August 13, 2019 to August 22, 2019

From Guernsey in the morning we went towards France with a good wind at first. We had just set the sails correctly and were mentally ready for the crossing when the radio suddenly raised the alarm. A Belgian sailboat reported “Pan Pan”. They drifted off the Guernsey cliffs without oars, without a machine and without sails. After a brief inspection, we found that we were only three quarters of an hour away from the Belgian position. So we started the engine and hurried back. Fortunately, a fishing boat was faster and could tow the Belgian. So we didn't have to bother and could start our trip back to France.

In the night the wind turned to our disadvantage and slowed down strongly. At the same time the tide turned. So we crossed against the wind and against the current. This is not the kind of sailing that Sissi was built for. We were only 13 miles away from Roscoff and could not make up one meter at a turning angle of 170 °. We crossed back and forth for an hour and a half. We were in constant danger of being driven onto a rock pile in Lee.

Suddenly we were called on the radio. A Finnish yacht, Melina, watched our course on AIS and asked if we had any problems. We only tried to sail, was our answer. Dear Melina crew, thank you for the worries you have given yourself.

The wind dropped more and more, so we started the engine and drove the last 13 miles to Roscoff. We wanted to arrive, enjoy breakfast and stretch out in bed. Crossing another four hours with the wind waning and waiting for the tide to flow in the right direction again, we didn't want to.

Île de Batz (with ferry)