Surf in Oeiras

The waves that roll into the Tagus from the Atlantic are impressive. They break on the harbor wall and spray over it in a wide arc. Unfortunately I could not take a decent photo of it at night. During the day it was not quite as impressive, but the view over the breaking wave to Lisbon is impressive.

View of Lisbon

A few meters further you will find the surfers. Dozens are waiting in the water for their personal perfect wave.

Surfers are waiting for the perfect wave

Sometimes they are in the right place, sometimes the wave breaks in a completely different place. If you want to surf, you have to be patient.

Immense energy discharges

If you look at the energy that is released in such a wave, you realize that surfers also have to be quite brave. I wouldn't dare to go in there.

Surfers have fun

When the wave is there, the surfers have to quickly climb onto their boards. Such a wave is missed very quickly. It's all very, very tiring. At least that's what surfers look like when they leave the water after a wild ride.

Wild ride on the wave

An impressive sport, it is exciting to watch here. Jens and I sat on the beach for at least an hour to watch the spectacle.

By the way, in the S-Bahn in Lisbon there are specially designated compartments for the surfboards. Just as we have bicycle pictograms on some doors, there are also pictograms for surfboards.

As beautiful as these waves are for surfers, they are dangerous for sailors. We saw a sailor who took three attempts in the swell of the Atlantic to enter the port of Oeiras. A strong tidal current and the big waves make this a lottery game at some times of the day.