the right people.

Disinfection station

After shopping, each piece is washed off with salt water. Jens saw several critters flee that we would not have liked to have on board. Salt water helps against cockroach eggs. Important. Fortunately, there is no shortage of salt water.

After completing the stock we went to one of the small gourmet restaurants to knock the last escudos on the head. Once again it tasted delicious.

Another gourmet temple

Tomorrow we leave. 2000 miles away. Nice that it continues again. The weather forecast is still favorable, we will have very little wind, but enough for the Parasailor. I'm curious!

Dusk and cultural enjoyment

Every photographer knows that shortly before sunset there is usually the most beautiful light. Not glistening white, but lovely yellow when it caresses the hills behind Mindelo. In the marina or in the anchor field next to the marina, we are privileged sailors. We have the most beautiful view.

In the foreground a hotel, in the background the landscape at Mindelo

Dusk lasts only briefly, about 30 minutes. During this time, the place lights up and shows all its colors that appear pale during the day.

The gas station at the port
Fishing boats in big and small

After sunset it gets fresh, then Jens likes to put on a sweater at 25 ° C. We are slowly understanding why fur coats are sold in Portugal and the Canary Islands. There the temperature sometimes drops below 20 ° C. It's hard to believe how the body gets used to this heat. It doesn't feel like heat!

It gets noticeably busier on the streets after dark. When the sun is high in the sky, most of the locals stay behind their walls.

Five more minutes before it gets dark

Lying in front of Mindelo already has its advantages. Every evening there is a cultural event in the hotel next door. It starts after dark, usually around 7:30 p.m. Various artists bring their performances and so around 2:30:45 a.m. the following day is the end of the day. We spend hours in front of our bed rest enjoying the perfect productions and the high quality of the performers.

We definitely have to get out of here before the big New Year's Eve begins. I get scared when I think about a big, loud, long New Year's Eve party. We were spared over the Christmas holidays.

The crux of the matter is that in Mindelo you have to be close to the floating bar if you want internet. Then you are also close to the hotel.

Crazy: Salty and Joint Venture II

The wind is back. It has been blowing over Sao Vicente since midday, providing refreshment and cooling in the streets of Mindelo during the hot hours at noon. Already yesterday there was a lot of activity on many sailing boats in the neighborhood. The boats were washed inside and out, tons of goods from the supermarkets were brought on board. Departure dates were discussed in rows at the jetty.

The wind is getting stronger and steadier hour by hour. He adheres to the weather forecast. Björn, Marieke and Merlin checked out from the marina and sent their last greetings via the WiFi in the floating bar.

The Salty crew has completed all the formalities and is on the way to the boat

We wish each other all the best for the crossing. Then we help to loosen the many lines of the Salty. Before that, of course, there must be a photo.

A certain tension can be seen on the faces before the crossing

But as seriously as the three of them look in the picture above, I didn't want to put it on the blog alone. How will we look?

It starts!

One of the leading lines was stubborn at first. Then we were able to solve them and Salty was free. We have a date in Martinique! We wish you a wonderfully beautiful crossing.

On the way to the Caribbean

Another German boat made its way to the Caribbean today, Joint Venture II. We met the crew in Santa Cruz and were happy to see you here again. They want to go to Barbados, just like we do, but they have to be there on January 16. A crew member has already booked the flight home.

Here, too, there is a big hello on the jetty, many sailors always come to such a farewell. Nobody will stand and wave with us, our new acquaintances and friends are all driving in front of us.

Departure of joint venture II

In the evening we see the joint venture lying on the jetty again. An important part of the wind vane control was broken, not to be repaired at sea. They had to turn three miles behind Mindelo. They were able to get the spare part today, and it will start again tomorrow morning.

Gold, platinum and a lot of work

On the way to Mindelo we broke the game. Middle of the night. We then spent an hour and a half getting the Parasailor out of the water.

The next morning I saw another mess that brought us this promotion:

Unterwant, starboard aft. Slightly broken.

Two wires were broken on the starboard side of the aft lower flange. It was not good, not good at all. You can't go on with it, at least not with a clear conscience. I haven't told Jens or Jakob about it, it's enough if I can't sleep well. Strangely, neither of them noticed. That really gave a big bang at night.

In the situation it was clear to me that we had to go to Cape Verde. Mindelo has the only company within 800 miles that can manufacture new shrouds. It is called boatCV and is conveniently located directly in the marina.

A new game case was bought quickly. At first they did not have the right length of the corresponding rope. The alarm bells rang inside me, but the lady at the counter said that in an hour there would be a new roll of rope. It was like that in the end. The new case was measured and billed. We were able to pull it into the mast with ease using a fishing line.

Spifall with gold threads

Due to the improved durability and tear resistance, thick gold threads are woven into the traps in Cape Verde. Made of 24 carat gold. You have to pay for it as a sailor. If you don't want the gold-plated ropes, you can try it again 2000 miles away in the Caribbean.

The lower shrouds are made of pure platinum for 25%. This also serves to improve stability. The man in the boat shop first wanted to explain to me that before January 15th he had no time for us and the lower shrouds. However, when I told him that we would take care of the old shrouds ourselves and assemble the new ones ourselves, he was down to an hour to act. He then came over in the morning, picked up the broken want and brought the two new ones two hours later. You always have to swap both sides, even if only one side is broken.

Hopefully no pirates are coming now who want to pluck Sissi's precious metal down again. The whole fun cost a total of 100,000$.

View of Sissi from above. You can see a lower ridge lying on the jetty.

When the mast ladder was raised, Jakob climbed to the top and took a few pictures. This is what Sissi looks like from above.

In the gourmet restaurant

We are gourmets. We love good food. And we always want to get to know the food that the local people eat. So we didn't want to go to any pizzeria in Mindelo, we wanted a restaurant that the locals go to.

Gourmet restaurant - only real with dogs in front of the door

When we took our first walk through Mindelo on Christmas Eve, we noticed this restaurant for the first time. It was packed and smelled delicious from the door. So we enjoyed our Christmas Eve dinner in this gourmet temple. Unfortunately we were there shortly before closing time and there was only one meal left. It consisted of chicken thighs, rice and fries and was absolutely delicious.

We visited the restaurant a second time around noon. There was much more going on than shortly before the shop closed. People kept coming in, bringing their own Tupper cans and picking up food for the whole family. We got marinated pork schnitzel with vegetables and rice. Each dish costs only € 3.

In the gourmet temple

We can only recommend this shop. In contrast to the restaurant, where we enjoyed the Christmas dinner together with the Salty, you are served quickly here. In addition, almost only locals go there. Fittingly, the photo above shows two other yachts that seem to have similar eating habits to ours.


Paranoia and Christmas dinner

We are being followed. We already know that. We also track other boats. Virtual, on the Internet - if we have the Internet. Two of our pursuers are Lena and Martin from SY Fairytale. Martin did not like the fact that we only track via marine traffic and are therefore invisible when we travel far out at sea. That's why he built us a tracking system that we can also use on our satellite phone. That is of course already on the Stalking page integrated, I would therefore only like to point out the update at this point.

From now on, so when we leave here in Mindelo, you can all see the new tracking and accompany Sissi on her way across the Atlantic.

Our repairs are progressing. The Parasailor is freed from salt water and repacked. He got a small tear during the campaign, which we patched with sailing tape. We were also able to buy a new case, here in Cape Verde you can weigh the ropes with gold. But it is the only dealer far and wide, so we can buy the rope there or leave it there. We prefer to buy.

The weather looks like we could start on New Year's Eve, possibly a day earlier. We will see that in the next few days when the forecast stabilizes. It is still too early to make a statement.

Fairground with bouncy castle

Yesterday, on December 25th, was a holiday here in Cape Verde. And if there is a holiday here, then there is also a celebration. All shops were closed, we no longer know that from Spain and Portugal. Most of the restaurants were also closed. Nevertheless, I made my way to reserve a table for ourselves and the crew of the SY Salty, who we have met several times. When I was looking for a restaurant, I noticed loud music that even echoed into the marina. The source of the music was quickly found. A fairground had been set up for the children. In addition to the bouncy castle, this included a bumper car. The line at the entrance was long.

Bumper cars - CO2-free

All children had a lot of fun! It doesn't always have to crackle and stink, sometimes brisk music and muscle strength are enough.

In the evening we went to the only open restaurant that I found. We were immediately brought to our table and given the menu. Then nothing happened for an hour. After an hour the waiter came and took the orders. Then nothing happened again for an hour. Then our food came. The ordered drinks came half an hour later. We could finally toast to Christmas and the crossing. The waiter came back an hour after the end of the meal and cleared the table. We then ordered a second drink for the bill. That came quickly - together with the bill after only half an hour. Fortunately we had enough cash with us, otherwise we would have had to wait an hour or two for the guy with the credit card reader. It was a nice evening anyway. Warning: If you want to go to the Nautilus restaurant, you shouldn't be too hungry and have to bring a lot of time. However, the food tasted very good.

Christmas dinner of the SY Salty and SY Sissi