Marina and the garbage cats

Here in the marina there is a privileged cat and the others. The food bowl and the misery of the cats are somewhat close together.

The shoe store. The cat box at the bottom right of the picture

Marina is quite fat. Marina lives in the shoe store. Marina likes to be petted. Marina likes to eat. Marina is the best fed cat that lives in the Marina Puerto Calero. During the day it has its place on the sales counter of the shoe retailer and is caressed by the customers, even by people like us who do not want to buy shoes at all.

Marina eats

I haven't been to the shoe shop as often as I have here. As long as the shop is open, you can go inside and pet the cat. For the night she has a box in front of the shop.

Marina has finished eating

We have tried to find, feed and pet the cat a few times after the shop closes. But that almost always went wrong, because Marina probably has a few other points of contact where she is fed. Marina is doing pretty well.

At first we thought Marina since that only cat in Lanzarote with a correspondingly large work program. If you let all the islanders feed you, you will inevitably grow around your furry belly. However, one night I was at the garbage cans again at half past two to get rid of a full garbage bag that shouldn't stink on board. On the way there I noticed pointed ears.

Cat in the parking lot overlooking the restaurants

She didn't let herself be tempted. I couldn't even get within 20 paces of her. This cat defines what a shy cat is. I thought. She kept a lookout for the restaurants and lo and behold, just a few minutes later a restaurant employee came with two full garbage bags in hand. Inwardly I clapped my hand on the forehead - of course - leftovers.

No sooner was the person gone than I heard cat noises coming from the garbage cans. There wasn't just this one cat, there were three.

Three cats at the garbage cans

My first thought was to go back on board and get the cat food. The second was to leave it. I didn't want to feed the cats to the garbage cans. Then I got the cat food, after all, the cats are fed with garbage by the restaurant people every day.

However, these cats are so scared, shy and not at all used to people that they were chased away by the jar of cans with the cat food. I feel sorry for you.

Garbage cat

How well are they doing? Lagos Ferry Cats.

2 Replies to “Marina und die Müllkatzen”

  1. Hejho, Sissinauten,
    A little short cat comment: you don't need to feel sorry for them, they'll be fine. Safety first. One or the other annoyed local resident must have thrown something at night. And whatever protein they cannot easily get from the garbage, they get tasty, fresh and physiologically optimally usable from the mouse and rat population. There will be plenty of them! I'm a vet and I live with one. Marie is Abyssinian. We feed her, she likes us and we live in a house. She regularly shows us her catch and lets us share in her good hunting luck (mice, rats, songbirds, frogs). Do not be irritated by these sad looking animals, they are not doing badly, they are half wild animals.

  2. Hello Niels,
    Thanks for your comment. As a big fan of these pointy-eared fur noses, I am always sorry if one of these tigers doesn't have a can opener of its own, can't cuddle on the couch and has to find food in the garbage. Thinking sensibly, I already know that the critters in the harbor are not doing badly. You can tell from the fact that they are all well fed. Marina, the cat in the shoe store, is probably in poor health. She ate herself really fat. Maybe it's just because I miss Sissi and would like to be a servant of a cat again. That's just not possible at the moment.

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