Disasters and successes

The day before yesterday was just as dramatic as I put the title of this article. The day started with the finest sunshine. From the rest of the work, we had decided to mount the wind control system bracket.

Jens unpacks the first package

The bracket worried us the most because it is screwed to the stern of the ship, we have to drill holes in the hull and make no mistakes. To make our work easier, we wanted to turn Sissi over in the box. Usually it lies (like 99% of the other ships) with the bow to the dock in the box. Working at the stern is easier from the dock.

Now the transition to disaster begins. After the engine started, we left the box quickly because the wind had picked up properly. I tried to turn the ship around and back into the box. After a few moments I realized that it wasn't that easy with the wind. The rudder also behaved strangely. We were now drifting towards the harbor wall. With great difficulty we could catch a dolphin and fasten the ship. The rudder was completely without function in the forward direction, it always folded fully to one side - so Sissi drove accordingly.

The culprit - with the emergency tiller attached

First we snorted after landing, then we went looking for the culprit. It was found quickly. The steel cable that connects the rudder chain to the rudder quadrant has jumped from the leading role. This year we have not driven so much, in winter the helm was for maintenance. It appears that the steel cable was not tensioned enough. The repair then went quickly.

It is finished!

After repairing the rudder, we were able to mount the holder for the wind vane, the next day we did the rest.

There was also more work to be done. We are going to paint the cockpit. White so that the sun's heat can no longer make it so hot.

The old paint has to be removed.

The grinder makes a mess like dirt, but we have that under control. Jens also ran the toilet maintenance very quickly.

Maintenance of the toilet

Now the list of remaining work has become very manageable. So I have a little more time for the blog and can report on the progress.

The AIS stalkers who are watching us have obviously not missed the fact that we have Sissi in another corner of the harbor. This is deliberate and not a matter of concern. Tomorrow we have an appointment at the mast crane, but we were able to occupy the space earlier. The internet is much better here. I will tell you about our appointment shortly. This is a completely different story ...

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