More sailing blogs

On this page I would like to link a few blogs, the owners of which we met during our trip.

Lady Charlyette
We first met the lady on Martinique in Anse Dufour. Ricarda and Stefan sail through the Caribbean. In Aruba we have been lying side by side on the same footbridge for months.

We met the Fairytale in Inverness, at the entrance of the Caledonian Canal. And a couple more times on the canal. We had exciting conversations with Lena and Martin, exchanged tips and tricks and got to know the cute on-board cat Karma.

In Roscoff we met Birte and Nico, who had a lot of fun with the fanfare on the French Atlantic coast and were on the way back to Bremen. Thanks for the nice evening and the travel tips.

Roede Orm
We met the Roede Orm in Camaret-sur-Mer. We exchanged stories with Julia and Stefan and found that we are basically on the same path - to the Caribbean and then further.

Milena Bonatti
First we saw the Milena Bonatti in Roscoff, then she was in Camarinas. We had a wonderful evening with Petra and Alfred and celebrated my birthday. I will always remember that.

The solo sailor Susanne, who lay next to us on the jetty on the eve of our departure in Camarinas. In Lagos, she decided to do that Ship for sale.

In Oeiras near Lisbon we got to know the Gentoo crew. Unfortunately we couldn't meet for a beer in the cockpit due to the shortage of time, but we will surely see Mathilda, Danny and Marc again. You have a similar plan as we do, but you are going with the ARC and therefore earlier than we are.

We noticed the GusAnne in Vigo for the first time. I had a short conversation with Anneke and Guus. We saw her again in Oeiras, then in Sines. Here we lay side by side and were able to discuss our rather similar plans.

We talked briefly with the Daphnes (Uta and Michael) in Oeiras. We really got to know each other during a nice evening at the Gentoo in Lagos. The Daphne also wants to cross the Atlantic and around the world.

We first met the Bigfoot briefly in the marina in Lagos. There I had a short chat with Jörg on the jetty. Then we were at anchor in Portimao and celebrated Steffi's birthday with the Bigfoots. A great celebration! The Bigfoot wants to stay in the Algarve. So they chose a beautiful area.

Enterprise B
We met Enterprise B in Portimao. Anke and Horst knew our Sissi when she was still called Hertha and was in the outer harbor in Oldersum. The two were there for a couple of years, only three places off.

Lucky Star
We met the Luckys in Oeiras for the first time, then again in Purto Calero on Lanzarote. Petra and Thorsten also want to go to the Caribbean, we will probably meet them more often.

We got to know the Saltys in Porto for the first time. Later we celebrated together at Headache Beach. Then we sailed separate paths and suddenly we saw Marieke and Björn again in Mindelo on Cape Verde. We will probably see them more often in the Caribbean. The two show their pictures on Instagram.