Surprise bus

On a beautiful day in Barbados, Jens and Jörg want to go snorkeling. I don't feel like it, neither does Burti. We want to go ashore and go on an excursion.

We also have no desire to follow the hordes of tourists. We want to do an individual tour that no travel guide has. So we go to the next bus station and get on the next bus. We don't know where the bus will go. We also don't know how long it will take. The locals we meet in the queue want to know our destination. We don't know it. People think we're completely screwed up. A yellow bus pulls up, labeled “Sam Lords Castle”. We get in and off we go. The bus takes us an hour and a half across the island, continuing through suburbs of Bridgetown, past the airport and then another half an hour. At the terminus we are thrown out in the middle of the pampas.

last stop

First of all, there isn't much to see here. Did we take the wrong bus? The sun is burning from the sky, there is not much shade. Only at the intersection where we left the bus are a few trees around.

View to the northwest - a school
View to the northeast - a billiard bar
View to the southeast - to the sea
View to the southwest - it goes towards Bridgetown

We decide to first walk past the bar and then a bit along the street. The bar has died out, but we now know that we will get cold drinks on the way back.

Scattered houses in the vast landscape

We turn on a small side street and run towards the sea. We want to try to get to the beach. We don't have much hope, there is no signposted way to the beach and the paved path soon turns into gravel and later into a tractor lane. A few puddles testify to rain showers that must have just come down recently.

On the way to the beach

The road becomes more difficult, the sun burns hotter and we don't want to go too far anymore. Our clothes are sweaty and the water we have taken with us is running out.

Apparently the idea of the surprise bus wasn't that good. We should have gone snorkeling. Or just spend the day drinking rum with the locals. Or stay on board and cultivate doing nothing. But then we go around a corner and the most beautiful Caribbean bay that we could have ever imagined emerges from nowhere.

Rocks frame the small bay
Perfect Caribbean Bay

We climb down a steep, half-ruined staircase to the beach and run to the sea. Everything is a little unreal.


There is a certain feeling of jungle between the palm trees. There are no empty beverage cans lying around here, no rubbish and no dirt. Only a few coconuts rot on the ground, eaten empty by animals.

Jungle feeling

It is lonely, except for us there are no people here. There is peace and quiet. The waves break, the water glows in the most beautiful shades of blue. Wonderful.

Pristine beach

We run through the sand with bare feet, the waves wash around our lower legs. We could spend hours here. It is too dangerous to bathe. We can relax well here. The joy is great.

Burti on the water

This is how you imagine the Caribbean when you see the brochures of the tour operators. Cruise tourists do not see such pictures. There is nothing here, not even a rum seller.

Burti in a tropical paradise
Jörg in a tropical paradise

On the way back to the bus stop we stop in the very best mood in the small stall opposite the billiard bar. There is cold cola and cold beer. In addition, reggae music comes from a boom box. The locals put chairs in the shade for us so that we can get a cooling draft.

Kiosk and bar

Although people don't speak a word of German, they can recognize our language by the hissing sounds. We start talking. It will be a nice afternoon. One of the locals weighs small portions of marijuana ready for sale, another sells them on the street. A third packs home-grown tobacco into portions ready for sale. People keep coming in to buy their smoke here. Everything is very relaxed, even we pale faces are accepted. Let's sit with the locals and have a good time.

On the way back to Bridgetown we take a reggae bus. The radio is playing loudly, the windows are open. We inhale the scent of the island again and hope that Jens and Jörg had an equally nice day.

Reggae bus

The bus driver drives us relaxed in his yellow bus across the island and through the traffic jam in Bridgetown.

DISCLAIMER: Barbados is prohibited in all public transport, taxis, bars, restaurants and under roofs.

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