Aruba from above

Unfortunately, the helicopter flights around Aruba were discontinued. The landing site is only 100 meters from Sissi. I could easily have booked a sightseeing flight. For just 400 US$ you are flown for 10 minutes.

That's why Lel has to take me up a hill so that I can get an overview from above. On our way to Saint Nicolas he drives me up a dirt road up a hill with a gigantic water tank. Aruba does not have its own water, the drinking water is obtained by desalination. As on Sissi. The view is nice.

Aruba from above

The view extends to the coast. I am a little annoyed that I forgot my camera on board. I have to take all the photos on the trip by phone. This still works very well for wide-angle shots, unfortunately the pixel lens always comes out with the telephoto lens. Nevertheless, I show the following picture:

This warship has been sailing along the Aruba coast for weeks

For weeks I've been able to watch this warship moving up and down the coast. It came to Venezuela a few days before the start of a US military operation and has not disappeared since.


Is a cactus flower developing here? I have never seen it like this in the wild. A colorful stain on one of countless cacti.


We leave the hill again and continue towards Saint Nicolas. I cannot yet imagine how many colors await me there. The fire brigade building is at the entrance to the town. Here is the first graffiti.

There will be a separate blog post for the others.

fire Department

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