Don't go to Peniche!

The port is awful. There is a very bad swell from the fishing boats. So we were told. We didn't plan to do it anyway, because we wanted to go to Lisbon.

Farewell after three weeks
So we left Porto around 3:30 p.m. and were able to roll out the genoa around 5:30 p.m. The wind stuck to the forecast to some extent, only the wind strength was suboptimal. There was almost too little wind, but Sissi drove in the wide Atlantic swell at four knots.


On the way through the short dusk we enjoyed one of the cheesiest sunsets of the entire sailing trip. It was less pleasing that under the long Atlantic waves there are always so many “bastards” at regular intervals that turn the ship completely around and make the genoa hit that Sissi is shaken from front to back. Somehow you can't see these waves coming, they just happen. The wind control doesn't help either; the electric autopilot could probably counteract it earlier because it can see the ship's turn more quickly. But in large part it is because the wind was so weak.

Nocturnal sailing pleasure
In the night it got better, the wind picked up and we sometimes pulled the bubbling wake behind us with five and a half knots. Above us was the perfect starry sky. It was absolutely cloudless at the new moon, you rarely see such a beautiful starry sky. I switched off all the lights in my station for a few minutes because the stern light outshines many a star. Gigantic.

The following day of driving dragged on. We enjoyed sailing, it was a pleasant, calm journey even during the day. The wind blew us into the genoa from the north and we watched mile after mile of the distance to the destination disappear. Unfortunately, the Etmal was only 93 miles, we were just too slow in the first few hours.

In the course of the afternoon, however, the beating of the genoa increased again. Sometimes we only had seven to eight knots of wind. The genoa is hardly standing.

Our way to Peniche

Main drive is weak
The wind came back after an hour or two, albeit at a low level. At some point we were so close to the coast that we could download an updated weather forecast. The wind should finally fall asleep in a few hours. We didn't want to drive the rest of the way to Lisbon.

Sissi in Peniche

So we kept course for Peniche during the night and were able to sail almost to the port entrance. Within the next two hours the wind was completely gone. At 12:30 a.m. we entered the harbor, looked for the marina in the dark and initially saw no parking space on the guest jetty. Some of them were already in the parcel, but we didn't want anyone to do that at this time. Only when nothing is free.

But we found a free place, tied up and first lay on our ears.

Portuguese bureaucracy
After I slept in, I took the fat folder containing all of the ship's documents and went to the harbor master's office. On Sunday, however, it was only open until 10 a.m. If you want to register on Sunday, you can take a short walk of one and a half kilometers (easy path).

Sunday stroll

Since I was on my way before and wanted to get the registration process over and done with, I took a walk. Afterwards I was a little annoyed not to have taken the bike. At the security service, it was pleasantly unbureaucratic and fast, which pleased me. Our berth is not a problem, we can stay there. I could pay the marina fees to the harbor master the following day.

I got the key to the toilet and shower. Unfortunately there is no port WiFi in Peniche (more on that later) and the electric door at the entrance to the marina is broken. You have to press firmly against it, then it moves a little and you can reach around the corner and press the button for the electric opener. The security service man at the entrance to the fish port then ended his detailed information with the words “welcome to Peniche”.

On board the Sissi, I found Jens still asleep and first made us a nice morning coffee.

In the course of the afternoon we got wifi codes from the surrounding restaurants and tried them out on board. Somehow a connection to the internet had to be made. We were offline so terribly.

Welcome to Peniche
Then suddenly it hammered on the ship's side. A man with a cashier's shoulder bag stood on the pier and explained that we were on a private pier. Huh?

We would have moored at the yacht club jetty and not the marina jetty. Now we're supposed to pay. Since I had already registered in the marina, I didn't want to run the risk of having to pay twice. So I offered that we leave the place and move from the yacht club to the marina.

A bizarre discussion ensued and in the end we did not move, paid two nights in the yacht club (the same price) and now wait to see what will happen there. We never saw the harbor master in his office. Welcome to Peniche.

We are lying comfortably quiet here, by the way.

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