The watermaker has arrived!

Yesterday it finally happened. DHL found its way to Milford Marina and delivered the watermaker. He had a long journey from his departure day in Naples on July 17th to his arrival in Milford Haven on July 31st. In other words, the Watermaker was about 1100 nautical miles as the crow flies in 14 days. That makes an average speed of 3.27 knots. We are usually much faster under sail.

Installation was relatively easy. After an hour, the old device was dismantled and the new one was in its place. So far so good. The test run did not cause any problems either, just 20 liters of water in our tank. Today it is running again, we want to make 100 liters of water before we leave the marina. Better safe than sorry.

We also had to work hard yesterday in other areas. Our engine cooling worried us as we noticed during a routine check that the cooling water level had risen dramatically. I only know it differently, at least from cars - and we installed a car engine. In cars, the coolant level drops over time and then at some point they are standing in the shoulder of the motorway with an overheated engine at 30 ° C in the shade. We can't afford that.

The justified assumption was that seawater had penetrated the internal cooling circuit. That's not good, because over time the engine would rust away from the inside. In the Chandlery opposite the marina we met David - an engine specialist. He looked at the problem and said we should check the heat exchanger. Luckily we had a replacement heat exchanger in our luggage. We were able to mount it. David gave us good tips on how to best manage the exchange. As a thank you he got a couple of cans of cider from us. That in turn made him very happy.

After the replacement, the engine ran for a few hours and the cooling water level has not changed any more. So everything looks great here.

We're just not used to so much hard work. That's why we both didn't feel like the usual evening cooking ceremony with fresh fish, lobster or delicious steaks. This is where the Haase butcher's delivery proved its worth for the first time, because cooking, eating and washing up were all done in half an hour.

Unboxing Bolognese - the second and tasty part of unpacking!

It was also a little showtime, so the second part of our unpacking video was shot yesterday evening. Have fun with it!

The wind forecast for tomorrow is rather poor. We want to start our next destination on Saturday if nothing else comes up.

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