Brutal lull

Today DFB Cup was semi-final. Unfortunately, our concord was beaten after a terrific game against Bayern. Together with Charly I saw the game on Sissi.

After the 1-0 heavy rain started, more water fell from the sky than in the last three months. After the final whistle, the wind fell asleep or turned completely.

At the moment I am sitting in the cockpit and hope for wind. The rain has brought the temperature down to 28 ° C, but it is incredibly hot due to the calm.

Usually you can't smell the waste incineration that takes place a few kilometers south of us. Now the haze of burnt car tires lies over Oranjestad, is deep in the salon and will probably accompany me through the night. Hopefully they'll fix the wind soon.

Without wind it is pretty unbearable. This calm is really brutal.

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