Paranoia and Christmas dinner

We are being followed. We already know that. We also track other boats. Virtual, on the Internet - if we have the Internet. Two of our pursuers are Lena and Martin from SY Fairytale. Martin did not like the fact that we only track via marine traffic and are therefore invisible when we travel far out at sea. That's why he built us a tracking system that we can also use on our satellite phone. That is of course already on the Stalking page integrated, I would therefore only like to point out the update at this point.

From now on, so when we leave here in Mindelo, you can all see the new tracking and accompany Sissi on her way across the Atlantic.

Our repairs are progressing. The Parasailor is freed from salt water and repacked. He got a small tear during the campaign, which we patched with sailing tape. We were also able to buy a new case, here in Cape Verde you can weigh the ropes with gold. But it is the only dealer far and wide, so we can buy the rope there or leave it there. We prefer to buy.

The weather looks like we could start on New Year's Eve, possibly a day earlier. We will see that in the next few days when the forecast stabilizes. It is still too early to make a statement.

Fairground with bouncy castle

Yesterday, on December 25th, was a holiday here in Cape Verde. And if there is a holiday here, then there is also a celebration. All shops were closed, we no longer know that from Spain and Portugal. Most of the restaurants were also closed. Nevertheless, I made my way to reserve a table for ourselves and the crew of the SY Salty, who we have met several times. When I was looking for a restaurant, I noticed loud music that even echoed into the marina. The source of the music was quickly found. A fairground had been set up for the children. In addition to the bouncy castle, this included a bumper car. The line at the entrance was long.

Bumper cars - CO2-free

All children had a lot of fun! It doesn't always have to crackle and stink, sometimes brisk music and muscle strength are enough.

In the evening we went to the only open restaurant that I found. We were immediately brought to our table and given the menu. Then nothing happened for an hour. After an hour the waiter came and took the orders. Then nothing happened again for an hour. Then our food came. The ordered drinks came half an hour later. We could finally toast to Christmas and the crossing. The waiter came back an hour after the end of the meal and cleared the table. We then ordered a second drink for the bill. That came quickly - together with the bill after only half an hour. Fortunately we had enough cash with us, otherwise we would have had to wait an hour or two for the guy with the credit card reader. It was a nice evening anyway. Warning: If you want to go to the Nautilus restaurant, you shouldn't be too hungry and have to bring a lot of time. However, the food tasted very good.

Christmas dinner of the SY Salty and SY Sissi

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