Our dinner was killed by ourselves yesterday. There was fresh lobster because I got it directly from the fisherman. We only had to sacrifice 15 pounds from the board cash for two animals. In the seafood restaurant they sell half the lobster for just under £ 30. Fortunately, I only got the small animals. Fortunately, because our largest pot could not have held a larger animal.

Fishing boat in Port Ellen

The preparation is easy, the lobster only needs to be thrown into the boiling water for a few minutes. We were able to bring it to our hearts without any problems. We also have fishing equipment with us and want to catch fish that we then have to kill. And ultimately, every steak has lived on the pasture.

Lobster - before preparation

While we were waiting for the right meal time, the two lobsters were waiting too. At least we didn't keep them waiting too long. They had already been torn from their element on the fishing boat together with dozens of fellow species and sufferers. In any case, fresh lobster is an organic food, because it is guaranteed to grow up in the wild in a species-appropriate manner.

Lobster - during preparation

It is very important that you put the lobster head first into the boiling water. Then he dies instantly. Then it is boiled for about 15 minutes, during which the shell turns red. If you cook the critters too long, the meat will be tough. Of course, the cooking time will vary with the size of the lobster. The size that fits in our pot needs (according to our yesterday's experience) its quarter of an hour. Then they are perfect.

Halved, ready-made lobster

As a sauce, we melted a quarter pound of salted butter and added a lot of garlic. There was also a good shot of white wine. The finished, cut lobster was thrown into the pan again and this sauce was poured over it. Then it came to the plate.

Lobster on the plate - ready to eat with tool kit to open

We got the tank open quite well with the scissors, that wasn't a major problem. However, we couldn't use it to open the scissors that contain the most delicious meat. The side cutter had to work here, lobster tongs are still missing in our kitchen. Overall, the consumption makes a huge mess, afterwards I found parts of the tank in our navigation corner.

What's left…

There is of course a lot of tank left. And lots of dishes to wash up. And the feeling of having enjoyed a very special meal. I would love to stay on Islay for another day to fetch more lobsters fresh from the fishing boat. However, our special fisherman didn't go out today.


The (strictly rationed) cider was the right drink to round off the evening after washing up.

In terms of the consistency of the meat, our lobsters were much better than those from the specialized fish restaurant in Oban. The ones in Oban were definitely too long in the water, the meat was tough compared to our two animals. It's really better to make them yourself and it will save you a lot of money in the process.

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  1. Egg Gudde,

    I found a fly in the ointment after browsing your soooo beautiful blog - rationed pints
    ; (

    All the best, Su.

    1. Hello Susanne,

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, seafaring is tough and full of privation. There is no bottle in the world that tastes as good as our cider. Therefore, the supplies are unfortunately strictly rationed. We tried about 10 types of cider, even the driest types are only a sweet broth that is only reminiscent of apples.

      Many greetings from Ireland


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