After a hot ride along the east coast of Ireland we landed in Wicklow. We started late because of the strong tide on the coast. In principle, you can use the current for six hours, then you sail on the spot in a headwind. Especially with Sissi, who has a ... turning angle.

Our way to Wicklow - this time imported from Marinetraffic, I can't trace it.

In the morning I returned the marina key in Dublin and had a short chat with the bartender of the yacht club. He wanted to know what our goal is. That's what I called him Arklow, which is about 30 miles south of Dublin. The barman then spoke of "smooth sea" and "favorable wind". We started cheerfully, registered with Dublin VTC (traffic control center for the ships in the harbor) and were allowed to leave immediately - "remains on the south side of the canal".

Shortly after the end of the concrete channel, it was time to pull up the sails. Before departure we discussed whether a reef will be necessary due to the wind forecast. We put the first reef in because we wanted to be on the safe side. That was a good choice because the wind blew us in the face at up to 34 kn. So it was time to show up, the most fun but also exhausting form of sailing. In addition, there were meter-high waves that kept ringing the ship's bell.

Front bunk cleaned up by Sissi himself

Admittedly, we were a bit sloppy when we stowed things in the bunk. Usually we can be so sloppy, because Sissi is a good and upright sailor who has always forgiven us for that. With wind force 6-7 (in gusts) it was a little different, Sissi rearranged the contents of the bunk. We have to stow everything again.

It was a great race for that. We had a regatta feeling at every turn, even if the opponents in the regatta were ferries and cargo ships. We could even keep up with a tanker that was only traveling at 9 knots, because our own pace was 8 knots above ground. Okay, the tide helped with 2-3 kn, but it was a great feeling. Unfortunately, with such a ride, relaxation does not come about automatically. Lying comfortably on the couch below deck was punished with flying beer cans that pelted on me from the storage load. Since all of this was not comfortable, after six hours the tide flow turned against us and we did not want to sail on the spot for half the night, we decided to visit Wicklow.

East Pier in Wicklow

There are only a few places for sailing boats in Wicklow, these are located on the eastern pier. Immediately after us came the cameo, which went into our package. This is not a problem, because Sissi can easily put away a sailing flea.

With Sissi we moored here for the first time in a real tidal port. It is not an adventure, because our experience from previous years in Scotland has shown us how to do it accident-free - with long, long lines. The friendly neighbors from the cameo wanted to explain to us how this can be done properly in the tidal port, because at the time of their arrival we had an auxiliary line attached to the ladder. Of course we removed this line again, the tide stroke is easily four meters.

Port in the river

According to Reeds, there are also toilets and showers here, and we haven't seen a trace of them. We also could have moored in the river, according to Reeds. In daylight, I would have been afraid of it. We are well located on the outer pier.

Wicklow - harbor mood

No toilets, no showers, no port fees and no decent pub. It all came down a bit in this place. We decided to continue to the original destination after just a day in Wicklow. There is everything in Arklow, I am sure about the port fee.

Addendum: The port fee is apparently only escaped in Belfast. As soon as I wrote the lines above, a member of the port knocked on our door. We would have to pay the port fee for the overnight stay. I was rewarded with the most beautiful sunshine on my way to the port office.

Mood on the eastern breakwater in sunshine

Even in the village it is no longer so dreary and cloudy when the sun ventures out of the Irish fog.

The river in sunshine - beautiful.

Usually the overnight fee is € 15. When I said to the woman in the port office that we were looking for signs, showers and toilets and didn't want to cheat, she reduced the price to € 10. Thank you!

In the last hours before we left Wicklow we were able to watch the children sailing in the local sailing club having fun with the small lasers. Due to the high temperatures we sometimes had the impression that they would capsize on purpose for refreshment.

Wicklow Sailing Club