The swinging oven - episode 1

Last year, when Jens and I were bored on the North Sea, we came up with a television format. It feels like there are 100 different cooking shows on TV, either cooking against each other, against the clock or a celebrity chef showing the cooking illiterates how to do it correctly.

There is no cooking show that takes place on a sailboat. We wanted to change that. We wanted to win Dieter Bohlen for the jury, but unfortunately he gets seasick much too quickly. So it didn't work out. RTL did not want to buy the format from us, so we did not get rich with it. Our little video shows that cooking on a sailboat can be a challenge.

Episode 1 and Level 1 are actually not worth mentioning. We drive the engine with wind force 0-1 over slightly moving water. The wave height is a little understated in the video, it was more 10 to 20 meters than 1 to 2 meters. Uh - what? Sailor thread ...

We recorded the film a few weeks ago on the North Sea. Then it was forgotten because we were busy with other videos, other experiences and ordering canned goods in Germany. We are getting more and more fun with video editing and so we rummaged through the old material again. The first episode of “The Swinging Oven” came out.

The Swinging Oven .- Level 1: Motor Ride

That day there were delicious steaks from the butcher from Stavoren that we took with us on the trip. In addition carrots and a fine cheese sauce.

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