Since Den Oever, Roscoff has been our first port on the continent. We have been in more or less English-speaking countries for a while now and are looking forward to the French cuisine. We chose Roscoff because, unlike most other ports in Brittany, the port is accessible 24 hours a day. So we didn't have to worry about the arrival time.

Our way to Roscoff

The marina in Roscoff is huge. Before entering, you have to report to the harbor master on channel 9, for which you are greeted by an inflatable boat and given a place. The harbor masters then make the Follow-Me boat like at the airport and also help with the mooring. This is often a good thing given the strong current in this port. They also play with the Fender inflatable boat and protect the neighboring boat from skippers who do not have their own boat under control. Of course we have Sissi under control and Jens confidently drove us to the dock.

Marina Roscoff - Search picture: Where is Sissi?

After sleeping in, we made the first exploration tour in the city. We didn't want to stay too long and were also looking for a restaurant and a supermarket. A SIM card for our mobile router would not be bad either, because like almost all other ports, the port WLAN is lame and unstable.

Rosko bus

In the months of July and August there is the Roskooff in Roscoff, which operates a circular line every quarter of an hour and has a stop at the marina, in the old town and at the supermarket. We gladly and frequently used this offer.

The old town of Roscoff is very beautiful, but completely overcrowded as a relevant tourist destination. The Rosko Bus is also there to take tourists from the many parking lots in front of the old town. A good idea during the French school holidays and the bus is also well received. Sometimes we had to skip one bus and drive the next because the bus was overcrowded and no longer took passengers.

Vieux Port

In the center of the city is the old port. We could not have entered here because the harbor falls completely dry at low tide. Sissi has no keel sword to pull up and no bilge keel to park on. So we are in good hands in the marina.

View port at low tide

Others can simply leave their boat on the bottom in low water. This sailor used the time to do some work on his boat.

Working on the boat at low tide

During our walk around the empty harbor basin we noticed a few little birds chirping cheerfully. We caught her in the bathroom with the telephoto lens.

Birds in the old port

With the right equipment, it is no problem to spend the night in the center of the action. This sailboat has wattage supports with which it is protected from an uncomfortable inclination. It would not be my thing to be stuck in the middle of the boat on the boat in the harbor basin.

Fall dry with wattles

In the harbor you can also buy fresh catch from the fishermen. So on one of the evenings we bought a kilo of crab claws, from which we conjured up a delicious starter. We have no photos of this, because we were all hungry and had forgotten to take photos.

Île de Batz

In front of Roscoff is the Île de Batz, a small island with a large nature reserve. You can take the ferry from the old port every half an hour. I have not yet found out whether or not cars drive on the Île de Batz. However, we could not see a car ferry.

In front of the old town of Roscoff

In the old town itself we rummaged through the tourist crowds. How lucky that cruise ships are not parked in front of the city. There are already enough tourists on the way. We should not complain about this, however, as we knew beforehand that France would be full all over the coast during the summer holidays.

Altstadtstrasse with restaurant “Le Surcouf”

On the first evening we enjoyed a very delicious menu in the restaurant "Le Surcouf". After dinner we felt that we had arrived in France.

Side street

And even in such a crowded place it is possible to find a quiet side street. The tourists walk along only one street. Only our search for a SIM card has so far not been successful. There is no shop in Roscoff that sells phone cards.

Madonna in the house wall

As in so many places, it is important in Roscoff to look up. Some houses have details like this one with the Madonna somewhere on the first floor.


The big church is in the middle of the old town, exactly where it belongs. With its tower, it dominates the entire ensemble. All in all a nice spot where we ended up here.

Alley behind the old houses

At many corners there are narrow streets that you cannot drive through. Here too, you only have to walk a few steps away from the main arteries of tourism, and you will find idyllic corners and picturesque photo motifs.

War cemetery

Also in the old center of the village is a war cemetery. In the background you can see the Île de Batz again. Unfortunately, this cemetery was closed, we could not enter it. Or maybe for a good reason, too many tourists would surely not do him any good. Although there are many garbage cans on every street corner, there is still enough garbage that is simply thrown carelessly on the floor.

Behind the cemetery

Another view of a typical street in town. As far as you can park cars, everything is parked. As far as the residents are concerned, I can understand that, because local public transport is limited to the city bus, which only runs two months a year and a bus line to Morlaix. In Morlaix there is then a connection to the train. I didn't even have to look at the local train station, because like in many other picturesque corners of France, the SNCF also stopped rail traffic in Roscoff.

Railway line to Roscoff

At least in the two vacation months you could offer a train service here. But you don't.

We also used the bus to Morlaix, because there we could buy a SIM card for our router. Our SIM card bought in Scotland was only cheap within the United Kingdom, roaming in France would have cost a lot of money. The SIM card purchased in Ireland from Tesco does not allow roaming. Too bad there are still six or seven gigabytes on it. However, this card was very, very cheap. And the card bought on Guernsey only works on Guernsey. But this card also only cost a few pounds. Now we have a card that allows international roaming and was absolutely cheap compared to German tariffs. A euro for the gigabyte is not yet common in Germany. If everything goes well, we will have internet with this card up to the Canary Islands.