Fans of the movie “Das Boot” know Vigo. The submarine U96 comes here to get food and torpedoes before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. I was impressed by the nightly entry into the port. That's why we imitated it straight away, our arrival in Vigo was at 2 o'clock in the morning on a pitch dark night.

Our way to Vigo

The trip was very pleasant. Shortly after Camarinas we found clear wind, which we used with the help of genoa and wind vane control. The sea was calm, only a wide, pleasant swell ensured regular up and down of Sissi. Six hours before Vigo the wind left us, we had to start the iron genoa. Too bad, but this time the wind kept to the weather forecast. That also has to happen.

Real Club Nautico Vigo

There are several marinas in Vigo, we chose the Real Club Nautico. The reason for this decision was simple: this marina is the closest to the city's train stations and Vigo should be the starting point for a trip by train to Santiago de Compostela.

Marina in Vigo

The photo is taken from the roof of the Club Nautico, just like the following picture. You can see very nicely how the harbor facilities stretch along the coast for miles. The showers are also housed in the club building. This means that you have to go around the harbor from our berth. It took a quarter of an hour to walk from Sissi to the shower. And a little more for the way back, because you don't want to start sweating again right away.

Sissi in the marina, next to the “Scot München” pot

The way to the Media Markt is almost shorter than the way to the marina shower. I went there three times on the day of my arrival because I wanted to get us a remedy for the weakening Marina WiFi. First, one of the usual wifi repeaters, but it didn't help us because we could only connect one device to the wifi of the marina via the repeater. The configuration of the marina prevented further connection attempts. Then I exchanged the repeater for a USB wifi antenna, which unfortunately only wanted to run with Windows.

Shopping center with media market

After the third walk to the Media Markt we had another USB wifi antenna with which the reception was great. Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded in using the on-board PC as a router and connecting the other devices to the network via this antenna. But we will surely succeed.

Typical street in Vigo

Vigo itself is a smaller city, but is not as annoying as Belfast, for example. This may be due to the southern sun or the fact that it just doesn't smell like industry here.

Street scene in Vigo

The streets are steep if you are only a hundred meters from the harbor promenade (very ugly). We found a small grocery store and a restaurant where we could celebrate Christoph's birthday with a decent meal.

Rather ugly harbor promenade

Also the Excursion to Santiago de Compostela was a complete success, the train was punctual on the second and I'll write about it another day.

Bye Bye

Christoph left us in Vigo, from now on we will continue sailing in pairs. We look forward to a few nights at anchor in one of the rias north of Vigo and Portugal, which we both have fond memories of.

Strong wind in Vigo Bay

The following day we decided to continue the care in Vigo. We will hardly have the opportunity to do our shopping in such a big city in the next few weeks.

Weather forecast for wednesday, september 4, 2019

In addition, the weather forecast promises very strong wind for the coming days, especially for September 4th. It would be uncomfortable to sail and we both value comfort.

In the mattress shop

After a not so long search we found a mattress shop where we got nice new ones Bought mattresses and delivered them to the ship let. Good service! The price was ok too and we went there the first night slept much better.

For the transport of food and beverages from the supermarket to Sissi as well as for the transport of laundry to the laundromat and back, we have bought a chopper. The dragging of things was fine as long as we were in cooler areas. Here every kilogram on the back is one kilogram too much.

The new Hackenporsche

Last but not least, we tried out the new transport vehicle and did the laundry. We had to wash bed linen because we had freshly made the new mattresses. Of course, we also had the normal T-shirt underpants and tea towels madness and all of that went great. A good decision to have stayed in Vigo. A good decision to buy the missing hardware for Sissi here.

Chinese laundry boat Sissi

We spent our last day in Vigo again with a tourist program. We read about the fort above the city and about a pre-Roman settlement below the fort. Of course we didn't want to miss that. The earliest traces of the settlement of Vigo.

Bay View (with Crusader)

The ascent to the fort goes through narrow streets and stairs while you climb higher and higher over the city. In the heat of Galicia, of course, that's a little tiring. The view from above is reward enough.

Hikers in the shade in front of the castle

The castle is definitely worth seeing. Only the old walls remain, buildings can no longer be entered, but everything is nicely prepared and the tour is fun. Today there is a park within the walls.

Park over the roofs of Vigo

Here is the highest park in Vigo and in my opinion the most beautiful. In the background you can still see the Ria de Vigo, the fjord on which the city is located. Vigo is the most important fishing port in Spain and you can see it from here at the latest. In front of the city there is a huge port area for fishing. We were very happy that we did not choose the marina located there. The footpaths into the city would have been very long.

Fishing port and marina

We have taken some photos up here, unfortunately only very few make it into the blog. You have to be able to sort, select and delete.

Jens after a photo

Since they are so well received by our relatives, we take more selfies. I always look borderline crazy (and Jens also), but relatives like these pictures very much.

Selfie in front of cannon

Below the castle are the remains of a pre-Roman settlement. In the tourist brochure, it looked like there were lots of old buildings there, but ultimately there were only a few huts that were rebuilt and the foundations of the old settlement. You can compare it a little with the traces of the Romans on the Frankfurt Römerberg and add a pinch of Saalburg.


The opening hours of the site are very limited. Of course we didn't make it before the midday siesta, but the huts closed in the afternoon. Unfortunately we could not see them from the inside. According to the display boards, the entire Vigo hill used to be covered with such huts.

Nocturnal mood in Vigo

Overall, our stay in Vigo was a complete success. On the way to the shower in the evening I took the night shot, the next morning I went to the shipping station and continued towards Portugal.