A package arrives.

Today there was mail for us. We were able to receive a package that we urgently expected. Unfortunately it wasn't the package with the watermaker, but the content is also absolutely vital for us. We got mail from Frankfurt Bonames.

The sender. Jens Haase from Bonames.

Of course, we would also like to go a little with the trend of filming yourself unpacking a package. This is of course the very first duty with this special package. We look forward to eating the contents.

Post from Frankfurt Bonames

At this point, once again, many thanks to Jens Haase, who threatened us with food on the way before we left. We will enjoy every single delicious can!

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  1. Hi you two,
    I would love to be with you and help you eat. From previous trips I know from my own experience that the Haase cans do not contain rabbits, but contain other delicious things. Enjoy the meal.

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