I recently saw a dozen cats walking in the front yard of a house. Maybe there were more. As if these cats were all living in an abandoned house. Only the condition of the plants in the front yard looks like the house is still inhabited. The cats also have food and water.

Lots of cute cats!

Today I grabbed the GoPro and a can of cat food that has been traveling on Sissi since Portugal. I want to eat some cute cats while eating. Unfortunately, the cat owner is in the front yard. I don't dare to throw dry food at the cats. I prefer to wait until I can catch the cats on the street at dusk.

Divi Divi

On the way back to the city I pass one of the most beautiful trees in Oranjestad. A Divi divi tree, the Aruba coat of arms trees, so to speak. On the beach they are in crazy shapes, they are blown by the wind.

In the pedestrian zone I let my eyes wander all around. There are more and more people on the street. Life returns to the city center. Some stores are still closed, but most stores have now reopened.

Finally again!

The dirty corners are also cleaned up and cleaned. Aruba is dressing up again. The restaurants are still closed. I can see on almost every corner that they are preparing an opening soon.

Oranjestad is cleaned.

What really convinced me that the crisis mode will be buried here soon is the tram. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a red vehicle driving on the track. Yesss! She is driving again.

She is driving again!

Every second row of seats is locked and there are adhesive markings on the outside of the seats. You can sit on these markings. There is hand disinfection before boarding.

It really drives. That is a current picture.

I sit on a bench in the shade and wait for the tram to go the other way again. I succeed in creating a beautiful picture of two women who have had a long chat on a bench. Officially, the distance rules still apply here, the tolerated distance here is 2 meters.


Not only the adults, but also the youngsters have fun. The past few weeks have been very boring here. The schools are still closed.

Young cyclists

Everyone is on the street today. It is not as crowded as with the usual crowds of tourists. It reminds me of a day without cruise ships when only the locals are in the pedestrian zone.

You can shop at any age

Finally I meet Jutta and Ute on the street. They also stroll from shop to shop and look here and there. You haven't seen any open stores except the supermarket since late February.

Yesss! Shopping is back.

I persuade them to take a tram round. You are surprised that the ride is free.

Ute in front of the tram

As soon as we sit in the ready-to-go tram, Jutta draws attention to the specialty beer shop. I noticed it weeks ago, but it was closed all the time. As if the beer supply was not part of the basic supply. Ghostly.

Beer World welcomes customers again.

Jutta obviously likes the small round trip by tram.

Jutta drives the tram

Driver, conductor, chief disinfector and another employee of the tram company are in the vehicle. Today is the first day of operation. The staff laugh and joke with passers-by, shopkeepers and with and about us. Tourists! You are back.

No minimum distance! The conductor gets angry.

We drive past a group of men who stand side by side without a safe distance. The conductor calls them over that they have to keep two meters away. Then everyone laughs together. It seems to me that an important element of normalcy has returned to the city.

Shop shoes.

We are kicked out at the final stop, it was the last ride of the day. We were very lucky. Together we walk back into the pedestrian zone. Together until the first open shoe store. Then unfortunately I have to leave Ute and Jutta. I actually wanted to take pictures of cats and film them. Instead, I photographed people. It was a nice afternoon.

Scientologists also left it outside today. They made the pedestrian zone unsafe in full body overalls. They must now wear the overalls for promotional purposes or so that they can be found on the island again and again if they run away.

I wouldn't want to walk around with my clothes in the shade at 32 ° C. A Scientologist with Freewinds print.

Something has happened today regarding Corona. Nine people are still ill in Aruba. A 70-year-old man died of Covid-19 yesterday, so there are now three dead. The total number of infections remains at 101.

2 Replies to “Yesss!”

  1. Hello!
    Nice to read that you are apparently doing well and that Aruba is on course for a (tourist-poor) “normality”. In the company of nice people and with “beer” provision, you get through crises better 😉 I wish you continued staying power ...

  2. It will never be as beautiful as in Corona times. At the weekend I could drive to the Tegernsee without traffic jams, the parking lot for hikers was empty, I had peace and quiet at the summit cross, the bench with a panoramic view was free and the fun didn't cost me a cent because nothing was open. When the cable cars run again, the hiking season is over.

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