Crossing to Barbados Day 12 - intoxication and canned food

After dinner we have enough. We have had enough of the waves that keep running across the ship. We have had enough of hitting the sail. We have had enough of rattling in the closets. We jibe in the hope that we can now set up a usable course towards Barbados and make a more comfortable journey. And we do it. With a constant wind between 22 and 24 knots, we are now driving a course at just under 6 kn, which sooner or later will leave us stranded on the Barbados coast. There is no panic, the stranding will only take place in a few days. Wind and waves come exactly from behind, Sissi glides over the wave crests and through the valleys, it is a real pleasure.

Since we only have a few sweet potatoes left (absolutely necessary, keep forever!), A few fresh onions and garlic, we now eat cans. Of course, that creates a problem, a garbage problem. While the organic waste is thrown into the large, blue organic bin when preparing fresh food, we cannot do that with the cans. Throwing the cans directly into our Oscar bin is also not a good thing, because the bin is then full after two or three meals. Our solution to the problem is an improvised can press that consists of our pipe wrench. We use it to flatten the cans as if they were a sheet of paper before we throw them in the bin.

As always, I have the first watch at night. In my watch, Mr. Atlantic visits the cockpit twice. Luckily, we almost never took out the bottom half of the bulkhead. It's always uncomfortable to climb over it, but it keeps the salon dry. In addition, Mr. Rainshower visits my guard twice. The wind rises to 25 to 30 knots, I have to help the wind vane a few times and then the haunt is over again. No squalls! Just a few showers. The showers are pleasantly refreshing when the outside temperature is still around 27 ° C around midnight. It can be so beautiful on the Atlantic.

I tried what I read in early circumnavigation books, namely showering in a squall. But that's not fun, it's more fun under our on-board shower. The whistling wind, the massage through the raindrops and you have to keep an eye on the wind course, that's not a shower pleasure. This is the romance of cross-country skiers of days gone by.

Dear readers of this blog, Sissi is on the home straight to Barbados. That's why I'm opening a little guessing game. What time will we arrive? Write it in the comments to this post. The date and time are required. The winner will receive a great photo that was not on the blog and shows the Atlantic in all its beauty. Anyone who has commented before, his comment will be published automatically. I can only release the other comments when we have normal internet again.

Where have we stowed fenders and mooring lines?

12.Emal: 124 nm
12 o'clock position: N14 ° 21 ′ W45 ° 56 ′
798 nautical miles to Barbados, 1335 miles behind us.

Can press

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