I have never seen a place in Lanzarote that could surpass Yaiza in its authenticity. On the way back from Timanfaya we came through Yainza for the first time.


At that point I already knew that the many white houses are by no means tourist resorts, but that practically all the houses on Lanzarote were painted in this color.

We wanted to find a place during our stay where the locals would visit the church and pub. A place where hotels and resorts don't dominate the ambience. A place where the restaurant doesn't have a German menu.

Tapas bar in Yaiza

We believe in this place Yaiza have found, and will visit this tapas bar during our stay on this island. The most famous person from this place is surely the priest who unites about the volcanic eruption in today's TImanfaya National Park Eyewitness report made.

Cyclists on their way through Yaiza

Similar to these cyclists, we drove through the town on our first trip from the south and immediately decided to let the cameras circle again.

Main road

It is striking that, unlike many other places we have driven through, there is really life on the street. Otto normal tourist will never see this place, because a bypass was built and there are no sights on the map of Lanzarote.

Grapevines in the garden

But you will find beautifully maintained houses and gardens away from the main street, for example in the picture above vines, which are accurately fenced with small walls and individually watered. Water is known to be scarce on this island.

... or yellow. There are other colors here than black, brown and gray.

The community has put up many differently colored flowering plants on the public areas, which we were still able to admire in all their splendor in mid-November. A treat for the eye and completely different colors. Great.


In front of the church we see a couple who have decided not to attend the service. We were in the church and could even have taken photos of the interior, but refrained from doing so because the priest had just started the service at the time of our visit. We didn't want to handle the cameras out of respect. But we will be back, we still want to visit the tapas bar. Then maybe the church opened.

Church and tapas bar

The bar is right behind the church. It's like in Bavaria, I thought to myself. The men sit in the bar and drink, in the church women sit and pray. The role model is old.

The central point in town - the bar

Finally a place with real life. Even if it can be seen only sparsely, like the colorful plants in their colors. Finally no thick, bright bellies on the beach, but normal people. This place is refreshingly different. Fortunately, this blog does not have the necessary traffic that could change something like that. I'm going to keep Jens from posting this on Instagram.

Jens in Yaiza

Yaiza. A place you can’t actually find. Capital of the municipality and yet not listed in any tourist guide. You automatically drive past it by car. There are almost no hotels, no swimming pool, no discotheque. The on-site ATM does not charge any extra fees and the local bar is not populated by British, German or other tourists. The dream of an individual tourist. Jens and I will still eat tapas there and arrive in proper style on the regular bus.

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