For a couple of cans of food

Who benefits? The detective always asks himself this question in the crime novel, the answer mostly leads him to suspect and motive. I think that makes more sense than speculating wildly around the world.

Many celebrities are currently advertising excessive fantasies as to why the corona virus originated as it is. That YOU want to get us to be vaccinated by Bill Gates microchips. This is nonsense, we voluntarily give out the data anyway and let microchips control us voluntarily. They are everywhere.

She is watching me.

YOU watch us in secret or quite openly. YOU flatter us and want to be petted. YOU want food. YOU have power over your can opener. But that's not enough for them.

A few weeks ago I read a report in the MIRROR, a very serious news magazine. Cats can become infected with the corona virus, dogs cannot. That got me on the right track. I tried to watch YOU too. They're hiding.

As much as I look, so much YOU look back at me.

These staring eyes can instill fear in a person. I found out on the Internet that the virus must have originated in Germany. Near the place where supposedly Bielefeld the pointed-eared world rulers apparently have their secret laboratory. YOU will not tell anyone, but there is evidence.

I want to be petted!

Cui bono? Who benefits? The biggest profiteers of lockdown all over the world were the cats. Finally, they had access to their can openers and petting staff almost 24 hours a day. Purring, cuddling and cuddling. YOU took over the internet years ago and now YOU control every minute of your life.

We believed that we could have YOU chipped at the vet. We have had YOU vaccinated even though YOU didn't want to. Now YOU hit back.

You are evil.

Now YOU are bad. YOU still want this post never to appear. YOU want some more cans of feed. YOU don't want to kill us all, just so many that enough can openers are left for YOU.

Attention: If you do not believe this, you have been pissed off by the mainstream press. Any cat you put a bowl of food in for information will confirm my version of the story.


I'm going to buy cat food now. And cat toys. And cat litter.

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