Crossing to Barbados Day 2 - Onion Bread and Fatigue

Our first full day at sea begins sleepily, as is customary with people all over the world on January 1st of each year. However, we are not overslept because we would have killed the lights with alcohol, but because the first night at sea is usually cruel. The Atlantic lets Sissi roll, we roll in the beds and have not yet got used to it again. That's why we all didn't get enough sleep.

Everything starts accordingly slowly. We have to make a new bread, the onion bread is eaten. We are currently making a new bread every day. We make a new onion bread every day. That has to stop, otherwise we won't have enough onions or enough flour to bake ourselves across the Atlantic. But I make another batter and I put one on top. I pour a pack of bacon (diced very small) into the bread dough. A bread with onions and bacon. My next bread project will be jam bread. Or I bake a liver sausage sandwich.

Then we make a chili con carne. We have to eat, we are all hungry. The smell of the roasting onions for the onion bacon bread makes us hungry. I would have liked to have a dike made of rice around my chili, but Jens brutally stirs the rice into the chili pot. He's too lazy to serve. He will pay for this in the next lasagna. Then I stir noodles into the Bolognese sauce and call it “lasagna for the lazy”.

The second night at sea is better. On the one hand we are more used to rocking again, on the other hand the rocking has also slacked off. All along we have been trying to escape a lull towards the southwest, but downloading the new forecast we can see that the lull has vanished into thin air. All the better. The jibe is done quickly and now we are walking more or less straight west, straight to Barbados. We explain to Jakob how to use the radar device so that he can look for squalls on his watch during the night.

We don't see anything or anyone. There are no other ships here. Only the endlessly wide Atlantic is at the door of our floating motorhome with the best view.

2nd Etmal: 103 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 42 W27 ° 40
1860 nautical miles to Barbados, 195 miles behind us.

Atlantic outlook

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  1. Moin Sissi,

    Happy new year and good crossing, I hope you can finally receive the “Holy Grail” in the Caribbean. 🙂 What I found by chance (I don't know if this is something for you): on Mustique Island. You can only get to the islet if you have a sailing boat. Otherwise the island seems to be inhabited by Chorephaea (Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, etc.), if you are lucky and feel like it, they are there in the bar every now and then and apparently sometimes make music. If you're ever in the area, maybe it's worth an adventure and you're actually in luck ...

    Have a good trip and best regards!

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