The wind vane

It has been screwed to the boat for months and we have also been using it for a few weeks - the wind vane. It is used to keep Sissi on a certain course relative to the wind.

Wind vane at work

We have looked for various reports on the Internet for the "Pacific" model from Wind pilot decided. In our experience, it does what it should - it keeps the ship on course. With downwind courses the setting is a bit tedious, but once you have set it up, everything runs automatically. For hours, no action is necessary with the sails and the power consumption is exactly zero.

We then exchanged the blocks with which the lines are deflected from the wind vane to the rudder. The new blocks run much easier than those supplied by the manufacturer.

Original block

The thin line with which you set the course relative to the wind was already eaten by the wind vane on the Biscay fairly quickly and rubbed off. That's why we had to swap them.

The new line is made of Dyneema and works better. In any case, we could not wear them out yet.

Better block

We can recommend a wind vane to every cross-country skier. The battery situation on board will be much more relaxed. Anyone who - like us - has an extreme line situation can consider swapping the blocks. Since then, the control has responded much more directly and faster.

The assembly is done!