Never complain about the weather again

I'll never grumble about the weather again. No matter what the weather is in Germany. I will enjoy it. The weather in Aruba is getting on my nerves more and more. Once again, a larger tropical storm is on the way in the neighborhood, which is hitting the coast in Nicaragua at the time this article is written. As a result, there has been no wind here for a few days. In addition, temperatures of over 30 ° C and a humidity of 75%. The way to the supermarket becomes a feat of strength. After a few steps, the now wet clothing sticks to the skin. The alternative is no funnier, because when the rain clouds pour out when there is no wind, a lot of water falls in a short time. Also for the coming weekend there is no wind forecast from Friday to Tuesday.

Heavy rain again

Yesterday I really worried about the weather again. I met Paul in a really nice jazz bar. Paul also feeds the donkeys and asked me a few days ago if I would know this bar. I didn't know her, but I will visit her again. The jazz is not too crazy. But before leaving the boat I forgot to close the hatches in the roof. So my mattress was nice and damp, because in my absence another heavy rain event took place in the harbor, of which I did not notice anything in the bar fifteen minutes walk away. I think I'll have dried the mattress again by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

If the wind blows at the usual strength from the usual direction at some point, one of my constructions in the Donkey Sanctuary comes into its own: the universal soap dispenser holder. A construction against the little annoyance in everyday life. When the bottles of liquid soap are almost empty, they are too light and the wind blows them around. Anneke expressed herself quite annoyed with me. In the past, a wooden soap dispenser holder was built before, then the shape of the bottles changed and they no longer fit.

Universal soap dispenser holder

Unfortunately, I ran out of paint while painting. Otherwise the construction is reasonably simple and has the advantage that it works.

As beautiful as the peacocks are to look at, they are sometimes annoying. They annoy the cats too. This, too, is part of the little annoyance in everyday life that can be quickly eliminated with a little imagination. The peacocks like the cat food and drive the cats out of their food crate. When the peacocks aren't picking up the cat food, the chickens are doing the job.

Peacock-proof cat feeding crate. How do I get to cat food now?

With eight screws and two cords I have made the entrance to the feeding box so small that the big birds can no longer fit in. Nothing changes for the cats, they can get their food easily.

Sweety at rest while eating

A few days ago I was invited to Juliette's barbecue. I also know her from the Donkey Sanctuary, she also feeds the donkeys. I've been in Aruba longer than Juliette, who was only able to move from the Netherlands to Aruba after the first Corona wave. It turned out to be a wonderful evening, but the main characters had nothing to do with the barbecue. They are still so small that they do not beg for food at the table. In contrast to the surrogate mom.

Eight little puppies

Juliette's neighbors recently found a litter of abandoned puppies. As the owner of two dogs, she accepted the challenge and was able to raise them all. Now Juliette's adult bitch suddenly even offers milk for the puppies. There are not only cute donkeys and cats. The dogs are to be placed in the USA shortly.

It didn't rain that barbecue evening. The hatches were closed. I will never complain about the German weather again.


It looks like rain.

This morning I woke up at five o'clock and couldn't get any sleep. It took me some time to find out that I was lying on deck bathed in sweat because there was no more breeze. It's now seven o'clock, I've had my coffee and the fan is working in the cockpit. It looks like rain. Hopefully the wind will come up again soon. As I write these lines and sit below deck, the sweat drips from my chin onto the towel I put in front of my keyboard.

Sweaty work at the computer

When there is no wind, you can see particularly well that the crusader, who has been here at the terminal for a few days, always has a machine running. A lot of soot is produced in the process.

Crusaders soot off Oranjestad

The total number of Covid-19 sufferers has now cracked the 1000 mark. It is encouraging that the number of new cases has continued to decline in the last few days - from yesterday to today only 19 were added. 905 are still active, 11 people are in the hospital, two in the intensive care unit and one of them is ventilated.

Oh joy! With the onset of rain, the wind comes back. What a relief. And I thought about getting my shoes off the jetty and into the dry.

Weather forecast

We're currently celebrating the opening of the season in Aruba. This is not about the tourist season, but about the hurricane season. We have weathered the first tropical storms or are in the process of surviving. I sweat at 35 ° C in the shade below deck, the fan gives me at least some relief. The neighbors on the American boats are either diving or sitting in the air-conditioned interior. The fact is that the storms do not come to Aruba, but they have a massive impact on the weather here.

Train tracks of the hurricanes, the red dot is Aruba

They usually stay above the open water and only turn northeast just before Florida. Sometimes they hit the coast. If they move across the country for a longer time, they will quickly run out of breath. But they don't turn on the turn signal and turn to Aruba.

There was a bit of excitement among my American neighbors these days, but I also received news from Germany about an emerging cyclone. Since then, I update the weather data on my smartphone regularly.

Weather forecast for July 25-27. The storm runs through the north.

The consequences for us in Aruba were somewhat dramatic. Shortly after this really small tropical storm passed us, Aruba was flooded by hours of heavy rains. I hadn't counted on the hatch over my mattress being open. I spent the afternoon drying my mattress.

To this day, I wasn't even aware that there were rain jackets in Aruba. Despite the rain, the boats to Flamingo Island were busy. However, there were not many passengers.

I think the donkeys in the Donkey Sanctuary look sad when it rains. Perhaps it is also because of the sadness that arises when the floods pour over the bare floor.

Rain with the donkeys

With so much rain it can happen that a cactus is washed down and falls over. My first thought was that this cactus is exactly on the path that visitors always take. I didn't like to put it away either.

Lying cactus

In the end it didn't turn out to be a really big problem, because the donkeys like to eat cacti for their life and do everything to overturn one of them. Then gently remove the spines and enjoy the meat afterwards. That already amazed me.


After a few hours it was easy to push the leftovers aside. The following day the cactus was eaten.

Today I'm sitting in the doldrums because of the following tropical storm. This did not bring rain, it moved much further north. The doldrums started sometime tonight, I woke up in the middle of sweating.

I listen to Hessian radio on the Internet and they talk about 37 ° C at the weekend. That would even exceed the temperatures in Aruba.

Good wood

A contribution that has nothing to do with federal bowling alleys. As far as I know, there is not a single bowling alley in Aruba. It's all about wood.


The weather has changed for the first time since I arrived in Aruba. It feels like a rainy season has started. There has been a kind of daily rain shower for a few days now. It then takes between a minute and a quarter of an hour. This is annoying because I can no longer leave Sissi's windows open when I'm not on board. At night it rains reliably on my bed and wakes me up.

In the country of the donkeys, there was a special order to be completed last week. There are two tiny “vacation homes” there, one of which will soon be revitalized. On the beautiful terrace, on which the wind blows incessantly, there is already a table that is supposed to have six chairs.

When Desiree (the manager of the Donkey Sanctuary) shows me the wood and the chair that I am supposed to copy, I start to laugh inside. Apparently a local volunteer tried to copy the chair in front of me, but after a few parts lost interest. Apart from Jutta and me, there are no alien helpers for the donkeys at the moment.

Wood cutting

I find out that they even have 230V power in the Donkey Sanctuary, so I can use my jigsaw from on board here. After two days I can put the saw down. The individual parts for six chairs are ready.

A chair wants to be screwed together

It takes three hours to assemble the first chair. I show him to Desiree. She doesn't like him. She is absolutely right, I have to unscrew it again. The boards for the seat are two centimeters too long, which is why the backrest is uncomfortably steep. The second time the chair is screwed together in less than an hour.

The first chair is ready. Here with a steep backrest.

Now I am facing the problem of series production. Because I have prepared the individual parts for six chairs, I have to shorten the seating area everywhere. The error was, so to speak, in series. Sawing off is easier than lengthening. I only need half an hour for the second chair. With the help of a tiny and invisible structural improvement, assembly is now child's play.

Two are done.

In any case, building a chair with a donkey is a welcome change from everyday life. In between, Desiree is always happy when I can provide your IT support. Sometimes it is the router that of course resumes work after a restart, sometimes it cannot send emails from its smartphone and finally its email account was hacked and spam was sent from there.

All six

In the meantime, three chairs have been painted white. The other three are to follow. In addition, they will probably be decorated creatively afterwards. The other chairs are anyway.

Painted colourfully

In any case, the number of chairs far exceeds the number of visitors. According to Desiree, 90% visitors were tourists. The borders have been open again for most countries for a few days, at least many tourists are not yet to be seen.

Gotta scratch my back

A visit is definitely worthwhile. As long as you don't make the mistake of walking across the grounds with an openly visible carrot. Then they all come and want to nibble.

Brutal lull

Today DFB Cup was semi-final. Unfortunately, our concord was beaten after a terrific game against Bayern. Together with Charly I saw the game on Sissi.

After the 1-0 heavy rain started, more water fell from the sky than in the last three months. After the final whistle, the wind fell asleep or turned completely.

At the moment I am sitting in the cockpit and hope for wind. The rain has brought the temperature down to 28 ° C, but it is incredibly hot due to the calm.

Usually you can't smell the waste incineration that takes place a few kilometers south of us. Now the haze of burnt car tires lies over Oranjestad, is deep in the salon and will probably accompany me through the night. Hopefully they'll fix the wind soon.

Without wind it is pretty unbearable. This calm is really brutal.


Today I have a sunset for you. No more and no less. The time-lapse shows you almost two hours in two minutes. Enjoy the pure kitsch!

Energy problems

Nobody really explains the tropical climate beforehand. Sure, it is warm there in winter, so people go there on vacation and afterwards tell everyone how great it was. “We were in Martinique. The Atlantic had the right bathing temperature. We saw turtles. It was at least 28 ° C every day. The air conditioning in the hotel was a bit cold, and we caught a cold. ” Or something like that.

On-board thermometer this afternoon

I don't want to complain too much, but Jens and I look at the weather forecast for Germany every day in the daily topics so that we can make our weather more enjoyable again. I just want to complain.

When the sun is a little higher in the morning from 9 a.m., Sissi immediately turns into a sauna. The roof hatches must remain closed at night, because it rains in the Caribbean all the time and with great intensity. The humidity is around 80% - depending on the temperature. In the photo it is only at 74%, but that doesn't make life much more pleasant. From 11 a.m. you can actually no longer move. Only a few people are still on the road, most of them are somewhere in the shade.

In the afternoon, life returns to the streets around 3:30 p.m. Slow, because it's still over 30 ° C. Just the thought of going for the water bottle leads to sweating and exhaustion. The thought of whatever kind of movement exhausts immediately. And then a heavy rain event can occur again within a few minutes.


The sky darkens and within seconds the water falls from the sky. It never takes long, but it leads to frustration and lack of energy.

So we rest. We enjoy our rest. As nice as it is to have visitors, it is also nice when the normal state is restored and life runs in the normal way.

In addition, we calmly prepare for the next two stages. Here in Martinique, the supply options are excellent and after every visit to the supermarket, we still have ideas about what we could also store. We have carried out an inventory of our canned goods, which has sometimes led to surprising results. In addition, we only have a shockingly small amount of some ingredients on board - we still have to change that.


An important result of the inventory is that we have far too few tomatoes that are passed through for the expected pasta requirement. Another result is that we can eat nice haggis again here in Martinique. There are still four cans in our stocks!

We also have energy problems with the drive. To reach our next destination Cuba, we need a good weather forecast for a few days. The earliest we will be able to leave here on Friday, before that there is quite a lull.

For this we were woken up at 5:30 this morning. A truck full of loudspeakers drove up to the carnival pajama party and filled the entire bank with sound. The bass boomed, our mast tip wobbled in time. Another loud parade in a never-ending sequence of noisy music that has been driving through the town for days. Today we expect another party, then the carnival will be buried. What luck!

Addendum: Since I complained about the weather an hour ago, it hasn't stopped raining.

F * cking rain

Lanzarote is in the pass zone,
which leads to the island
fresh winds all year round
blow from north to northeast.
Lanzarote has a mild and year-round
Low-precipitation arid climate, as the
Trade winds on the relatively flat island
usually do not rain.
(Source: Wikipedia)

We just walked two piers and had to change our T-shirts because they were raining through. We had already showered. It only rains on Lanzarote if you have painted the deck of the ship with fresh new anti-slip paint in the afternoon.

It rains when you are invited to dinner with friends on another ship. It rains when you forget to close one of the roof hatches. It rains when the shoes are on the dock.

With 112 millimeters of precipitation
Lanzarote is the driest per year
the Canary Islands.
85 percent of the precipitation falls off
January to March. The relative humidity
is 70 percent on average.
In the mountainous north you can use up to
300 millimeters a year significantly more
Rainfall is lower than in the south.
(Source: Wikipedia)

It's raining in Playa Blanca. You cannot be further south on Lanzarote. Wikipedia is crap. I have no idea how we can get the inside of Sissi dry again in the next few days. Of course the wind turns and of course it rains directly into the salon through the open companionway.

Our major case is just hitting the mast, the wind has turned. None of us are motivated to go back on deck after changing the T-shirts to stop the noise. It's raining.

Rain in Rubicon

The following morning, rain showers whip through the marina. The rain brings sand, which spreads smoothly in every crevice on deck. Great.

Perfect wind

It's that time again. We want to go. Today is a special day because we are leaving continental Europe. A special mood. Thrill and yet normalcy. Sissi is ready, we checked everything. The rig has been checked, the engine too, the supply loads are bending and the fresh water tank is also full. What else can go wrong?

Weather forecast for today

Of course, everything can go wrong. But we are confident. Not only for today, but also for the next few days beautiful wind is predicted from the right direction. We expect between 15 and 25 knots of wind from the north, so we can comfortably drive in front of the wind - our favorite direction. We expect to see land again sometime during Sunday. The Canary Islands.

We weren't there yet. As a flight denier, I never wanted to go there. It has been cold and rainy here in Lagos in the past few days. I even got the winter blanket out of its sink again tonight. That will change, because the Canary Islands are said to have “eternal spring”. Let's see how it feels.


We have five days without internet. Five days of continuous operation of the ship. Alternately sleep and be awake for five days. Five days of wind, waves, movement in the ship, noise from the rigging and creaking of the interior. A little foretaste of the Atlantic crossing in the coming month and yet a big step on our journey.

The wind forecast is pretty stable for the coming days. We have been observing this for some time now and are seeing thick, fat low-pressure areas on the North Atlantic that are moving towards Northern Europe. our wind blows on the back. Our perfect wind.


Now we take another shower, this is the last warm shower to the Canary Islands. Then departure. We're going to the sunset again.


It is still very crowded in the Canary Islands. We could not reserve a berth in any marina and hope to be able to tie Sissi somewhere near a shower. The ARC has not yet started, there are still several hundred boats in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria that want to cross the Atlantic towards the end of the month. But we cannot and do not want to miss the good wind. We won't get such a perfect wind in the foreseeable future.

Why am I raving about the forecast? Because, exceptionally, we are in the right place at the right time. Because the forecast is exceptionally so incredibly stable. And because I'm fed up with Lagos.

Ferry Cat

Only we are not fed up with the cute cats. We would like to wrap up a few more if it were feasible.

Let's go to new shores!

Cloudy view

We don't hide anything. We report live from our sailing trip. We do everything we can to create envy at your home in Germany. And now that. It pours from buckets.

Rain in Lagos

We already had a lot of rain in Sines. Since he came at night, however, surprised us a little and caused a lot of wetness in the ship. Now we have rain in Lagos again. Is Wikipedia right? Portugal is said to be the rainiest time from October to March. That is obviously true. It is raining and not too scarce.

We are a little unmotivated and have not left Sissi today. Instead, we have cleaned up, cleaned thoroughly and are now polishing the blog or Instagram account.

Liquid sunshine

Yesterday we first heard the Eintracht game against Leverkusen on the radio. In the 3-0 home win we were able to distribute our goal celebrations in the marina often enough. Afterwards we, the Sissis, had a nice evening with the Gentoos (Danny, Marc and Mathilda), the Daphnes (Uta and Michael) and the Zora (Susanne) on the Gentoo. A nice round. The cockpit of the Gentoo was almost closed due to overcrowding.

The evening almost roars after a repetition, but there are no repetitions in life. Tomorrow the Gentoos start towards the Canary Islands, the Daphnes want to go to Madeira beforehand and we are looking for a nice anchor bay. In addition, the rain should be through tomorrow.