Renew electrical system

In winter 2017/2018, I largely replaced the electrical system. When I bought the boat, I saw that some work would be necessary. My first action was for comfort.

USB charging sockets

As a first action, I installed a little “modern” technology on board, namely two times two USB charging sockets. Back then I was very proud to have made the first change. If I had known at the time what was still going to be done, I would not have been so happy. I knew that the electrical installation was completely tinkered before I bought it. In part, however, it was extremely dangerous. The insulation of the charging cable from the shore power charger was completely scorched. I decided to debug the entire wiring.

Slightly tinkered electrical installation

The effort increased with each cable and in the end I had to take half the salon apart and lay a lot of cables again.

Debugging the electrical installation

As a result of the debugging sessions, the cables could all be cataloged and new wiring diagrams drawn. Surprising finds were the scorched insulation (not yet found in the picture above) and a circuit that was powered by two different fuses and that had seven branched solder joints behind the ceiling cladding.

Everything is labeled and ordered.

I then had to put it all back together and do a few new installations. All in all, a week was scheduled for the work, and after two weeks they were still not quite finished. Unfortunately there are no further pictures of the progress of the work, because at some point I was pretty annoyed. Furthermore, the battery of the camera was empty and the charger was in Frankfurt. In any case, the new electrical system works extremely well.