Departure day

The departure day we selected (Sunday, June 16) was almost reached. Nevertheless, we were still on the crane. The wind did not allow the mast to be put down and the problem solved on Wednesday and Thursday. Only on Friday there were no gusts of wind force 8, so the mast could then be easily put down. Of course, the real problem was resolved within 10 minutes. In winter we tried to pull a new antenna cable into the mast. But that went completely wrong. In the hustle and bustle of placing the mast after winter storage, we forgot the rest of the antenna cable in the mast. As a result, we could only move the Spifall with the greatest effort.

Blockage of the Spifall solved

In the night from Thursday to Friday we also received a visit from Burti, Jörg and Dirk - dear friends with whom we have spent a lot of time on sailing boats in the past. They came to say goodbye to us at the port exit.

Placing the mast

The mast was back on the deck, so we could drive back into our box cheerfully and chat a little about all the topics of the world the rest of the afternoon. For the next day, only the purchase was on the todo list. In Stavoren, the supermarket is surrounded on three sides by water, so you can simply park your sailing boat in front of the supermarket.

Before the coop

The petrol station is on the way to the Coop, where we filled up the diesel right up to the top of the tank. Then we parked in front of the supermarket and switched off the AIS transmitter. Just like that. After refueling, the ship smelled slightly of diesel. We weren't worried.

On the way back to the marina, the smell of diesel became more and more penetrating. That was when we started to worry. After landing in our own box, we opened the engine compartment and saw the disaster. Diesel runs out of one of the five cylinders.

The culprit

At the point where the injector is screwed into the engine, quite a bit of diesel leaks, even when the engine is switched off. We had to turn off the main diesel tap to stop the flow. After the machine cooled down, the smell of diesel also decreased.

A mechanic is of course not available on Saturday afternoon. That's why we're stuck at least until Monday. The workshop opens at 7:30 a.m. - I will be on time.

We have now switched on the AIS again and we have processed the frustration. On Saturday our crew added Christoph, Sissi was suddenly really full and the cockpit was almost too narrow. For the evening we had a table in the Cafe Max ordered.

Cafe Max

I like the Cafe Max. The dining room is quaint. The food there is delicious, the people friendly and the beer tastes good too. I can also recommend the non-smokers to visit the Rookkamer, there is an old map of the Zuiderzee hanging on the wall and showing what the IJsselmeer looked like before the dike was built. We celebrated as if it was really the last evening in Stavoren.

Today, Sunday, Jens and I accompanied the whole aisle to the parking lot and waved at the departure. That should have been the other way around. There is a little wistfulness.

Way back from Cafe Max to Sissi (picture stolen from Burti)

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