Boca Catalina

In contrast to the drone, the acquisition of the underwater camera was a good investment. On the one hand you can take pictures of the underside of the boat, on the other hand you can take nice pictures of the underwater world while snorkeling.


Actually, the thing is just annoying. The box takes up an incredible amount of space. The battery is dead. And for certain countries it only causes problems when entering the country. In Cuba it brings trouble. We're talking about the drone.

Often undesirable

We bought them in Spain on a whim, found them bad and only used them two or three times. Then we transported it halfway around the world. It's over now. Never again have to declare the drone upon arrival.

Iguana Iguana - the film

Now he's done. The little film about the Iguanas. Above all, I wanted to dare to edit video with this film. It has not turned out as I expected it to be, but it is classes better than all previous attempts.

It is fascinating to watch the little dragons eat. Or when fighting. Or during sex. I filmed in a huge open-air terrarium without fences.

Um If you have a tip for a usable Linux video editing program, please let me know. Thank you. Anyway, Lightworks keeps crashing.

In another country at a different time

It's not easy to spend these days so that you don't get stupid in your head. The daily walk to the supermarket is one of the highlights of the day. Although the marina shower, the staff shower of the adjacent hotel, has a very bad quality of stay, a visit there is another highlight. Yesterday I spent five hours at the stove and conjured up a dinner for the Chapo and us. All the time I have tortured Jens with kitchen smells. The event was a roast beef tenderly pink on crunchy carrots with a huge mountain of crispy potato pancakes refined with a little Parmesan. The roast was admittedly more pink than tender, but everyone enjoyed it. We have been cooking each other for the past few days.

The positive thing about the situation is that we come to things that we have left behind for months. In Lisbon we have made many videos, cut and published nothing so far. While I was standing at the stove, Jens was doing video editing. And now we have a little video of Lisbon with - uh - a small amount of trams. The tram there is, in my opinion, a rolling monument.

On the other side of the Atlantic, half a dozen cruise ships loaded with tourists in front of the city, open bars and restaurants, crowds of people roll through the city center, clump in front of the elevator to the upper city or spring from fully occupied trams. I watched the video two or three times. Not because of the great shots with the shaky handheld camera. Not because of the fantastic film music (Gema-free). Not because I have nothing else to do. I enjoyed life on the streets.

Is the scene at 3 min 46 seconds to be understood as a view of the future? What does life look like in public in half a year or a year?

Video of our crossing is ready!

After working on Sissi, we put a little work into the blog. In the hot midday hours, it is not too bad in the shade in front of the computer. This video is an attempt to give the most realistic possible impression of a multi-day sailing trip. So we finally made a sailing video.

Surf in moving pictures

In addition to the photos, some exciting video snippets of the surfers and the impressive waves were created in Oeiras. We cut that together last night and don't want to withhold it from you.

Surfers on Oeiras beach


We shouldn't have looked at the statistics about using our blog. What did we think? So someone cuts off the dreadlocks in Vigo and the video of it goes viral? We have no idea of self-marketing in the harsh realms of the Internet.

In any case, in Inverness we met an expert for clicks on the Internet. Then we sailed around in different areas for months and now we have seen this expert again in Leixoes. Karma.

Karma from SY Fairytale visited us and allowed her staff (Lena and Martin) to grill with us. During her visit, we were allowed to take some pictures of her.

Karma on the couch

Karma is incredibly plush and soft. She’s so cute. And she allowed us to use this picture of her in our blog. Since the internet belongs to the cute kittens, we will soon have to invest in new servers.

Karma is also generous. While she gave us tips for better self-portrayal (more cat pictures) of our blog on the Internet, she allowed Martin to draw all of the magic potion out of the cider barrel for us. And she just wanted to drink a few sips of the onboard water. Even the generous range of cheeses from me selflessly turned them down.

Mast control

Karma has kindly agreed to check our mast support for stability.

Now that about 100% of the visitors made jokes about our mast support and called it a cat tree, we now had a visitor who didn't crack jokes, but instead examined the suitability of the so-called cat tree in an unbureaucratic manner. From now on, every visitor can call the mast support “scratching post”, now it is a scratching post.

Karma in the cockpit

What Karma didn't really understand was the enthusiasm of the can opener when she was doing gymnastics on the mast support. She then left the salon in the direction of the cockpit and initially stopped consulting. We thought at first.

Then we quickly realized what she wanted to show us. She suddenly asked for treats from her can opener Lena.

Karma sees that Lena does the right thing with the treats.

At first we admired her patience when Lena didn't do it right and Karma had to wait for her snack. She explained the correct handling with a few gestures of her plush tail. Then we saw the grace and beauty in the posture of the cat and we realized that this would be another 200,000 clicks on the cute cat. The cats rule the Internet.

The treat can now be handed down!

We hope to see this dear, plush, sweet, cute, soft, cuddly, fluffy, tiny, pretty, proud, graceful, graceful, four-legged fur wearer again in Portugal before we part ways in the Algarve at the latest. But we also hope that Karma has finally shed its winter fur. It is amazing where you suddenly find cat hair - even in rooms that the cat has never entered. Cats can do that!

Kitten video

Hopefully the web server won't break down. Otherwise we can no longer upload new cat pictures. Karma.

Thank you for the visit and for bringing Lena and Martin with you.

Nice memories of Douglas

We are still in Porto and are waiting for the right wind. We are actually waiting for any wind that will start to take us south. The current forecasts speak of hours of motor driving.

We are on schedule with the work on the boat. We took a good look at the city of Porto. We want to continue. And we save our diesel for later.

So we rummaged in our video material and found uncut material from the Isle of Man. Jens had a lot of fun editing the tram video. I’ll make him a buffer kisser.

Of all the places we've seen so far, the Isle of Man has been the most pleasant surprise. It was not the last time I was there.

In deep grief

We suffered and tortured ourselves. The sun burned hot in Galicia. Sweat ran down our t-shirts. Decisions had to be made. What should we do? What could we sacrifice, what could we do without.

Can we dare to do the unspeakable? Is the risk accepted? Can we accept the drastic change in our lives without complaining? Is the decision correct? Is the timing right? Humidity? The wind force and the tide? Should it really be that far now? What are the alternatives?

A sailor's life is full of decisions that cannot be changed afterwards, for which correction is no longer possible. Once the ship is lying on the rocks, any rescue is often too late. How nice it would have been if you hadn't steered the course up the rock beforehand. Do we steer Sissi into the reef this way? Will we soon be on the ground? Do the sails tear us apart? Do the food spoil? Will we soon have a fishing net in the screw? All of these questions need to be considered. This is the only way we can avoid driving on the rocks.

And so it is now. The decisions were made. The consequences are visible. We have gained an experience.

We have witnessed an event that has not yet taken place in this form in this millennium. We do not want to unduly exaggerate this event, but no other words can be considered here. It was a big event.

We are sad. We have lost it. They're gone.

We have to get used to it. But a light shines on the horizon. It gets lighter every day. It will glow unfiltered on the day when I no longer pull the braid out from under the camera strap.

The swinging oven - episode 3

Another cooking video? Yes, it has to be. Cooking at 6-7 Bft on a downwind course is a completely different number than the upwind course between Guernsey and Roscoff. We also did it a little differently this time. When Sissi rolls in the waves, eating the food is also a challenge. Wet tea towels were used as anti-slip mats, and it works just fine. In addition, the towels are easily washable if something comes off your plate.

Cooking somewhere between Spain and Portugal