Crossing to Barbados Day 10 - Special message !!! N15 ° 47 ′ W41 ° 07 ′

We got our very first fish at the mentioned position at 3:15 p.m. A mahi mahi. We were just sitting down to play skat when the whole fishing line rolled off the drum. It was over with the Skat, Jens fought with the fish for half an hour. Then he took him on board with Jakob. Then the fish was slaughtered, scaled, except ... It's a down-to-earth life on board a sailing yacht.

We dedicate this fish to Rob from SY Grace, who gave us the tip about the right bait, and we dedicate it to my former colleagues at DENIC eG, whose parting gift became our fishing equipment. We dedicate it to everyone who likes to eat fresh fish. After several thousand nautical miles without a catch, I didn't want to believe in it anymore.

Mahi mahi

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