We had many sunny days with liquid sunshine on Islay. On one of these days we decided to go on a bus and ferry trip to Jura. That is why we had to get up early because the only usable bus with a bus connection to Jura is already at 9:40 in the morning.

On the bus to Port Askaig

Few locals take the bus, but all the more tourists. The locals are either too old to drive a car or too drunk.

While Islay is still densely populated with about 5000 inhabitants, only about 215 people live in Jura. The infrastructure is designed accordingly. The ferry is reasonably small.

Ferry from Port Askaig to Jura

Bus connections on the Jura are also rare. We took the first bus of the day from the ferry to the main town. We took the last bus back later. That was enough for a three-hour stay and lunch at the Jura Hotel.

Craighouse - the main town with distillery

Jens and I went for a short walk, always along the only street. Nature on Jura is a little more impressive than on Islay. But the rain too.

Jens in his new favorite activity - photography

My memories of the island of Jura are quite mixed, because my first contact was somewhat hard. But more about that in a moment. In Craighouse Bay you can anchor well with the sailboat, and there are also many buoys designed for sailboats to moor.

Sailing boats on buoys with reef in the background

In 2012 I was sailing in Scotland for the first time. We had chartered a sailboat and our skipper was an experienced sailor. We had known him for a few years and were often sailing with him in Croatia. On the first day of our trip we reached Jura and wanted to go to a buoy in Craighouse Bay. We hit the reef at full speed in the driveway at least 100 meters wide. A really hard contact with the island and a navigational mistake by the skipper, which should make for a bad mood on board for two weeks.

So far I haven't found any Jura whiskey that I would have liked. Whether it was because of the grounding at that time or maybe it was because of the still - free. I have been to Craighouse Bay twice now and we never hit that well-marked reef again.


At least we didn't make a boat wreck out of the charter boat. And the gin, which they also make in Jura, tastes great today.

Since the liquid sunshine was getting stronger, we moved to the bar of the Jura Hotel. There is the usual lunch (fish & chips with canned peas) and of course spiritual drinks.

Jura Hotel Bar

The interior design is as individual as it is ugly, but since it's the only bar in town (or even on the island), we felt very comfortable there.

The selection of drinks at the Jura Hotel

So you can spend the time waiting for the bus. In the end we stood in the rain in front of the distillery. The bus came on time and the bus driver also let us sit on the bus until the ferry arrived.

The distillery - here is also the bus stop

There are no stop signs on Jura, but we knew where the bus let us out. There he also collected us again. I don't have a photo of the bus, they don't like it there. It is also not allowed to take pictures on the bus on Islay. Sometimes I adhere to such bans.

Waiting hall in Port Askaig

The heavy rain made us go to the waiting hall in Port Askaig. After an hour's wait our bus came to Port Ellen and we soon landed safely on Sissi.