Every day two wild dogs run through the marina. They are hungry and just want to eat. They like iguanas. I have often seen one of them walk along the jetty with an iguana in its mouth.

Iguanas are quick. I wonder how the dogs manage to get one of them. Iguanas can climb, dogs can't. Iguanas can also swim, they like to drop into the water when they feel threatened. Iguanas can also handle it very well if their limbs or their tails are bitten off. Two of them are missing a leg. One is missing the leg entirely, the other has a stump left.

When I was recording the raw material for my Iguana film, one of the two came in front of the camera lens.

When they crouch on top of each other, it is just as if we humans crouch on top of each other. It looks a little brutal, but it's sex. In any case, the disabled iguana is fully integrated.

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