Milford Haven

From Arklow we drove to Milford Haven in about 100 nautical miles. The Milford stop is a longer planned maintenance and supply stop. A few weeks ago we phoned the marina to inquire whether they would accept mail for us - that was answered in the affirmative. Since it is a large marina in a reasonably large place, we also expected to find various shops that equip sailors. We found these stores.

Our way to Milford Haven

After more than 1000 nautical miles since Holland, we wanted to give Sissi a thorough maintenance. We also ordered the replacement Watermaker here, as well as a delivery from mine Favorite butcher. The genoa had some cracks that needed to be sewn here, I finally wanted to connect the oil pressure and temperature instruments. In addition, many screws had to be tightened, the toilet serviced and the boat cleaned. And we had two machines to do laundry. It's all easy if you have a decent marina with appropriate facilities.

Milford Docks Marina

Of course, relaxation on land should not be neglected either. On the first day we took an extensive walk through the town. It rises above the cliffs like a typical Welsh town. The streets with unspeakable names go over mountains and valleys. You can break a sweat in the sunshine.

Typical street in Milford Haven

We tried to run to an old fort. That went completely wrong, because the Welshmen somehow fence everything. Half of the land in the area is owned by the Harbor Authority and is not allowed to walk through. The height of the fences told us that this was serious.

Opposite the natural harbor is Pwllcrochan with a refinery. In the Reeds Nautical Almanac it is written that the tankers and the pier must not be approached more than 100 meters. When you're so close to a tanker several hundred meters long on a small sailboat, you don't want to get any closer.

Tankers in front of the refinery

We ran back up into the village from the coast and found an old church. Wikipedia has told me that it is a 12th century Norman church. St. David's is the oldest public building in Milford Haven that is still in operation.

St. David's

We late sleepers were of course much too late for the service. The service was at 10 am, at that time we were still in bed. Unfortunately the church was closed, I would also like to have taken a few pictures of the interior.

A few steps closer to the old walls

If you imagine the area at midnight, you will find an ideal location for horror films. There is one tombstone next to the other within the entire church grounds, i.e. within the stone walls.

Nice in the sunshine, what does it look like in the dark?

Glad to take a detour to the church grounds, we took our steps back towards the marina. The stomach growled slowly and wanted to be filled. We had delicious roast beef in the fridge from the Family Butcher in Arklow. After only a few steps, however, the dinner bell rang in our mind.

We are receptive to advertising!

So we ran around the house. Unfortunately, nobody was at home. Only the neighboring cat made a good impression on us, but did not want to be hearted. In any case, with the photo in our pocket we marched back to Sissi with a good cheer and were given another great opportunity to take pictures of the marina from above - including the open lock gates.

Milford Marina with open lock gates

While Jens was torturing me with the scent of the kitchen, I kept trying to call the Lobster phone number. Unfortunately nobody answered the call, the mailbox kept running. I didn't want to leave a message. In any case, the mailbox does not deliver a lobster. After dinner there was a text message saying "Sorry, missed your call." Just a phone call later we made dinner clear for the following day. Local fishermen sell the medium lobsters for £ 15 and the small ones for £ 12.50. I ordered two medium ...

Delicious lobster in the pan

When I wanted to pick them up at the fishing boat, I knew immediately that the medium-sized lobsters would not fit in our saucepan. So I took two small ones that were still bigger than the two from Port Ellen. In the meantime, we almost manage to get it done with the preparation and it was again a fine, delicious and inexpensive meal.