For the 80 miles from Douglas to Dublin we needed 102 miles. You can see that on the course line that I tried to draw on the map.

Our way to Dublin

The wind was always blowing towards us. So we had to show up. This is exhausting because you have to do some sailing maneuvers all the time. Okay, I admit there were three turns we had to make on the 100 miles. The first turn shortly after the departure in Douglas, about three or four hours after the departure. Then the next turn came around midnight and finally the wind changed direction around four in the morning and the third turn came.

Shortly before Dublin the wind fell asleep and we covered the last 10 miles with the engine. Overall, however, it was a good sailing quota.

The entrance to Dublin was similar to that to Belfast. This time we reported to the traffic control center without being asked. Then we were allowed to go straight into the big harbor. Freighter and ferries run there every minute, so you have to be extremely careful. Just a few minutes later we were in the Yacht Club on the jetty after almost 24 hours of driving.

Yacht Club in Dublin

The ambience is characterized by industry and the large port, an arterial road from the city ensures constant sound from one side, loading and unloading the cargo ships brings a lot of noise from the other side. Overall not a place to spend a few quiet days. But we're back in a big city.

After a 10-minute walk you can reach the tram, which continues to the city center. We bought a day ticket and just went back and forth across the city by tram.

Suburb of Dublin with canal

Ireland also has many channels. This one, next to which the tram line was built, is probably no longer in operation. The water depth is shallow and the locks look as if they have not been used in years. Rubbish swims in the lock chambers.

North of downtown

The city center is relatively small and can be crossed in a few minutes by tram. I was able to take this picture in the north of the city center, the tram freak is still deep inside me.

On the other hand, the tram is also the best means of transport to get to know an unknown city better, to get an impression of it. Dublin has two lines, the red and the green line. The red line goes from the marina into the city center and then on to the Guinness brewery. We did not visit the brewery because the greed necks wanted to have an entry fee of 25 euros per nose. That was too much for us to watch the completely ordinary process of brewing beer together with busloads of other tourists. I preferred to have a Guinness in the neighboring pub. Jens didn't like any. It will never be my favorite beer, but I drank one in Dublin.

Bridge with tram in the city center

It is not far from the bridge photographed above to the tourist area. Or pub district. Or the old town.

Green Line train comes from the old town

In principle, everything is interchangeable. Whether you are in Frankfurt in Alt Sachsenhausen, in the pub district of Belfast or in that of Dublin. It is full - full of people, full of pubs and there is music on every corner. This can also be found in hundreds of other cities. So far I've been able to handle it very well in Frankfurt because I only go there specifically if I want to. In Dublin I don't know where to go or where to go.

Cobblestones and pubs - the old town

Fortunately, my big city instincts are still fine. I felt the guy coming to my backpack coming more than I saw it, but I was able to turn around before he came to my backpack with his dirty fingers. But he had already stretched out his arms. With a greasy grin he said to me "I was just kidding" and pissed off. Big city.

We haven't locked the ship in weeks, the key is always in the ignition. We should change that, at least in big cities. I think. If we still visit many big cities.

Something is going on here - pub district in the old town

Bars, people, souvenir shops, pickpockets, taxi drivers, tourists, even more people, more tourists, noise and dirt. A culture shock after the rest on Islay. Did I really grow up in one of the largest cities in Germany?

We make our way back. Take the tram to the final stop, then walk across the bridge. The marina is only a few hundred meters away when Jens spots a heron. The heron has to pose for the camera.

Heron in flight

At least that was the thought. As soon as we get there, the heron takes off and flies 100 meters further. Or 100 meters back. Jens doesn't really get him in front of the camera. But patience pays off, at some point the device clicks and the heron is in the picture.

Sissi in the yacht club at night

Back in the Yacht Club, we treated ourselves to a shower after a hard day to wash off the sweat and refresh ourselves. After the shower, I had to drink an ice cold beer at the bar to warm up. We haven't had anything like that. The showers in the Yacht Club only spit out cold water! We're leaving tomorrow.